Welcome to our Activism section.Panacea-BOCAF has spent numerous hours carefully researching, and also uncovering, ALARMING EVIDENCE which involves inflicting harm to YOU, the public, worldwide, by perpetrators who are working behind deceptive screens of acceptability. These people are not being held accountable for their decisions as to how to guide the development of humanity on this planet. They should be – and that is why we here at Panacea-BOCAF have spent time discovering what exactly they are doing. >The worldwide establishments are, more or less, aware of these concerns and are not addressing the evidence in any reasonable way.Furthermore, we here at Panacea-BOCAF intend on addressing these issues by raising public awareness of them, by organizing public action, and instigating worldwide investigation – also, if required, supporting further action by grants. 


Public signatures on petitions, class action, mandates and referendums are being organized by Panacea-BOCAF. All signatures are to be submitted to be counted at the highest (federal) levels, and the public will be informed of these actions.





What follows is documented evidence which has been uncovered by independent investigators and researchers who care for, and are loyal to, your continued well-being. These researchers of political, health and other matters have had to self-finance their investigations and disclosures. Without them YOUR rabbit-hole would be infinite, and the possibilities of organizing the public to be able to address these hot topics would be lightyears behind where it is right now. 


This very section is about EVIDENCE of concern, not speculative rants or “maybe” type theories. There is more than enough tangible evidence presented on these pages to fuel further investigation to start criminal prosecution of the perpetrators. 


Even an allegation, with far less evidence than that which is presented here, is more than enough to acquire a permit for arrest and/or being granted a search-warrant. The public should ask themselves after reading the information, why is this evidence still being ignored TODAY by the government and the worldwide authorities? It stands to reason that the only way forward is to support Panacea-BOCAF's goals and to address the issues at the federal level. 

We here at Panacea-BOCAF wish to state, for the record, that we never allow any personal political BIAS to blind us and stop us from displaying the EVIDENCE to the public. If ANYONE can disprove these FACTS which we present on the Energy Suppression- and Evidence of Concern-sections, then we here at Panacea-BOCAF will pledge to walk the extra mile to present this TRUTH for the edification of everyone. Certain people are not interested in the TRUTH, they, instead, desire to defend and protect their own POLITICAL AGENDA. 

The evidence laid out in this section, is evidence of corruption, fueled by overbearing capitalism. This comes at the expense of morals and ethics for the society, the people involved acting aggressively to ensure that their own needs are met, over those of others. It is not a unity-based global outlook towards bettering the living conditions of every astronaut on this Spaceship Earth, instead, a divisive, selfish approach, where “I” comes first. It is no surprise that some of the people laid out in these pages also subscribe to Eye-based symbolism and view themselves as the enlightened few, who have a divine right to reign over the “lesser people”. As you can surmise for yourself, this is not “me for all” -type thinking that is required to live in unity on this planet.

The requirements of these people can never be met, they will always desire more than what is in their reach, and will stop at nothing to attain this ideal, whilst robbing many people, even before their births, of their rights as human beings. There is a description of this mental state, some call it the Emotional Plague (re:Wilhelm Reich), others just the barbarism of a not-yet-out-of-the-jungle man (Walter&Lao Russell), and so forth. Many have made it their life's work to function against this type of thinking with their own actions and setting an example of working for the largest amount of people, not only for themselves. (R. Buckminster Fuller is an excellent example of this “me-for-all” thinking in action)

To return to these “few”, the mental state that they exhibit is of needy people, lost in their own perception of what life here on this planet is all about, a skewed perception, blaming others for their own faults. It doesn't take much for these people to then come up with 'solutions' to the problems they have created with their greed, and them then starting to organize themselves towards, f.ex., de-population of this planet “because there are not enough resources”. This, for the record, is a lie. There is plenty of resources for everyone, if we live in tune with Nature and work in accordance with her laws, not just against it. These people who are organizing themselves into groups and allowing advancement of the human race in a pace set by them, should be held accountable. It is best however not to associate with these types of people, unless if they exhibit actual proof in thought, words and deeds  as to attempting to change their world-view into a more favorable outlook of, again,  “me-for-all”.


Since the topics discussed in this section of our website are not widespread knowledge, some (and most) people do not realize exactly how unaware they are of these issues. These laymen are then pulled and pushed  and forced to react  to the realities created by the actors of our modern times, who are working within their own realities where it makes sense to act in a selfish, greedy fashion. All the while, the laymen do not understand why they must be kept so busy trying to earn their daily wages to be able to put food on the table or pay off the bills in a staged game where all the bets are stacked against them. It takes an enormous effort to stop and think 'WHY am I doing these things endlessly?' 'What possible purpose can this endless rat-race serve?' 'Am I working for myself, or am I just toiling away to bring more money to the coffers of the people sitting on top of the pyramid?' 

