VERITAS, COGNITIO, IUSTITIA, LIBERTAS. "Democratic Trial by Jury alone proffers the preservation of individuals without prejudice in regard to their nationality, race, gender, religion and background." See Democracy Defined Essay EIS#10, We the People and the Matter of Words. -Democracy


What, then, do they (Humans) want a government for? Not to regulate commerce; not to educate the people; not to teach religion; not to administer charity; not to make roads and railways; but simply to defend the natural rights of man - to protect person and property - to prevent the aggressions of the powerful upon the weak - in a word, to administer justice. This is the natural, the original, office of a government. It was not intended to do less: it ought not to be allowed to do more - Herbert Spencer (Victorian Philosopher & Sociologist)



Freedom is perhaps the most important goal that people vie for in life. And it is this very freedom that this page is addressing. The subject matter in this section is related to freedom being neglected. Every thing in the activism section is conected in one way or another.


In recent years, a number of people have noticed and identified the justice system as being corrupted with many "anomalies" and putting it mildly "inconsistencies" which point in no other direction besides being principally carried out for a profit motive.


A perfect "laymen's" perspective to this isues has been done By Patrick Kelly. This information can be found on the your strawman website.



Educational speaker - John Harris of TPUC


As a direct result,there are now many "Sovereign" or "Free man on the land" groups who are active in educational programs to counter this.To them it is about as the title suggests about "honor or dishonor".


Specificaly the identified "neglect" of ones freedom involve relations to the rule of law, unlawful debt, the Bar, the Government, the Monarchy, the system of commerce, the local, Admiralty law, national and multi/trans-national private corporations.


The groups running these educational workshops all have the common goal to increase the freedom of ALL through education and practical steps. Their combined extensive research library is there to attract browsers and to provide access to information not available through mainstream channels. To "the average Joe",the following information will be startling, but in the end very liberating as it is intended to give one more control over one's life.


The following information shows that you are born "sovereign" and then as you enter into various contracts, and private agreements, you unknowingly give up your sovereignty, little by little, until one day you wake up and realize you are a slave.


The following information is intended to show the need for the EDUCATION to be used to change the system. Public pressure must follow when more people understand the system. We do not recommend you spend you life in court trying to beat them, the message is to wake people up to the system and create public pressure to change it. The following educational animation story illustrates how everyone has a strawman created for them at birth and how it is used to collect revenue for your government.


Meet Your Strawman!


We have the power to stop accepting government issued benefits, or any so-called benefits that come with a hook to ensnare you into servitude and dependency and begin to reclaim your natural rights you inherit from birth. With out this help it is becoming increasingly difficult to become financially independent plus get out of debt and stay out. Not to mention have the authorities respect your natural born rights.


The FBI Knocked on My Door! - Official Version


You may be suprised to learn that you are not a "person", you have a person which has been "created". There are two worlds: private and public. Two sides to a coin. For example there is the land mass commonly known as Australia, and the corporation called "Commonwealth of Australia" whose interests are their own profit and money - Do a search at


USA is not a country - it's a Corporation!!


1. Are you aware that you are not a “person”, because the statute law also defines a “person” as a corporate entity?

2. Are you aware that the registered name that appears on your birth certificate is not your name, but a carefully engineered trade-name that sounds exactly the same as your true, proper-name?


3. Are you aware that there is no provision in the rules that govern the English language to allow for a proper-name, i.e. John Doe Smith to be written in all-capital-letters, i.e. JOHN DOE SMITH and any such alteration turns your proper-name into a fictitious corporate trade-name, which is defined as a nom de guerre? Look it up at


Educational Speaker - Mark McMurtry


4. Are you aware that the Governor-General of the “Commonwealth of Australia” did not proclaim an end to the Second World War and that this is one of the main reasons why the fictitious corporate trade-name, that appears on all your legal documents i.e. a charge and summons from the police, your drivers license, passport, home loan, car registration, telephone account, etc. etc., is not your true, proper-name, but your government created nom de guerre?


5. Are you aware that when you go to court, you are being subjected to admiralty law (military law) not the common law which protects your inalienable human rights, one of which includes a compulsory trial by jury, i.e. a court hearing that is absolutely free and governed by twelve of your peers, not some tyrant sitting in a chair higher than yours?


6. Are you aware that the “Commonwealth of Australia” registration number (CIK 0000805157) is not a country, but a privately owned foreign corporation, which is registered on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission?


