This registered non profit division is coordinated by American missionary residing in the state of Puebla, Mexico.


Our coordinator resides in an area with a high percentage of indigenous people groups living in extreme poverty with little or no assistance from others. Some help is being provided by our volunteer coordinating the Village global project to help poor people.


One of the impoverished communities in Mexico


This missionary is connected to many other ministries who are involved in creating sustainable solutions for third world countries.Once the proposed granted Panacea research and development center can function to capacity, certain self sufficient de centralized energy technology will be available to the public. Once this technology is able to be duplicated by the Panacea Mexico team, this technoology will be presented to different organizations who will be able to use it in many different aid and relief projects. 


Other technological applications involve the utilization of our sustainable devlopment projects which can provide food, clothing,shelter plus an array of other economical solutions to hunger, poor apparel and living conditions.


There are 1,000's of villages suffering below the poverty level . Sickness and disease is rampant. The mountain terrain is brutal and makes it extremely difficult to harvest crops.


The effect the Panacea community can have with grant backing on this area and in this country would be substantial. These sustainable solutions can be contracted and carried out by qualified engineers in this area and would bring real time relief to this struggling region. 


Because the coordinator of the Panacea-Mexico team has traveled extensively having been a missionary for over 18 years, this research and application would be freely passed on to a multitude of capable ministries and relief organizations that he has come in contact with and has worked with personally. 


If you are a member of the public, philanthropic group or faculty who can support Panacea's goals please contact Panacea.

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