Deception in High Places

This Book is about how the international corporations are controlling Americans 1996 election process. 

All the well known United States Presidential Candidates represent the large international corporate business community: Wilson, Dole, Specter, Buchanan, Gramm, Clinton, Perot, Alexander, Gingrich, Powell, etc. The major news media outlets are international corporations; they are controlled by the international corporations. 

Because of this, the major news media cover only the candidates that will further international business interests (international corporate executives, career politicians beholding to the international corporations, career military officers beholding to the international corporations). Since the major news media is how most citizens get the information they need to vote intelligently, most citizens know only about the candidates the major media chose to cover. 

This means that if the well known candidates are elected, they will not solve the major problems that America faces: immigration, falling standard of living, homelessness, unemployment, national debt, crime, drugs, foreign ownership of US companies, subsidies to foreign countries, over population, over development, inadequate transportation, high cost of living, former politicians that represent foreign governments, monopolies, campaign reform, honesty in government, moral TV programming, political assassination, mass murder of US Citizens by the US Government, mass murder of non-US Citizens by the US Government, etc.

Here is an example. My research has shown that Clinton, Wilson, Gramm, and Dole are career politicians that have received campaign backing from international agri-business conglomerates. Because of this, they will not solve the immigration problem, falling standard of living, homelessness, unemployment, crime, drugs, foreign ownership of US companies, subsidies to foreign countries, overpopulation, over development, former politicians that represent foreign governments. 

Local Government

The international corporations are taking over the ownership of the small businesses and homes of the original residences of San Jose by using the local, state and federal governments. They are using their banks and corporations to finance this take over. San Jose's Politics is like the politics in most major American Cities. San Jose's Politics is controlled by the international corporations through local people. To get around the campaign laws, these local people have a network of business partners and associates that donate millions to local elections.

These local people are today involved in real estate speculation for the benefit of the international corporations. They are involved in two plans of attack:

1) Their local people pick a rundown part of the city and displace the local residence and merchants. Using city subsidies, their local people then redevelop this area by building high rise office towers, shopping centers, sports arenas, night clubs, convention facilities, luxury condominiums.

2)In the undeveloped areas, they build shopping centers, housing, and apartments using city subsidies. To get the growth necessary to sell these developments, the international corporations have their local and federal people lobby for more immigration. A list of some of the top local people are as follows: Phil Di Napoli, Richard Cristina, Berry Swenson, Otis Mitchall, Yosh Uchida, Drew Gibson, Steve Speno, Mike Fox.

All/some of the international corporations, that control San Jose, are part of the Standard Oil Trust. Some of the international corporations, that control San Jose, are as follows: Comerica Bank, Union Bank, Bank of America, Bank of the West, The Koll Co., Hilton Hotels, IBM, Sumitomo Bank, Industrial Bank of Japan. The former chairman of United Brands (former United Fruit) sits on Comericas board of directors. United Fruit aka, United Brands aka, Chiquita Brands.

 International is controlled by the Rockefeller Brothers, and has been instrumental in overthrowing governments Bill Clinton Bill and Hillary Clinton are in the pockets of the modern Standard Oil Trust and work to advance their corporate interests. 

They both worked for law firms that represent international corporations and Standard Oil Trust corporations. Hillary Clinton worked for the Rose Law Firm. Some of the international clients they represent are General Electric, General Motors, Georgia Pacific Corporation, Tyson Foods, USX Corporation, Wal-Mart Stores, TCBY, etc. Hillary sat on the board of directors of the international corporations Wal-Mart and TCBY.

The Rose Law Firm is one of Winthrop Rockefellers law firms. While Hillary Clinton worked for the Rose Law Firm, Union National Bank of Arkansas was one of their clients. Winthrop Paul Rockefeller (Winthrop Rockefellers son) sat on Union Nationals board of directors until 1992. After 1992, Union National Bank of Arkansas merged with Worthen Bank Corporation. Since 1992, Winthrop Paul Rockefeller has sat on Worthen Bank Corporations board of directors.

Starting in 1981 through 1982, Bill Clinton worked for Winthrop Rockefellers law firm (Wright, Lindsey, & Jennings). They represent the Worthen Bank Corporation. Worthen Bank loaned Clinton money for his 1992 presidential campaign. Wright, Lindsey, & Jennings represent international corporations. Some of their clients are: Allen-Bradley Inc, AT&T Communications, Ford Motor Company, General Electric, Mazda Motor Corporation, Nissan Motor Corporation, Worthen Banking Corporation, etc. The Rose Law firm was very important in the first days of Clintons Administration. Lawyers from The Rose Law Firm were appointed to the Clintons first administration. Webster L Hubbel (convicted in the White Water Scandal) was appointed #3 man at the Justice Department. Vincent Foster (found dead in his car with a bullet through his head) was appointed Deputy White House Counsel. William Kennedy III was appointed Associate White House Counsel.

As Governor of Arkansas, Clinton was instrumental in carrying out the agenda of the Standard Oil Trust. Winthrop, Nelson, Laurence, David, and John D III Rockefeller are the grandsons of John D Rockefeller. They inherited a vast international corporate empire from their grandfather. Their empire is part of the modern Standard Oil Trust. One of Winthrop Rockefellers assignments was to develop the trusts interests in Arkansas. He was active in politics and was the Governor of Arkansas in 1967 through 1970. While governor of Arkansas, Clinton was instrumental in moving the high-paying industry jobs from the Northern United States to low-wage Arkansas. He raised the state gas tax to build the heavier roads needed to carry raw materials to the new manufacturing facilities and finished goods from the facilities. So the residents of Arkansas would have the level of education necessary to do the new jobs, he raised taxes to pay for the new education facilities.