7. Are you aware that the “Reserve Bank of Australia” (NRET 066 319 864), the bank that creates all our money, is a privately owned foreign corporate bank, and that our “money is backed by nothing”, that is, thin air, not by gold as you have been led to believe?


8. Are you aware that “the Government” used your original registration of birth document to formulate a cestui que trust, and then issued Treasury Securities in the form of Treasury Bonds, to raise capital in exchange for guaranteeing your original registration of birth document, as a security i.e. collateral, for the fiat money that was created; at the same time, investing the proceeds in the stocks and/or bonds market?


9. Are you aware that the Australian “Victorian Police” (NRGD 050 797 763) is a privately owned foreign corporation and has no authority to intervene in any of your private affairs?


10. Are you aware that all this goes on right before your eyes, every moment of your day, and that this predicament has absolutely no force and effect without your consent. That’s right, because if you assert “I DO NOT CONSENT” the police, the courts, the tax office, the banks, etc., etc., all of which are in-fact privately owned foreign corporations, cannot make you comply with their terms and conditions? If you do not consent, then they will have no control over your life. You also may be supprised to learn what the term "accepted for value means also".


Educational Speaker Winston Shrout - From Solutions in Commerce


1. Local Governments in Australia are corporations, eg: the Coffs Harbour City Council is a corporation registered on the Australian Business Registry with the number of 79 126 214 487.


2. State Governments in Australia are corporations, eg: the NSW Parliament is a corporation registered on the Australian Business Registry with the number of 89 288 775 026


3. Federal Government in Australia is a corporation, ie: the Commonwealth of Australia is a corporation registered in the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission with the number of CIK (0000805157) SIC: 8880.


CIK is the Credit Suisse Asset Management Income Fund, Inc. (the Fund) - is a diversified, closed-end investment company. The Fund's investment objective is to seek current income through investment primarily in debt securities.SIC is the "Standard Industrial Classification" and the SIC Code of 8880 has the "Industrial Title" of "American Depositary Receipts" (Standard_Industrial_Classification).


The Commonwealth of Australia is a "debt security", packaged up as a "corporation".Do the People of Australia know their country is owned by a "closed-end investment company" in SwitzerlandWhat does that make the People of Australia? personnel or merchandise?


Tax and council rates may be needed to some degree but it has to be an honest system ( WIRRAL COUNCIL – Admits that Council Tax is Unlawful and Sets a Legal Precedent.) with a return thats justified.


30 Little Known Facts about America


Alarming evidence has been researched by the community law groups listed on this page to suggest that a scam is a foot where people are being unlawfully milked of their commervial energy (wages) by paying something that they do not have to pay for if they don't want the service. Further a particular individual we shall name as "Marko" has also received a reply back from the solicitor for the ATO (Australian Tax office) admitting that there are NO DOCUMENTS EVIDENCING THE CREATION OF THE ATO! What does that tell you? Is the ATO a fraud & cannot force people to pay tax?. We consent by not objecting.


ATO & the corporation called 'Commonwealth of Australia


However, if one fills the returns in correctly - inluding business returns, one either will NOT BE REQUIRED TO PAY TAX or if one has payed tax - in PAYE/G cases, you will get the full amount returned.


7 Reasons why Credit Card/Loan agreements are unlawful or why you don't owe your bank/credit card company anything.


1. Your Credit Card Agreement is an unlawful contract as it is ONLY signed by you- constituting a unilateral agreement. (Contract Law)
2. All contracts, in order to be valid, must be signed by someone able to bind the corporation in contract. (Contract Law)
3. Banks create money out of thin air- they have no money to lend you. (Fractional Reserve Banking)
4. It is not possible to actually pay the outstanding amount as the currency is based on worthless paper and 'electronic funds' on computers. (Fractional Reserve Banking)
5. You do not have to pay statements, only invoices. (Bills of Exchange Act 1882)
6. You are not lawfully bound to pay anything which is unsigned. (Bills of Exchange Act 1882)
7. The uppercase name on the credit card is not your name, but a 'corporate entity'. (Blacks Law Dictionary)


Educational Speaker Jon Witterick- From get out of debt free


Why are these holes in the system? By learning these processes, as a result of knowing YOU are the creditor, the living soul, and not a corporation (person, citizen, resident, driver, tax or rates payer) one can become free from the systems bondage.


