Letter writing may be a futile gesture unless enough of us also do so and a grass roots movement for this highly important cause blooms across the country and planet. After studying the genre of Free Energy for many years, many have recently come to the conclusion that NOW, this year 2009, is the best time we have had in a very long time to see some real progress and success in bringing these technologies to the light of day. There have been some indicators that the government is now considering revealing certain secret projects. Besides the aforementioned free energy technologies, there is also the question of "anti-gravity" devices/vehicles which evidence shows to have been known about and studied secretly since at least 1966, or even possibly as far back as 1945.


There are credible reports that the U.S. and several other governments have "UFO"-like aircraft powered by these "anti-grav" principals. And note that this technology is by definition also "free energy"; as it could easily also be used to power electrical generators in our homes or vehicles. Time to Make Free Energy our Next Grass Roots Victory- Steve Windisch (jibbguy)


Panacea has conducted over 5 years of FREE energy suppression research. The result of this research created one of the primary goals of the non profit organization. This is to now erect a public granted research and development center in the public eye to create security and help advance education.


There are a number of technologies which our elected officials remain unaware of, also they remain unaware of the political and economic conditions (suppression) associated with them.The bottom line is that there is no security against interference.


There are a number of groups involved in helping this effort, each has an their own individual contribution to make it is Panacea's goal to unite all these groups to work more efficiently and effectively together. This can be the case in the NON PROFIT Panacea proposed granted research and development center.


These individuals and groups are also involved in helping bring in the critically important grass roots activism that is NEEDEDED TO ACCOMPANY this technology. The Legislation needed to help protect, educate, de classify and use this technology is needed to be created from PUBLIC PRESSURE. Our elected leaders and the majority of the general public remain ignorant of technologies which can give FREE ENERRGY and environmental sustainability.


Panacea is also providing the public service of gathering L public pressure to help bring in free energy and make sure our elected politicians follow through with both the disclosure and implementation of this technology. To get this started it is as easy as filling in your name, email and county at the bottom of this page. But First we will incllude an introduction written by Steve (Jibguy) and also include template letters provided by Steve and the Orion project. Please help and forward these on and SIGN THE PETITIONS.


Introduction by Steve- It's Time to Make Free Energy our Next Grass Roots Victory


In the 1950's and 1960's; the Civil Rights movement vastly grew and was ultimately successful because of Grass Roots Activism. In the 1970's and 1980's; the Woman's Rights and Ecology movements also had many great successes, all because of the grass roots pressure put on by millions of every-day Americans standing up and having their voices heard collectively.In this new Century, we can also be victorious in the quest to end oil and coal as fuels; through the use of new and thoroughly viable and safe technologies that are now being held secret and suppressed by our governments, that are not being studied by our Universities, and that are languishing on the dusty and hidden shelves of corporate giants.


These technologies will provide the world with cheap, utterly clean, safe, and abundant energy ending the control and vast power of the energy cartels forever, and changing our society and planet for the better.Nothing we could possibly do right now would help this planet more. Without fossil fuels dominating the landscape and atmosphere, we can start to repair the deep damage to our sacred home that the long decades of unbridled pollution have caused. Without the corrupting influence of the energy cartels and their allies, the international banks; wars would no longer be profitable and so no longer funded. Without the draconian, wholly regressive secret tax set on us by the energy corporations (larger than any tax ever complained about by politicians), we will have much more money in our pockets for reviving the economy and for education, infrastructure, and building a new future based on peace and prosperity for all.


This will become possible with the new independence of thought that comes from no longer being in thrall to the electrical grid and the corner gas stations: For we will now be Free Citizens of a society based on abundance, not scarcity.

Imagine what a real "free enterprise" system would look like when energy was cheap and generated by ourselves. Entrepreneurs would flourish like never before, small business could compete again with large corporations when the energy playing field was finally leveled and the technology paradigm has utterly changed. The boom in America's manufacturing sector brought by the new energy-producing devices would soon win back all the last 20 years' losses to China and other nations. People would be prosperous. The booming economy would be based on the realities of enterprise and consumer-driven demand to a point where whatever Wall Street's make-believe world of parasitic speculation does would matter very little any more. "Main Street" will have finally won the battle for the reins of Capitalism and our economy.


With immense new tax revenues from the start-up and revitalized companies producing all manners of new devices; and tax dollars coming from the workers themselves as unemployment drops to World War 2 levels, the Federal Deficit would soon be a thing of the past and true world economic stability would be restored.But how is this all possible? How is it that we could have these wonderful things that sound so much like a pleasant dream compared to the waking-nightmare horrors of today?It is, good people, because the technologies that would allow this new prosperity and great optimism for our future are being deliberately kept from us and have been for many years.

There are over 3,000 patent requests on file with the U.S. Patent Office that have been declared "secret". The inventors are forbidden to market, talk about, or even further research them. Most of these "secretized" patent requests have to do with free energy devices, which would "coincidentally" challenge the use of oil and coal as fuels. Hundreds of other patents have been bought by major corporations and subsequently shelved permanently. There are many working alternative energy technologies which show tremendous merit and promise, but which are being ignored by our major Universities. No studies are being done on them despite great evidence and proofs of their value in ending the reign of fossil fuels.


And there are many devices and technologies out there today which have been ignored by the corporate-owned mainstream media, so most people never have a chance to hear of them and decide for themselves whether they are viable or not.The following excerpts are from a letter recently written to President Obama by this author detailing the above, and listing just a few of the "Free Energy" technologies that certainly merit much greater free and open research. -Source


Obama Letter -To be sent to Obama and ALL governments

The Orion project Memoradnum - To be sent to Obama and ALL governments

You will also find the fax submittal at the Orion project site very easy to use which can quickly sent faxes to Representatives, Senators, and to President Obama. The fax document has already been prepared by Orion.


We are sure you would agree that if a means existed whereby we could effectively distribute clean, renewable, inexhaustible, free, or near free energy devices throughout America, this would be a solution not only to our future energy needs, but would also have a profound beneficial effect regarding economic and environmental concerns.


We must ENSURE that they are aware that the means to accomplish the above already exists, but these solutions have been ignored by Washington.


If the suggested plan of action is initiated without delay, it will quickly reverse the course of economic and environmental degradation that all countries - and the world in general - is now facing. Make sure that after reading the letter's/Fax's that it is stated, please advise me as to your thoughts regarding the proposal, and of any actions that you propose to take in an effort to carry this project forward.


The fax document is prepared well, which outlines several existing renewable energy technologies, as well as as an action plan for implementing rapid development and distribution of the devices. The plan is very well written, and it is supported by well known and respected scientists, engineers, inventors, renewable energy groups, and environmental activists.


Peitition signing needs to be done, Gary Vesperman has created a petition to end suppression of energy inventions. What's alarming about Gary's report is that he shows that the federal stimulus money for funding 50 state energy offices is mainly used for bland energy projects like weatherizing buildings. He was told by the Nevada Energy Office that the guidelines for these grants specifically ban development of new energy inventions.

If you, the person reading this, are a member of an aid agency, or even a journalist, or a member of the public who is seeking justice, and feel that you can offer any input or support for the collection of this type of data and these issues, please support Panacea-BOCAF by contacting us.

Also, please sign the petitions in order to demand federal action to getting to the root of these many strands of investigation. It is as easy as signing your name, email, and country!  This way we can, finally begin teh orgniasation to eliminate the criminal Cartels who are more or less visibly subjugating our children.


Help create inquiry and demand... then access can only result