The reaction then is to limit the number of distractions to only those which you have a genuine interest in, and for you to to discard and ignore those other things that you have discovered are unworthy of your attention. While in this mental state, we ask you to look at the following evidence with an open mind. 

Governments have, over and over again, not addressed the following evidence, which affects the populations of all countries. Many times the elected government officials have acted independently with open disregard of the interests of the public. For example-
Hidden Agenda: The Fluoride Deception. Biological Effect of Fluorides

Most towns and cities have adopted the process of fluoridating their water-supplies without first consulting the residents of the local communities. There was never a vote by the public, they were never asked. There was no choice. What if you had adequate information detailing that fluoridation of the water-supply is harmful for the health of everyone at large? Your voice was not heard, because the decision was maneuvered in by government officials without consulting you, the public.  However, these types of actions never stay covered for too long – the harmful effects of fluoridation are becoming a daily issue in at least some newspapers. There is much scoffing and claims that it was safe all along, but, for instance, in Ireland, there have never been studies, for three decades, of the effects of fluoridation to the general public. The government officials in charge are required, by the very paper that they signed originally, to pledge to protect the public interests, and to study the effects of materials before they are introduced to the water-supply, and this has never happened in, f.ex., Ireland. 


Other examples include Aspartame, Pesticides, Food additives,Free energy suppression , Irradiated food, Mercury in vaccines.


Baxter Patent H1N1- Are vaccines today more dangerous, in some cases, than the diseases? Has something gone wrong with the system or the companies making them? Filmed at the 4th International Public Conference on Vaccinations (sponsored by the Nat'l Vaccine Information Center) in October, 2009, listen to what these health professionals have to say!


Doctors speak out about H1N1 VACCINE DANGERS


There is a myriad neglected information covering these subjects. In every Country, the governments are allowing the big chemical companies and Pharmaceutical firms to contaminate our AIR, our WATER and our FOOD - For too long the people have sat back and accepted the rhetoric from government public servants that what they offer is good and safe, However, we have been LIED to and we have been DECEIVED, and we ask our elected representatives to put a stop to these insane and health destructive activities. People blindly do not avoid the dumbing down mediums used.


Junk food
White sugar
Artificial sweeteners
Microwaved foods
Over-the-counter medicines
Cell phone towers
Fluoride from any source
Carbonated beverages


There is also a growing cancer rate and Autism has Reached Crisis Proportions. The most popular of these controversies is vaccines, pointing directly to the Mumps-Measles-Rubella vaccine and the mercury based preservative, thimerosal. Other theories include:


Food Allergies
Poor Nutrition
Environmental Toxins
Exposure to Heavy Metals


Therefore it is up to the local communities to display the presented issues at large to the whole community - and its elected government officials. People need to be involved in making these issues of concern a thing of the past, at the grass-roots level, they must take action and gather signatures and votes all the way from town-council levels to the federal-level of the governments, to make changes in these (supposedly) democratic societies. 


History shows us that dangerous consumer products will not be either removed from shelves or re-engineered unless complaints are filed.And do not think a simple name e-mail and country on a petition does not make a difference or is not essential ground work needed for this.


For example The Natural Solutions Foundation initiated powerful public response/grass roots campaigns when health freedom threats arise in the US including health-hostile legislation, attacks on natural doctors' licenses, dangerous and restrictive FDA guidance documents and policies which threaten natural health options and the wellness industry. Each of these public response grass roots campaigns has generated anywhere from 100,000 to nearly 600,000 email and fax actions within days to weeks -Source

If you, the person reading this, are a member of an aid agency, or even a journalist, or a member of the public who is seeking justice, and feel that you can offer any input or support for the collection of this type of data and these issues, please support Panacea-BOCAF by contacting us.

Also, please sign the petitions in order to demand federal action to getting to the root of these many strands of investigation. It is as easy as signing your name, email, and country! 

This way we can, finally, eliminate the criminal Cartels who are more or less visibly subjugating our children


It is imperative that we provide regulation and reform, there is alarming evidence presented here which suggests that particular institutions are elaborate ruses,fakes, oppressive, and counter-evolutionary forces. This sadly has involved the hypocrisy of organized religions, governments, banks and pharmaceutical cartels. Some an inveterate fabricator of lies especially to the press and social castes.