Panacea-BOCAF functions as an educational non profit foundation.




Non Profit Profile:


Describe the mission with a clear statement of the scope and dimension of your non profit organisation?


Panacea's non profit organisation is formed to carry out a charitable, educational, literary, and scientific purpose. Panacea reasons that the benefits which the public derives from the organisations environmentally beneficial activities entitle them to a special tax-exempt status.


The Organization's purpose and mission is simple. 

To provide social equality and environmental sustainability in all areas of human existence. To balance the well being of planet and protect the Youth from corporate spurious influence


The Not for Profit Organization is to provide a public service and create social equality via related education in the NPO's faculty division. The centres education and technologies are essential to ensure regulation of the corporate cartels responsible for continuing environmental collapse. 


The centres mission is to prevent the currently persistent and un regulated corporate suppression of alternative energy technology. To prevent the conditions which force and harbour public usage of toxic energy technology for corporate self interest profit motives. 


This social reform is to be secured by establishment of the Not for profit organizations public granted and owned research and development centre. 


The centre will include production and education of open sourced and licensed alternative energy technology, and also work towards resurrection of past suppressed energy technology.


To NPO's aim is to recruit public grants for the research and development centre and consolidate already available engineers, technology and education into a faculty division. This facility is to provide SECURE public accessible faculty conditions involving:


1) Alternative and suppressed medicinal research and development


2) Alternative and suppressed energy research and development


3) Development of hemp production products


The organisation's purpose is to further accumulate public grants and influence (signed petitions) to mandate laws for the following conditions to remain which include:


Ecology and conservation and other related education into schools, plus promote vitality through localised organic non toxic food production.

To help third world countries by providing education detailing the environmental benefits of hemp production. To help them erect a program of hemp production and enable these poor countries to produce the basic necessities for life being building materials, clothes, food and green self sufficient energy systems.


To ensure Security into the fractional reserve banking system. To address evidence of concern against the public’s well being at the federal level.


Why does your non profit org need to exist? Who will it serve? What will it actually do? 


Foremost Panacea needs to exist to form and realize a non profit intent towards a charitable, educational, and literary or scientific purpose which involves environmental sustainable development,

social equality, and prevent spurious corporate cartel influence.


To provide public awareness, protection and education of past/current suppressed and alternative energy technology.


To provide the research and development centre to begin an educational submission of this field into the faculties curriculum for environmental sustainability.Too assimilate public data to lobby and reform unsustainable corporate profit motives and address it at the federal level.


To practically address the corporate and patent laws which allow for cartels to buy a green solution in energy technology and keep it from the publics best interest via the purchasing of the patent rights and suppressing it.


To provide education and grants to secure a fair and equitable public banking system for economic balance based on the Von Misis institutes findings. 


To prevent child abuse and provide security from any subjugation of the fractional federal reserve banking system.


Panacea needs to exist for the security and the further

implementation of eco housing designs into the building code for environmental integrity.


Panacea needs to exist to attack the source of poor health. To upgrade the school curriculum with diet awareness from non toxic sources and eliminate

western countries health problems related to their industry food production and pollution. To compliment this by the inclusion of body condition programs.Panacea will provide social equality and environmental sustainability.


Where will you operate?


Panaceas will serve the PUBLIC in all nations. Panacea will operate primarily from the granted non profit research and development centre where it is to be based in Australia


The NPO also has the capacity to function globally and communally through the public eye in all countries by sub divisions with designated Volunteers etc


If you intend on raising funds in the form of tax deductible contributions, the organization must serve some charitable, religious, educational, scientific or literary purpose beneficial to the public interest. This will allow the organization to seek tax exempt status from the IRS acquiring the designation of being a 501c3 charitable organization.


Panacea serves the public in advancing educational

scientific research, advancing nutritional menus, advancing third world and western countries with Environmental sustainability.


Do you need the staff? Can you pay the staff? Can you retain volunteers? Someone has to do the work. Workers are needed for two general responsibilities, administrative and service. Administrative workers run the corporation including raising funds, managing budgets and handling all business operations. 


Service workers are responsible for the mission of the organization and for accomplishing the purpose for which the non profit was formed. In small nonprofits, one staff member may do it all. This is where volunteers become critical to the success of the Non Profit Organisation.


As with the majority of non profit organizations, Panacea will operate via volunteers.


 There are existing engineers and volunteers involved in the alternative and suppressed energy field who have advanced technology and education ready to volunteer their service in the centre. 


There are many non profit organisations’ which can consolidate with Panacea's green environmental role, also there are other aid agencies that would benefit from Panacea's research which can consolidate and support the organisation.

There also may be other non-profit organizations that might act as a sponsor for you. You can use their non-profit status to raise money, with their permission. 

Opportunity for support is enabled to surface from other environmental established non profit fronts, scientific circles, faculties or universities and

established philanthropic charities.


From where will funding come? Nonprofits can earn income through program and service fees, but raising funds is usually an essential activity. Fundraising is simply the result of matching a compelling cause or need with a philanthropically minded individual, organization or company. 

Fundamentally the start will come from public grants. In addition, other supported NPO who share responsibility, the same goals, and contributions. 

Fundraising is simply the result of matching a compelling cause or need with a philanthropically minded individual, organization or company.


Educational, government, public funding drives, individuals and interests from philanthropic groups are to be appealed to for grants to support this educational institution towards its developmental approaches for the goal of benefiting our children. The "FACE" of our entity will be one of calm, care, and concern and SECURITY.


Philanthropy is a massive industry in the United States with over $212 billion donated in 2001 according to Giving USA. The key to successful fundraising is asking.For any further questions please contact Panacea