The information contained on the Panacea web site out lines Panacea's proposed holistic methods and planning towards sustainable development.These methods are centrally related and arranged around you the public, by your awareness and participation. Direct assistance by the general public is needed to sign the petitions and help promote awareness of these issues to the general public.


Further, the input from individuals and organizations by the application of grants is needed for these logistics to happen.Panacea is and envieronemtnal organisation but is intended to be a NOT for profit entity that is grant based and relies on Public funding, Government funding, Private individual funding and educational funding.The intent of Panacea is to form and realize a non profit intent towards a charitable, educational, literary scientific purpose. Panacea's mission is to prevent corporate cartel subjugation and or influence against the public.


Our goals as an organization are:


1) To work as a source for widespread public information dissemination of the suppressed,misunderstood  & non-mainstream science-conforming discoveries, inventions and scientific advances.


2) To provide a place for public disclosures in order to provide intellectual property security, and to help those publicly looking for grants, with the media acting as the safety for the engineers & inventors collaborating with us.


3) To create a physical Research and Development center in order to secure public access to the information provided by the collaborating engineers and inventors.


4) To provide the ideal conditions for further development of the movement, in order to better work in international co-operation and quicker progress in development of both information dispenser faculties and also media interest.


We are currently in the process of attempting to build a publicnon profit proposed granted research and development centre for manufacturing proprietary and open source inventions plus creating an educational open sourced library of alternative and suppressed FREE energy inventions. 


These plans also depend heavily on the concept of an alternative energy educational faculty being set up, via volunteer work. We have garnered the interest of  many open source engineers qualified to carry out such a function. 


Because open source R&D and media awareness are two of the most efficient and effective avenues of work, we are prepared to take certain developed devices onto the media, we have prepared a media script which will focus on educating the public and the scientific community about the reality of these devices, and to justify further grants for the centre.


 Whilst we believe it is imperative to get this technology out there, it is also important that we address the opportunities for social reform and therefore focus on the sources of issues (not just one-sidedly focusing on the symptoms by addressing them with disclosure of technology)- By highlighting the time and time proven missing information and knowledge in the curricula of the mainstream faculties.


Also we intend to shed light on the corporation-based subjugation that is present in preventing advancment of the scientific academia. Many willing and supoprtive engineers have already reached out to us and told the non profit organization of the hardships involved. 


There is adamant support by engineers working with this technology (and being suppressed) for a public R&D centre and faculty, for working under non-discriminatory conditions and for serving and assisting the mainstream faculties in order to compile a higher scientific educational process. Plus create security for energy devices which have been hidden from the public for a coroporate profit motive.


It is our mission and primary goal to help prevent the social, economic and political conditions, currently acting as limiters, hindering the public dissemination of technology of this nature, listed on our R and D principles page. We are a non-profit-organization dedicated to helping the youth and engineers achieve results, not for profit, but for humanity. 


Panacea's research is formed to address the toxic industry's energy technology, with the emphasis on providing a replacement with publicly unknown suppressed alternative energy technology


Panacea's objectives will also attack the source educationally from a public accessible faculty research center to enact social reform and regulation of the cartels responsible for alternative ENERGY suppression. 


The Institute will have a separate scientific advisory board and trustees (for the financial sponsors). The Panacea trustee's will be the steering committee which will plan and conduct the activities. The beginning of Panacea's educational program can be reasoned as justified by the sites profile and proof of the past and present suppression of certain alternative energy technologies.


And by the presentation of the (virtually publicly unknown) available new alternative energy technologies and the education related. The evidence of alternative energy suppression including demonstrations of a portion of this suppressed technology will be presented on the site and submitted to various public media outlets. For the current media script please consult the FREE energy suppression Page. 


Detailed factual based evidence along with the current profile of the globally established (yet publicly unknown) education and engineers involved in the alternative and suppressed energy field is presented on the site to justify and attract grants for the publics own research and development centre for public security of the technology. 


The organization of the Panacea research and development centre is for consolidation of the globally established engineers into a not for profit role for protection, perfection, education and manufacture of these devices into the public domain. 


Panacea's objective is to publicise the facts of free-energy suppression and create a non-profit organisation supported by philanthropic and public grants. Charities and philanthropic groups exist to address hardship; Panacea can establish irrefutable FACTS that hardship towards public education and dissemination of this technology exists in the current economic and political climate. 


Panacea's listed devices, engineers and educational matter provides evidence confirming the conditions present which involve deliberate industrial espionage towards critically needed beneficial environmental sustainable and renewable mediums such alternative energy.


The proposed granted Panacea institute will also provide public training in suppressed and alternative free-energy techniques and fund individual inventors who are willing to make their inventions open-source. Panacea also intends to use grants to fund any proprietary suppressed and or alternative energy device. Panacea will then license the technology and put ALL revenue back into helping the environment and or our listed sustianable projects.


Panacea will also provide licensing for proprietary inventors experiencing hardship from the current political and economic conditions, and who wish to secure their invention into the public domain and further provide a faculty study for thier proof of principle in our faculty research center.


