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The TGA is presently investigating whether Black Salve has been supplied unlawfully. At this time until Black Salve is sponsored and registered on the ARTG, it must not be sold or supplied as a medicine. However Black salve can be obtained or purchased legally for RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY.Contact Panacea for the status and availability of Black salve.


Panacea has produced our own research results using Black salve. Please check the Panacea Black Video Production to view our research results.Panacea has also created the following Black salve RESEARCH websites.


Please Join us on the Panacea Black Salve facebook Page.At this time No legal claims can be made to the therapeutic benefits of black salve. Black salve cannot be advertised as a medicine with out registration -For example, in Australia, Black salve would have to be registered on the Australian registrar of therapeutic goods- Please Contact Panacea for more information.