There are many of these concerns which beg a question but who is giving the answers? For example what is commonly refered to as your "strawman" by the educational groups- Take a look at "your" driver license, bank card, Medicare card: whose name is on it? yours? You write your name in Title Case (John Doe Smith) Who are you? Is this "straw person a corporate ficitonal entity called a PERSON?


You, the living body, are a natural person and are NOT a PERSON. (legal word / artificial / fictional / in the minds of men / 2 dimensional on paper only)The word person does not mean the living body. You have been assigned a PERSON. You are in contracts with these corporations (a.k.a. governments).


ALL FOLKS MUST LEARN how to understand basic contract law - One must learn WHY they need to be free of the particular un fair elements in the system. If enough people understood, practiced & taught others, the tyranny of this unjust World Order would be broken. Withdraw our energy from supporting them!


People will begin to have victories when we begin to work TOGETHER and focus on SOLUTIONS rather then sharing the problems. There are already many excellent examples in history of individuals that rallied their nation against the elitists global tyranny.


As a result the world consciousness is awoken & spreading rapidly. Lets focus on SOLUTIONS oriented programs now


1. A united affiliation of independent parties.
2. a single national alternative, free - unrestrained, unbiased non controlled newspaper or TV station.
3. National alternative legal association of members who are dissatisfied with the current system & political & legal status of our nation & are prepared to support the creation of a non 'elitist controlled' society
4. Introduction of Binding Citizen Initiated Referendums - like that of Switzerland
5. Reintroduction of Trial by Jury
6. other support networks.


Educational Speaker Robert Menard - From think free


If we are disatisfied with the current political, economic, moral & social state of affairs in rthe world, then its up to each & every one of us to contribute to changing it. Perhaps the best "crash course" into this corruption can be found in the following:


ESSENTIAL Recommend Video's


John Harris – It’s an Illusion


John Harris gives us his perspective on what’s going on. He describes how we are economic slaves to a debt dependant system, notably achieved through the deception of the birth certificate and the creation of a legal fiction known as your ‘PERSON’. It is this PERSON that the government then wields it’s control upon. Although John points out that this arrangement only works when we consent. Unfortunately inaction is taken as consent, hence we have unwittingly surrendered our inalienable rights through identifying with the PERSON. Remember you are a human being with god given rights, all you have to do is claim them.


Hijacking Humanity (final cut) - Part 3 - Commerce and Law.
Robert Menard -
Bursting Bubbles Of Government Deception
The Strawman Illusion - The Matrix Revealed

The Anti-Terrorist (YouTube channel)

Security Of The Person (birth certificate, bonds, corporate nations)

With Lawful Excuse (student loans, claim of right as lawful excuse)

Mark mcmurtrie lessons in law

Common Law
Common Law 2

Schaeffer Cox, Dec 1/09 in Hamilton Montana USA


In society it is universally and commonly agreed that


1. Do not harm other people
2. Do not damage property
3. Do not use fraud in your contracts


Yet in common law all falls under a specific "jurisiction".You wil be suprised to learn that this "jurisiction" if fully understood is not the one which you are granted or would not be the one of YOUR choice/concent. And further that you have more rights then what you might realize A claim of right just being one of many.


It is important that this information is addressed and understood. Also that it is addressed from public pressure.


Educational speaker Roger Elvick




Contributors are need to help keep this page up to date and to improve the content. If you can help contribute data to this page please contact Panacea we need your help.


•Understanding who you are, either the slave/vassal of the state or a free man. Mindset shift
•Fear Vs Love, the motivators and their source
•How, when and why the majority of the world’ population became enslaved, mostly without their knowledge or willful consent & by whom
•Presumption and Intent: How to break the states presumptions of being a slave/debtor/entity/straw man
•The Power of the Spoken Word. Used with deadly precision in Admiralty; statute and free man of the Land terminology.
•Private Vs Public
•Hierarchy of authority. Hierarchy of laws
•4 categories of people
•The Administrative Private Resolution Process. = COMMUNICATION!
•How to deal successfully with any and all issues/obligations/presentments privately
•Loads of examples. Part of day 2 reserved to address real issues.
•Examples addressing: Debt, Tax, Rates, Debt Collectors, State Penalty Organizations, Police, Legal Firms,
•Courts, Government Departments, private people, ASIC/ACCC/ASIO, Companies etc
•Role playing in Court scenes, addressing intruders at front door etc
•Asset Protection, Health Protection
•Moving toward Freedom and Sovereignty, out of the System (in this world not of this world) to the Private World, Free Man on the land status. Leave behind all obligations to the ‘state’.
•Heavily solutions oriented with a Solutions Template included.


