Panacea France is coordinated by Pascal Fichant president of the CERNTEA none profit organization.The goals of Panacea France are to distribute advanced energy technologies to science universities and advance education. Panacea France will promote alternative and suppressed energy technology to the mainstream faculties in order to create a “gateway" between this "new science" and the scientific community. The vision of Panacea France is to foster the emergence of these new energy technologies towards liberating poorer countries, plus for the benefit of the environment and economy. 


Panacea France is needed to promote the development of these new energy technologies, advance education and to create specialized research groups around an Internet platform for collaborative work.


In order to support this misssion Panacea will pledge grants towards our French division in order for them to present, study and improve these technologies. Panacea France has a physical hub where it can perform research and development into electronics, magnetism, engineering and physics. This french division is also seeking the assistance of engineers qualified in these areas.


Panacea France also is seeking the assistance of those experienced in computer modeling, project management, participatory scientists, publisher’s wiki, "reporters" and translators to join this non-governmental organization for independent research on this emerging unconventional alternative energy technology.


Panacea is looking for science and grant foundations to help endorse and grant support this division so Panacea France can begin these critically needed logistics. If you are a member of the public, philanthropic group or faculty who can support Panacea's goals please contact Panacea.


Contact the Pascal the director of Panacea France directly by email.