The current contributors of Panacea-BOCAF include:


Head engineer of Panacea. Currently also working as a qualified electrician.


John Carter - (Trustee and director) Retired mechanical engineer involved in a number of world-wide alternative energy groups designing and building high mileage fuel systems, magnetic motors and other energy saving devices. John, performs many duties including admin, management and technical support.


Solihin Millin - Spiritual advisor for Panacea. Formally qualified as a physicist, Sol is also the trustee of the Charitable Trust 'Love light' of Byron Bay. Sol is also a trustee of the non-profit open-source energy community called Byron New Energy


Esa Ruoho - Freelance -work for Panacea-BOCAF. Esa functions as a helping hand for the members of Panacea-BOCAF. Whether this consists of proofreading and finalizing articles or letters, or uploading newly produced videos, or merely networking people and providing newly found information, Esa works closely with Ashtweth and Patrick for the improving of information connectivity.

Esa is also a Co-editor of MERLib - the Modern Energy Research Library. In this function he compiles information together in order to arrive at a grand unified theory which would combine Walter Russell, Wilhelm Reich, John Keely, Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, Ed Leedskalnin and others together - so that the effects of resonance, frequency, vibration and Rhythmic Balanced Interchange would become self-evident and so that this holistic worldview would also explain why all these anomalous devices work - i.e., what energy really is.


Esa also does voluntary work for Pure Energy Systems Wiki, updating content on alternative energy sources. Esa is also an electronic composer by trade, LacklusterArtist Website. Lackluster is accredited with doing charity work and has already given a track for a cancer compilation.


If you feel you are a member of an organization which has the same goals in mind as Panacea-BOCAF, and wish to offer your assistance, input and or support, or are interested in contrubtion in any way, please review our definition of assistance below and please contact Panacea-BOCAF.


Definition of assistance


In order to enter into the Panacea-BOCAF organisation the individual is required to provide a written definition of assistance - this is purely for the security of the organisation. Any offer of help and/or voluntary work assistance must be emailed to Panacea.


This email is then reviewed and approved by the members of the trust.The email must clearly, and succintly, state:The exact details, with a fleshed out explanation as to what the person, or organization, is going to do.Also, a clarification as to at which level of knowledge the person will be operating in. 


This definition of your role assists us in providing you with the correct workload to take care of - and to not overshoot your capabilities by giving you overly complex things to take care of - and to also make sure that we do not give you things that you would be not very interested in doing due to their simplicity. Rest assured, we will find something constructive that you can do to assist Panacea-BOCAF.