It has been shown in 2008 that the economic collapse has occured as a direct result of a failed debt based system. By using the federal reserve SYSTEM to "bail us out" we will only again create the SAME problems, as this system is the one which created the problem in the first place.


An alternative system which has economic stability is the only solution.Many will not realize that an alternative systems have already proven to work. However the banking cartels have crushed it.


Worgl was the site of the "Miracle of Worgl" during the Great Depression. It was started on the 31st of July 1932 with the issuing of "Certified Compensation Bills", a form of currency commonly known as Stamp Scrip, or Freigeld. This was an application of the monetary theories of the economist Silvio Gesell by the town's then mayor, Michael Unterguggenberger.

The experiment resulted in a growth in employment and meant that local government projects such as new houses, a reservoir , a ski jump and a bridge could all be completed, seeming to defy the depression in the rest of the country. Inflation and deflation are also reputed to have been non-existent for the duration of the experiment.[1]

Despite attracting great interest at the time, including from French Premier Edouard Daladier and the economist Irving Fisher[2], the "experiment" was terminated by the Austrian National Bank on the 1st September 1933 on the basis of the "Certified Compensation Bills" being a threat to the Bank's monopoly on printing moneySource


There are other examples of Regional currency which are in effect today that have preserved not only regional cultures, but have also flourished in economic growth and stability, especially in areas with the lowest unemployment!. These include the Germans getting by without the EURO.


This is what an honest money system is DESIGNED to do. These modern examples are not well known by consensus reality. Not only this, they do not know WHY the current system which uncludes interest and rent charged on capital is pernicious. Or HOW and WHY usury aggravated economic downturns because the wealthy began to horde cash.


Both the Regional currency and The Worgl Schillings example have the same system of stability as the following proposed solution.

The following solution which is proposed by the Von Mises Institute is supported by Panacea. This is a more secure economic system that ensures security and a fairer management of the publics monetary system. 

Video presentation done by the institute.

However it must be stressed that in order to achieve this, the public must lobby for a LAW to ensure the prevention of the WORLD BANKS FROM RE GROUPING AS HAS BEEN DEMONSTRATED TO BE THE CASE SINCE ROMAN TIMES!

In other words we must not only replace the monetary system to secure and serve the publics needs, but prevent the FEDERAL RESERVE AT THE FEDERAL LEVEL FROM BEING MANINPULATED IN THE FUTURE.

The Von Mises Institute has done prolific research into a safer standard of the public’s pecuniary management. Particularly it is the mission of the Mises Institute to restore a high place for theory in economics and the social sciences, encourage a revival of critical historical research, and draw attention to neglected traditions in Western philosophy. 

In this cause, the Mises Institute works to advance the Austrian School of economics and the Misesian tradition, and, in application, defends the market economy, private property, sound money, and peaceful international relations, while opposing government intervention as economically and socially destructive.

The late Von Mises and current president of the institute.

The Von Mises Institute offers an insight into the workings of the corrupt federal reserve system, and points out fundamental practices which balances out these economical insecurities.

The inner workings of the financial elite mentioned are of great conspiracy and secrecy against the public. We can see this by previous and current records, involving the Bilderberg meetings, plus the refusal by the federal Reserve to agree to a public audit of their relations.


The Von Mises Institute has produced documentary films which confirm these facts including: "Liberty and Economics: The Ludwig von Mises Legacy"; "The Future of Austrian Economics"; and "Money, Banking, and the Federal Reserve.


The Institute is named to honor the life and work of Ludwig von Mises (1881-1973). 

In six decades of teaching and writing, he reconstructed economic theory and method on a sound basis of individual human action and showed that government intervention is always destructive, whether through welfare, inflation, taxation, regulation, or war. His vision of the free and prosperous commonwealth is carried forward in all the work of the Ludwig von Mises Institute.

Please consult the Von Mises Institutes documentary entitled "Money, Banking, and the Federal Reserve" for further reference.


The following is taken from a correspondance given to Panacea by a representative Jeffery Tucker. Rothbard (a member of the institute) suggests:


Quote: Rothbard suggests giving the existing dollars a definition in gold and permitting complete exchangeability. You can define it how you wish. It is just a matter of fixing the money stock at a particular point in time and how you count that is a matter of debate. The key thing isn't the number so much as just doing it. The dollar might be 1/200th an ounce or 1/2000th an ounce. Prices are still quoted and understood in dollars, only that the redemption is ongoing. 

Of course much depends on how much gold the government and the banking system own.The $ ratio is arbitrary (as long as the reserves are adequate and fully redeemable). The primary benefit is it imposes discipline on the central bank. They can't issue more currency without the reserves to back it. No more fiat money and runaway inflation. Also options are there lean more to a basket of industrial and agricultural commodities.