The Panacea research center will also optionally help with manufacture and promotion. This is to help generate revenue back into Panacea's non profit environmental projects which are profiled on the site. 


Through the presentation of content related to the need for the centre panaceas aims to establish: 


1. That there is a field of science which has no further justification to be neglected by the mainstream sciences and kept from public awareness, that there is an available faculty upgrade of the current instituted scientific curriculum which panacea can provide  educational data for via its public research and development centre.


2. Here are the facts about it. 


3. Here is a long list of researchers who have achieved these goals but who have been kept from publicizing their work. 


4. Panacea is here to provide support for these people and others like them, Panacea needs your support: here is what you need to do to help. 


The demeanor of the Panacea sites content is not intended to blame people, mention and investigate any thing controversial with out facts and solutions.


Panacea wants to consolidate the public and recruit people. Panacea intends to establish the integrity of the involved fields and motivate the public to start funding their own sustainable development via the  proposed granted public non profit research and development centre. 


Panacea's research is further presented to address and globally unite sustainable development in world communities through green non corporate free energy de centralization, social reform, hemp production, ecology and conservation education in schools along with communal organic ECO farming. This is for all countries both third world and western. 


With out wasting valuable time on pointing out every reason and last detail for needing the above acculturations. Panacea instead will now present the research by a deductive outline. This is presented through the fractal branched order in the web site content. 


For the proper presentation of Panacea's logistics, please read the submissions in the following order as outlined in the menus. Before commencing reading of the site please review the disclaimer presented


Panacea welcomes more input into its logistical approach, and seeks help! Please do not hesitate to contact Panacea with your opinions, ideas and or help. Panacea also requires positions to be filled!! Please contact us with any input. 




'SALVE' - 2 : liberation from ignorance or illusion

3 a : preservation from destruction or failure

b : deliverance from danger or difficulty

4: Save from ruin, destruction, or harm) 


-Directors, founders, volunteers and members of Panacea-BOCAF.


Content summary 


Research and development page 


This page serves as an introduction to the extent of the technology, education and engineers which are currently unknown, ignored and deliberately suppressed from consensus reality. This page also describes a growing list of engineers and education will be consolidated into the proposed granted Panacea research and development center. 


The centre will comprise 3 divisions for: 

1) R and D/manufacture facilities. 

2) Faculty facilities to advance education

3) Conference/Museum-display for fund raising capacity. 


The faculty division will serve to upgrade the current universities energy curriculum's and enable a secure public release of this education and technology. The faculty facility will advance education. Currently faculties instituted scientific dogma keep them un willing to accept the reality of these suppressed and alternative energy devices.


The educational institutaiton will also help provide regulation of the cartels profiting by the publics ignorance of the medium. The Faculty courses will also include open source technology and licensed technology content, which is to be studied, publicly displayed and disclosed at a faculty level. Note that engineers who license and register their technology through Panacea can still protect their proprietary content should she/he wish.


 (R&D) principles 


The R&D (research and development) principles page profiles a large extent of devices and research principles which are still not publicly unknown to capacity. Also these devices and principles are currently still not understood by faculties. These principles will be covered and taught in the educational division of the Panacea centre. All principles will be tested, validated and shown for a further feasibility study towards the device manufacture in the centers research and development lab.


Zero Point Energy 


An extension of the former, needing its own page. This is a great laymen's introduction into the actual suppressed 'energy' field used by the profiled devices.


Registered Technology


This list is a growing compilation of open source and proprietary engineers research and development and technology who have contacted Panacea. These engineers seek sponsorship and investors for their technology.


Like the devices listed on the R&D principles page their energy technology has a higher efficiency and sounder environmental relevance. Yet there is still no education, funding and or supportive legislation for the current technology to match such efficiency.  


Sustainable Development - With sub sections involving: 


Communal Eco housing infrastructure


Sustainable Eco housing designs which are crtically needed to be mandated into the building code for conservation and sustainable development. This standard is needed to save the planet for our children’s future. This section also has petitions for the public to sign to help enfore this standards.


Hemp production


This section shows the easy solution for the crtically needed replacement of the current polluting industrial industry with renewable materals. Facts on this page show the reasoning for hemp to be mandated into the building code for conservation and sustainable development. This section also has petitions for the public to sign to count at the federal level. 


Organic New Menus


Education provided to preserve the genetic diversity and counter the risks of genetically modified foods, also to provide healthier eating.


Ecology and conservation in the school curriculum 


Proposed sustainable development awareness needed to be submitted into the curriculum for security of future sustainable development and help the youth. This section also has peittions for the public to sign to count at the federal level. 


Banking reform 


Reform for fair public banking stability and economic poise via the Von Misis institute, the institutes submissions are for regulation of the fractal Federal reserve banking system fraud. This section also has petitions for the public to sign to count at the federal level.




Evidence of concern presented - This section also has petitions for the public to sign to count at the federal level. 




For any member of the public , philanthropic groups, charities and or engineers who wish to sign up for support. 


Please dontate


Contact Panacea and help make it happen for ALL.