The protocols and specific recommendations are presently the opinions of Dr. Wm. R. Deagle MD, ABFP,CCFP,CIME, AAAAAM, ACOEM, AAPM, SPPM, AAEM. 

NutriMedical was developed as a result of experience with the use of nutritional supplementation integrated with allopathic medicine. Founded in 1999 by Dr. Wm. R. Deagle MD, ABFP,CCFP,CIME, AAAAAM, ACOEM, AAPM, SPPM, AAEM, NutriMedical offers only those select products that are recommended and prescribed by Dr. Deagle and guaranteed to be of the highest quality by each manufacturer. Each product in our Online Store has been selected for particular use in nutritional support and treatment of numerous medical conditions and in the maintenance of wellness. 

The recommended information on the use of rigorous testing and standardization of investigation and treatment protocols should help both patients and health care providers with basic guidelines. This is not to be construed as an online consult or anything other than educational materials that must be reviewed with your MD/DO supervising primary care integrative physician. All information should be independently verified by reviewing peer-reviewed medical, laboratory and technical references.

 The particular pattern of recommended diagnostic tests, and the nutritional support protocols are the result of the art of the application of the new 21ST century science to holistically address complex wellness and illness issues. 

The protocols are drawn from the most current basic science, physiology, and nutritional, functional and medical literature available. The Medical Conditions section will provide valuable references for the student of Holistic and Integrative Functional Medicine. Patients with these conditions, or desiring to maintain wellness or avoid the ravages of familial illness, wishing to broaden your horizons and treatment options, will most assuredly find this information invaluable.