See page 147 and following. Rothbard presents a very clear picture.Even though, for the past few years, private American citizens have once again been allowed to own gold, the gold stolen from them in 1933 is still locked away in Fort Knox and other U.S. government depositories. I propose that, in order to separate the government totally from money, its hoard of gold must be denationalized, that is, returned to the people. What better way to denationalize gold than to take every aliquot dollar and redeem it concretely and directly in the form of gold?

And since demand deposits are part of the money supply, why not also assure 100% reserve banking at the same time by disgorging the gold at Fort Knox to each individual and bank holder, directly redeeming each aliquot dollar of currency and demand deposits? In short, the new dollar price of gold (or the weight of the dollar), is to be defined so that there will be enough gold dollars to redeem every Federal Reserve note and demand deposit, one for one. And then, the Federal Reserve System is to liquidate itself by disgorging the actual gold in exchange for Federal Reserve notes, and by giving the banks enough gold to have 100% reserve of gold behind their demand deposits.

After [p. 265] that point, each bank will have 100% reserve of gold, so that a law holding fractional reserve banking as fraud and enforcing 100% reserve would not entail any deflation or contraction of the money supply. The 100% provision may be enforced by the courts and/or by free banking and the glare of public opinion. Let us see how this plan would work.

The Fed has gold (technically, a 100% reserve claim on gold at the Treasury) amounting to $11.15 billion, valued at the totally arbitrary price of $42.22 an ounce, as set by the Nixon Administration in March 1973. So why keep the valuation at the absurd $42.22 an ounce? M-l, at the end of 1981, including Federal Reserve notes and checkable deposits, totaled $444.8 billion. Suppose that we set the price of gold as equal to $1,696 dollars an ounce. In other words that the dollar be defined as 1/1696 ounce. If that is done, the Fed's gold certificate stock will immediately be valued at $444.8 billion.

I propose, then, the following:

1. That the dollar be defined as 1/1696 gold ounce.

2. That the Fed take the gold out of Fort Knox and the other Treasury depositories, and that the gold then be used (a) to redeem outright all Federal Reserve Notes, and (b) to be given to the commercial banks, liquidating in return all their deposit accounts at the Fed.

3. The Fed then be liquidated, and go out of existence.

4. Each bank will now have gold equal to 100% of its demand deposits. Each bank's capital will be The Mystery of Banking Murray N. Rothbard 154 written up by the same amount; its capital will now match its loans and investments. At last, each commercial bank's loan operations will be separate from its demand deposits.

5. That each bank be legally required, on the basis of the general law against fraud, to keep 100% of gold to its demand liabilities. These demand liabilities will now include bank notes as well as demand deposits.

Once again, banks would be free, as they were before the Civil War, to issue bank notes, and much of the gold in the hands of the public after liquidation of [p. 266] Federal Reserve Notes would probably find its way back to the banks in exchange for bank notes backed 100% by gold, thus satisfying the public's demand for a paper currency. 

6. That the FDIC be abolished, so that no government guarantee can stand behind bank inflation, or prevent the healthy gale of bank runs assuring that banks remain sound and no inflationary.

7. That the U.S. Mint be abolished, and that the job of minting or melting down gold coins be turned over to privately competitive firms. There is no reason why the minting business cannot be free and competitive, and denationalizing the mint will insure against the debasement by official mints that have plagued the history of money.

In this way, at virtually one stroke, and with no deflation of the money supply, the Fed would be abolished, the nation's gold stock would be denationalized, and free banking be established, with each bank based on the sound bottom of 100% reserve in gold.

Not only gold and the Mint would be denationalized, but the dollar too would be denationalized, and would take its place as a privately minted and no inflationary creation of private firms.8 Our plan would at long last separate money and banking from the State. 

Expansion of the money supply would be strictly limited to increases in the supply of gold, and there would no longer be any possibility of monetary deflation. Inflation would be virtually eliminated, and so therefore would inflationary expectations of the future. Interest rates would fall, while thrift, savings, and investment would be greatly stimulated. And the dread specter of the business cycle would be over and done with, once and for all. 


The Von Mises Institute is a fail safe contribution for reform in monetary instability. It is essential one educates themselves via this awareness, and those wishing to support the reform of your panaceas goals can still donate to the Aid the education and goals of the Von Mises results. 

At the moment the institute is not directly involved with Panacea, please forward all support in this area to them directly. 




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THIS IS ESSENTIAL FOR MOMENTUM AND FREEDOM OF THE PUBLICThe people united will never be defended. Lastly please view the money masters documentary for further FACTS. 

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