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The majority of the research presented on this website has languished in obscurity for many GENERATIONS for a number of reasons. In regards to the free energy technology issue, Panacea's research shows that this is due to skepticism in the scientific community, secrecy and business incompetence among inventors. To make it complete this is also reports of suppression by vested interests and ignorance by the general public. With no orgniazation like Panacea to pollice this, all these CONTINUE to contribute to us living in the "energy stone age" and paying for it in many ways.


The public are needed to participate in organizations like Panacea to help compile, protect and bring this education into the mainstream. Panacea's participation is aggressive in the effort to protect these FREEDOM technologies. It is Panacea's goal to ensure that these technologies reach the public. Vested interests will always start looking for ways to stamp out the fire, in which case they'll go right to the source.This is why we need subscribers, Panacea trustee's and you the public to provide the counter effort.


Open source Panacea University


History has shown that it those who run the multi trillion dollar energy industry will not under normal conditions roll over and hand over their reins of power and wealth to a bunch of engineer's or open source engineers who have dared to think out side the square for a FREE alternative energy source. Constant reports of these "goons" are testament to this. The sent goons like their employers are not only liars, but are also traitors to the freedoms of humanity. They willingly participate in illegal search and seizure, intimidation and in some circumstances assault and battery (or worse). These people are not only the bane of perfectly legal inventors, but the enemies of all freedom loving people.These goons are nothing more than the physical extension of the people who have usurped democratic government.


Our only protection is a public face, visibility and an organization (as oppossed to the individual). They can't attack an orgniasation with inferstructure publicly without exposing and incriminating themselves. That's their Achilles heel. If they ever attack us, our research or our free energy engineers and you as a subscriber report them, this is what they fear the most, exposure. By coming after us they will incriminate themselves and give credence to what we are saying, that there is a criminal element in existence preventing public access to FREE energy technologies, particular alternative medicine and other edcation Panacea researchers as a public service..


As a member of the public YOU ARE NEEDED to play a roll of security against the subjugation going on through FREE energy suppression, alternative medicine supression and other issues in our activism section. This is done by actively subscribing to our FREE newsletterThe best security is a PUBLIC OUT CRY and public EXPOSURE of these criminal activities


In the event of YOUR Panacea-BOCAF or Panacea University web site EVER go down, your newsletter does not turn up or reports in the newsletter surface that any of our FREE energy engineers, or researchers are being intimidated. This can ONLY be a  result of actions taken by the powers that be responsible for its suppression.These actions have been taken to deliberately try and contain YOU the public and have been going on since the time of Nikola Tesla in the late 1800's!. Reference- FREE energy suppression.

We have also included in your news letter (SO SAVE IT) a link to a designated police station to email in the event of your news letter or web site EVER going down! Plus if our engineers are ever intimidated. Universities and a Police station have an acknowledgment of the activities of Panacea-BOCAF listed on YOUR web site. PUBLIC EXPOSURE is what they fear. Lets hurt them where it counts!


Thank you for your needed subscription -Trustee's of Panacea-BOCAF





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