Research on the Federal Reserve by Leslie R. Pastor

One of the most important discoveries of my life occurred when I stumbled upon Dr. Antony C. Sutton's monumental works from the Hoover Institution. His three volume exposé regarding the deliberate transfer of western technology to the newly created Soviet Union.

This was accomplished by, the newly created Federal Reserve System, having been, established just four years prior. With the passage of the Federal Reserve Act Link

The mechanism for 'revolution' was created and key members of the Russell Trust assumed significant roles in bringing about the actual Russian Revolution.

Dr. Sutton elaborates about this in his book Link about Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Dr. Sutton's account Link regarding the participation of the Federal Reserve in the establishment of the fledgling Soviet Union is breathtaking. 

The people of the United States were forced to participate in the creation of the establishment of a future enemy of their republic. They were forced to finance the destruction of the Romanov Empire as well as the enslavement of over 100 million Russian people. 

The Federal Reserve played a crucial diplomatic and financial role in Link establishing the ultimate in 'communist' hegemony. Why? Was the ultimate question. 

Why did the United States do this? This is why Antony C. Sutton spent the rest of his life deciphering the rapacious enigma that catapulted him from the Hoover Institution, and caused the FBI to conduct their own investigation regarding these developments. Dr. Sutton provided a rare glimpse into his mindset and intent regarding his research, when he submitted to a rare interview with Dr.Stan Monteith Link.

The role of the Federal Reserve is of significant importance, primarily because it is the originator of the ultimate currency of the global community. It is virtually backed up by nothing of value, and yet it controls the resources of the entire planet. It is not subject to oversight except by the board members of the Federal Reserve System. And its policies govern the exchange rates and commodities of every global market of value and trade.

Eustace Mullins gave an excellent exposé of the Federal Reserve System, as a source of control, in his monumental Link account of the true intent of the creators of the Federal Reserve System. His revelation regarding the collaborative intervention of the other worldwide central banks provided an interesting interlock regarding the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England and the Bank for International Settlements.

It appears that 'Bankers' have set the 'political' agenda for the entire planet since their inception from the late 1800's to the present. In brief, bankers, are a hazard to both laissez-faire policies as well as economics. 

They appear to have a hidden agenda independent of supranational governments. An agenda, I might add, that is not at all coherent with the intent of most Americans or Europeans who lend their savings and checkbooks and in most cases their credit histories to the banking fraternity that oversees the financial fabric of the international community of nations.

Under the guise of the American Red Cross, key directors of the Federal Reserve System Link entered Russia to make of it a captive technical colony, keeping it under the thumb of some of Wall Street's favored businessmen and their associates. 

Antony C. Sutton's goal was to expose Link the reason for this by first [exhaustively] examining the actual extent of the technology transfers from the West to the newly created Soviet government, and then to examine the key individuals and groups who, were responsible for those transfers. Without these technology transfers, Soviet Russia would never have survived, and could not have continued with their domination of Eastern Europe and other key strategic influences. 

Antony C. Sutton succeeded in discovering why all of this was accomplished, and wrote about it extensively in his published works regarding Wall Street, ultimately discovering that it was the joint effort of the Russell Trust Association and key elements of the banking fraternity that were responsible not only for the technological transfers, but for maintaining and sustaining 'communist' influence worldwide.

During my academic years, while still attending Seton Hall University, I was fed the standard rhetoric regarding revolutions and how such revolutions originate. But because of my voracious appetite to know the truth regarding the intent and the actual intervention of revolutionaries, who, were being funded by bankers, I quickly discovered the relevant historical documents pertaining to the conspiratorial collaboration between revolutionaries and dictatorships. 

I followed Dr. Antony C. Sutton regarding this subject-matter for the rest of my life, continuing my own research efforts at key Universities, causing, me to provide my own documentation and thus an actual 'verification' of Sutton's monumental discoveries. I contacted him in 1999 first via emails and then over the phone, after first listening to his voice [from a tape] at the Regent University Library in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He and I discussed the possibility of him 'teaching' at Regent. 

