Panacea-BOCAF USA is legally registered as a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. This is coordinated by Dow Scoggins living in Auburn, AL USA. Dow is involved in youth work with the Auburn City School system and related science faculties.


The main purpose of the Panacea-USA division is to educate the youth in the United States on suppressed and alternative FREE energy technology and more importantly, have students construct their own devices.


The first students to build Panacea's educational devices will be from the Auburn City School system. The initial class lectures and class construction will be conducted by Dr. Mark Jones, an Auburn Science teacher.


Dr. Jones is also the head of Auburn's Science Olympiad program. His students have won the Alabama Science Olympiad 6 straight years. Once the first device is made, it will be presented to Dr. Steven Taylor and the Auburn University Alternative Energy Program. After this program is completed, once a month, Dr. Jones or Dow Scoggins, former corporate technical instructor and youth motivator, will go to different Auburn City Schools. Each school will build their own devices. 


This project will be an annual event and once the new device is built, the first device will be donated to the low-income homes to help meet their energy needs. Panacea-USA will pledge to instruct other science teachers throughout the United States and provide them with the materials to construct their own educational devices. 

Panacea-USA also has the capacity to present other findings from our online university in order to show the children of the United States that they do not have to rely on fossil fuels in the future. 


Panacea is looking for science and grant foundations to endorse and grant support this division so it can begin these critically needed logistics. If you are a member of the public, philanthropic group or faculty who can support Panacea's goals please contact Panacea.


Contact Dow by mail

Dow Scoggins375 Cary Dr.Auburn, AL 36830

Email: Dow Scoggins