Panacea-BOCAF is a not for profit organization that is aimed to be world community operated. Panacea's goals are to educate and provide the world community with advanced holistic methods of tutelage towards environmental sustainability and social equality.


The organizations purpose is to serve an eleemosynary goal in all nations. Panacea is currently looking for representation in ALL countries. Participation in all countries is mandatory for real time progress of our educational material. The currently filled representative divisions in operation are listed on the left hand side.


If you are a member of the public, philanthropic group or faculty who can support Panacea's goals please contact Panacea


The Panacea representative process involves legally registering a non profit status in your country. This enable the representative division to receive grants, donations and endorsement support towards helping the dissemination of Panacea's projects.


Overseas divisions can advance their education with Panacea's on going environmental projects. Each country can have their own specific goals and priorites. Please refer to the current operating divisions for a typical example of this.


The educational material presented by Panacea is universal for sustainable development.  


Panacea is currently looking for representative countries who can benefit from our on-line university education and by the FREE energy technologies presented there.


This education can be supplyed to their local university to upgrade the universities faculty. The Panacea division can then further show enough merit for their own area of study or Panacea research and development center. This is where we can present additional technologies to advance education and benefit society.


Panacea is currently seeking GRANT support the current divisions projects, please consult the individual pages for more information.