I even asked him for permission to 'copy' one of his books, 'Technological Treason' to be given to the library at Regent, which he agreed to. But when I queried the [then] librarian via email regarding Dr. Sutton's potential 'gift,' I was rebuffed. The librarian [at that time] did not believe my query regarding the gifting of Dr. Sutton's book. This was a complete shock to me, for I considered it a significant insult, especially since I had contributed a considerable amount of my hard earned money, into helping to establish Regent University and its significant library. Dr. Antony C. Sutton had refused appointments to teach at several key California universities, but was willing at my suggestion to entertain the possibility of accepting a teaching assignment at Regent University in Virginia Beach.

Indeed, it was Carl Hiteshew, who introduced me to Herb Titus, who was then the academic Dean of the School of Law at Regent. Both Dr. Titus and I sat down in his office, where I explained my personal research verifying Antony C. Sutton's monumental research, shortly thereafter several copies of Dr. Sutton's books were ordered for the University Library. Upon showing Dr. Sutton the emails that I received from Regent questioning my proposal regarding the gifting of a copy of his book, and subsequently, his response, indicated that he too experienced significant 'subterfuge' during his former academic teaching career.

I suppose the question you are asking, is why I've brought all this to your attention. It is because the Russell Trust and their associates have continued in their endeavors to provide the continuation of their Hegelian agenda. They have progressed into making China a modern version of their 'vision' of the perfect 'government of control.' And again they are using the people and the technology of the 'corporations' of the United States to fulfill their goals once again.

 And they are succeeding unabated and on schedule to enslave the entire planet. In the past, the Russell Trust used the actual engraved printing plates from the Treasury Department, they gave these to the Russian 'communists' enabling them to print up as many 'dollars' as were necessary to purchase all of the technologies that were necessary to effectively compete and ultimately surpass the United States. Today in modern China, they have given the Chinese government, the actual 'credit' of the United States enabling them to finance their 'novelty' state 'free of charge' practically bankrupting the American people, while the Americans are being looted wholesale of their resources and their 'corporate' companies, leaving us ultimately destitute and paupers within our own borders. 

At the same time a police state is being established within the United States under the guise of Homeland Security as a result of an alleged attack within our own borders. If one does their due diligence, examining the available documentation regarding the 911 incident in New York in 2001, they will discover significant 'anomalous' activity that cannot be explained away so easily. The reason why a closer look is so important is because this is what got us into Iraq in the first place. The American people were so incensed about the attacks on the Twin Towers in NYC that their response was to retaliate with swift justice against the alleged attackers. And rightfully so! But who were the actual attackers? We need the real story backed up by FACTS.

The primacy of the Control Paradigm is demonstrated by the published works of Dr. Antony C. Sutton exemplified by his thorough scholarship in detailing the actual creation of the Soviet Union, complete with diplomatic intervention by significant personages belonging to the ultimate in ‘secrecy’ and ‘conspiracy,’ the Russell Trust Association at Yale University founded by key members of its elite corps, members of the Russell and Taft families. 

America’s Secret Establishment, Link Antony C. Sutton’s magnum opus, explains fully, Yale’s ‘Skull & Bones’ intervention in controlling every fabric and facet of our American way of life, from education to politics, and ultimately via social engineering, to the actual manufacturing base of our corporations including our significant ‘monetary’ system. They controlled it all, ‘lock, stock and barrel,’ accomplishing their objectives through ‘secrecy, conspiracy, and collusion’ among themselves and key members of other ‘secret organizations’ as a group. They have succeeded in accomplishing their objectives within the United States of America. 

Dr. Antony C. Sutton detailed how ‘secret societies’ and the ‘banking fraternities’ together ‘conspired’ to create ‘wars’ and ‘revolutions’ throughout the planet. His publications, including his significant Wall Street & Hitler; FDR; and Bolshevik Revolution; books, [demonstrated the ‘novel’ creation of three (3) socialist governments] not to mention, his The Federal Reserve Conspiracy; [which reveals that it was Philadelphia bankers who funded the actual printing of Das Kapital, plagiarized by Karl Marx, from an earlier work written by V. Considerant] demonstrated an ultimate planned INTENT to change, then alter and solidify, the free governments of the world into one giant socialist-feudalism based on the totalitarian leadership of a world dictator. 

