Advertise with Panacea!


Do you have a product or service that you feel you may be relevant to any of the content on the Panacea website and increase your website traffic / sales? We'll help you design an advertisement banner if you don't already have one. All banners on the left hand side of the pages must be no more than 200 pixels wide.For banners wider than 200 pixels, we accept banners up to 790 pixels wide for the main content section of the website pages, or 767 pixels for the Panacea University website.To assist you in determining your potential target audience, our visitor location / frequency statistics are provided on the map on the left hand side of the home page.


Tell us briefly what it is you wish to advertise and we will place your ad on the relevant pages of the Panacea website for optimum exposure. You may also wish to specify particular pages or specific parts of pages to advertise on also or even the whole website if you wish! We accept advertisements on the Panacea University website too. Flat rate monthly / longer term cycles, pay per click, or pay per purchase options are negotiable.


Make us an offer. Payment details can be found on our donations page. If you know of any affiliate programs that may be of relevance to any of the pages on the Panacea websites, please contact us and we will look into it.