Panacea recommends joining and the


Educational Links


Sunke temple trust

Brian Shaw-Australian Government Acts of Treason

"No contract" - a popular technique going in the UK

You are a slave to the Government

The state of Australia and its people

People of the commonwealth blog

Corporations are NOT people!

John Quade 1 "The Common Law"

Laws repealed

rights and wrong

Rights and wrong

Debtors Revolt Now

Mary Croft Interview Part 1/6

Spiritual Economics Now

(Natural Man vs. Artificial Person, Law, Money & Banking)

UK site:

common law venue

The classified files

Constitution Class taught by Michael Badnarik

Freedom club usa

Police and people unite

Get ready to get very angry... USA vs US
The Nature of the Remedy
The Commerce Game
(Dr. Kent Hovind) Redeeming the Straw Man
Winston Shrout: Solutions in Commerce
Quit Social Security and Rescind the Socialist Security Number
Uniform Commercial Code
Choosing Freedom - Her Own Words : Irene's Story

James Martinez
These have successful court cases on record establishing "courts of record" (common law) and making counterclaims. (See Supporting Material 1 & 2 therein.


You may also be interested in the information here.
And the videos, audio and information contained herein regarding the Constitution for the United States of America as a Trust etc...


Discussion groups


Freemen of Australia.ning



The following research material has been archived from

abolish the senate


Assuming the House and Senate each own 50% of the legislative branch, a voting district in Wyoming has nearly 10 times the representation than a district in California. Across the US, a vote cast in a lightly populated State has greater value than a vote cast in a highly populated State. “All men are (supposed to be) created equal.” Federal law imposes itself equally on every American. Because of this, every vote cast on the federal level should carry equal value. We achieve this ideal when we cut the Senate out of the federal government and give the entire legislature to its rightful owners, the House of Representatives.


Defenders of the status quo claim that citizens from lightly populated States need the Senate for protection against unwanted "Big State" legislation. This is a false assumption because the divisions in government are along ideological lines which have nothing to do with the size of States. Within our House, the people of California speak with 53 very different voices. Not with one voice, 53 times louder than Wyoming. A large portion of these Californian voices have more in common with the voice from Wyoming than they do with the voices from their own State. There is no "Big State" agenda, unanimously backed by the Representatives of California and Texas, but blocked by the Senate in order to protect smaller States. Such an agenda does not exist.


States do not even have power in the House of Representatives, the People do. People choose the Representative they believe will best serve their individual interest, not their State’s interest, if one even exists. No State has sway in the House; so when we abolish the Senate, large States will be unable to abuse powers which they do not possess. The Senate was not created to look out for small States. It serves a very different minority.


The super rich, and their puppets, own the Senate because the amount of money required to run a successful Senate race dwarfs the amount required to run for the House. In order to launch a Senatorial campaign, corporate money must be sought. Potential Senatorial candidates are first screened by the concentrations of private power. After this process, the public gets the chance to choose among the corporate nominees. So Senators, emerging from the highest tip of American capitalist society, naturally look out for the interests of the opulent minority.


Within our bicameral system, the People (our House) need to get permission from the aristocracy (the Senate) before passing legislation. Compromise ensures that the laws that do pass are slanted toward elite interest, effectively corrupting all federal legislation.


These problems are amplified by the fact that the Senate has sole congressional authority over passage of Federal Justices, high Executive Officers, and International Treaties. The undemocratic aristocratic Senate, unchecked by the House, routinely rapes these powers. We abolish the Senate and hand these checks to our House.


Defenders of the status quo claim that if all you need to pass a law is a simple majority, minority rights will be trampled. This is a false assumption because individual rights are guaranteed by the Constitution. To violate these rights requires (a criminal President or) passage of an Amendment to the US Constitution, i.e. approval by three-fourths of the States. Absent a Senate, the American system guards against any impulsive legislation that may harm a morally superior minority.


The Senate suppresses the American will, corrupting its true expression in the legislative branch. We must amend the Constitution to abolish the Senate.Petitions will be back, someday.