Antony C. Sutton explained to me that several of the books circulated by the ‘secret groups’ actually were either written in ‘code’ or were blueprints, describing what was to actually take place. He was referring to Das Kapital plagiarized by Karl Marx and Philip Dru Administrator, written anonymously by Edward Mandel House. Dr. Sutton explained to me that he had worked briefly for British Intelligence and worked during the second World War on 'Operation Fortitude South.’ True to his oath of secrecy, he never revealed the nature of his work. 

I had the distinct advantage of first discovering Antony C. Sutton’s initial publications [Western Technology & Soviet Economic Development 1917-1930; 1930-1945;] in the library stacks at Seton Hall University Link back in 1972 (one year before I completed my degree in Government). This was fortuitous—because he was at that point in time, still at the Hoover Institution writing his third (3rd) and final volume (1945-65). After reading the first (2) volumes, I went to SUNY [Stony Brook] and read his third and final volume in 1977. 

The SUNY Library is extraordinary for those who might consider verifying/falsifying my factual statements. It is a veritable depository of ‘historical’ documentation regarding ‘conspiracy.’ In fact, in the SUNY Library is an actual demonstration of ‘hidden’ objectives actually fulfilled. There exists a shelf containing the treaty volumes of the League of Nations which ultimately changes to the treaty volumes of the United Nations in lockstep, showing that even though the people of the United States objected to joining the League, they were forced to join by treaty, ultimately, joining after a ‘created’ world war, necessitating enforced participation. 

With the death of Antony C. Sutton in 2002, there is no academic scholarship to show, the continuation of the ‘control’ paradigm, by the Russell Trust Association via the creation of Modern Red China, complete with a ‘new’ industrial base, far surpassing the earlier endeavor in creating the ‘Soviet’ Union. A recent ‘documentary’ film shows that the modern marvel of Red China’s development exists primarily for an elite corps of 300 million Chinese, who are the embodiment of Red China’s public ‘nomenclatura.’ Ultimately, the rest of Red China, the population of one billion impoverished Chinese, will ultimately sustain and support this ‘nomenclatura,’ in their continued poverty. State ‘capitalism’ garners ‘wealth’ only for itself and its favored elite. 

The American people were forced to first ‘finance’ the Russian Revolution, then, its first, second and third five (5) year plans as demonstrated by Dr. Sutton’s West Tech books, with their ‘dollars.’ Now they are being forced to finance the Chinese Economic Revolution with their ‘credit,’ ultimately bankrupting our nation. The Federal Reserve is hiding this fact by not revealing the M3 Funds activity of the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve will attempt to hide this fact by massively printing Federal Reserve Notes to the tune of trillions of dollars and then dumping them upon our economy. This may ultimately create hyperinflation wiping out our pensions, savings and our currency. 

The obvious ‘in your face’ fact is that, our ‘dollars’ and ‘credit’ were used to build and finance ‘communist’ governments. When these same ‘dollars’ and ‘credit’ should have been used to rebuild OUR OWN COUNTRY and its INFRASTRUCTURE. These ‘conspirators’ STOLE our labors and our wealth and gave it to those who hate and despise us, without our consent, without our knowledge, and in complete ‘secrecy.’ They are now telling us to ‘invest’ in the new modern Red China, that they are the future. These ‘conspirators’ have moved our entire industrial base from the United States and have given it to Red China, lock, stock and barrel. Now they want us to invest in their deception.


We will either ‘collapse’ as a nation-state, or find an alternative approach to survive as an independent adjacent country with newer technologies and a new economic and financial base, independent of the totalitarian world. We will need to reassess who we really are. Do we wish to belong to a ‘controlled’ elite, who continually abuse and rob us, or are we willing to regain our lawful and proper roles as ‘the inherent holders of the political power?’ You decide. Members of the Russell Trust are the problem, for it was they who created our past and current difficulties. Every time they ascend to power within our government, they effectively destroy a piece of us, via the abuse of our ‘credit,’ and our ‘labors,’ and by sending us to useless ‘no win wars,’ killing off our youth. 

The Anomalous nature of the Control Paradigm Link 

All the Best,
Leslie R. Pastor 

PS: Saul of Tarsus [who became St. Paul] stated succinctly: "For we wrestle not against flesh & blood, but against principalities, against the powers, the rulers of darkness, against spiritual wickedness in heavenly places." [Ephesians 6:12] Link 

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