The close relationship of the Clintons to the Standard Oil Trust is shown by several of their actions:

1) Their appointment of Rose Law Firm Attorneys to their administration.

2) Hillary Clinton campaigned in the 1967 Draft Nelson Rockefeller For President Campaign.

3) Vernon Jordans assignment to the Clinton White House Transition Team. Vernon Jordan is a partner in Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld in Washington DC. This is a law firm that represents the Rockefeller Corporations. Robert Strauss is one of the law firms' partners and sits on Archer-Daniels Midlands Board of Directors (a Rockefeller agri-business conglomerate). Former Vice President Nelson Rockefeller's wife sits on ADM's board of directors. ADMs donations to the Democratic Party helped Clinton win the 1992 Presidential Election.

4) Clintons appointment of Robert Strauss as Ambassador to Russia.

5) John D (Jay) Rockefeller IV (the son of John D Rockefeller III) is a good friend of the Clintons. He was chairman of the Democratic Party (before Ron Brown) and was instrumental in excluding candidates from the 1992 Democratic Primary Debates. He was an ardent supporter of the Clinton Health Care Package. The package would have excluded small insurers from the health care insurance market. It would have given an extreme advantage to the Standard Oil Trusts Companies (like Met Life).

6) The choice of Albert Gore for Vice President. Albert Gore is an heir to the massive international conglomerate Occidental Petroleum Fortune.

Occidental was founded by international businessman Armand Hammer. Albert Gore Sr. was a close friend of Hammer and sits on Occidentals board of directors. Armand A Hammer is dead; however Michael A Hammer (Armand Hammers son) sits on Occidentals Board of Directors. Before the breakup of the Soviet Union, Occidental Petroleum had manufacturing plants in the USSR. They were, also, active in trading grain with the USSR. Today, Occidental is active in developing the oil resources of the former USSR. Some of Occidentals businesses are oil and gas, agri-business,fertilizer, chemical plants, meat processing, etc. Occidental Petroleum is a Standard Oil Trust Corporation. Ray R Irani is the Chairman of Occidental. He worked for Olin Corp from 1973 through 1983: he was on the board of directors from 1980 through 1983.

Olin is a Standard Oil Trust company. William W Higgins and Jack D Kuehler sit on Olin's board of directors, Higgins is a former Senor Vice president of Chase Manhattan Bank. Jack D Kuehler is a former Vice Chairman of IBM. (Vice President Gores father and Phil Gramm's wife are executives for Occidental Petroleum). Large international corporations have been instrumental in financing and furthering Bill Clinton's career. Archer-Daniels Midlands (a Rockefeller agribusiness conglomerate) donations to the Democratic Party helped Bill Clinton get elected President in 1996. Don Tyson (the head of the international food conglomerate Tyson Foods) helped Hillary Clinton make 100,000 dollars on the commodities market. Worthen Bank Corporation loaned Bill Clinton money for his 1992 Presidential Campaign, etc.

Bill Clinton is a career politician. He has spent 16 years working as an elected official (he was Governor of Arkansas for 14 years). The following is a compilation of his activities:

He was a campaign worker for the Frank Holt for Arkansas Governor Campaign, a legislative assistant to Senator Fulbright of Arkansas, an assistant to a city councilman while attending Yale, a Democratic Candidate for a House Seat in Arkansass Third Congressional District, a director of George Mc Governs 1972 Campaign for President in Texas, a professor of Law at the University Arkansas in 1973 through 1976, a private practicing attorney in 1973 through 1976, a director of Jimmy Carters Presidential Campaign in Arkansas in 1976, elected Arkansas Attorney General (he served in 1977 through 1979), elected Arkansas Governor (he served in 1979 through 1981 and in 1983 through 1992), a lawyer in the Law firm of Wright, Lindsey, & Jennings in Little Rock in 1981 through 1982, the Chairman of Southern Growth Policies Board in 1985 through 1986, Chairman of the Education Commission of the States in 1986 through 1987, a Member of the Task Force on Adolescent Education Carnegie Foundation, Chairman of the Democratic Leadership Council in 1990 through 1992, a member of the National Governors Association (vice chairman 1986, chairman in 1986 through 1987, executive commission, finance commission, human resources commission, international trade and foreign relations commission, rural development task force, education task force,), Chairman of the Lower Mississippi Delta Development Commission, Chairman of the Southern Growth Policies Board, elected President of the United States in 1992.

Hillary Clinton is an influential Arkansas attorney and assistant to Bill Clinton. She was a partner in the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock in 1977 through 1992. Because of this, she is closely associated with the David Rockefeller faction of the modern Standard Oil Trust. Winthrop Rockefellers foundation and banks (Union National Bank of Arkansas and Worthen Banking Corporation) were/are clients of the Rose Law Firm.

The following is a compilation of her career: She worked on the draft Nelson Rockefeller for President Effort in 1967.

She was an attorney for the Childrens Defense Fund in 1973 through 1974, legal counsel Carnegie Council on Children in 1973 through 1974, counsel for the impeachment inquiry staff for the Judiciary Commission of the US House of Representative in 1974, assistant professor of law at the University Arkansas, a partner in the Rose Law Firm in 1977 through 1992, Chairwoman of the Legal Services Corporation in 1978 through 1981, on the Board of Directors of Wal-Mart Stores in 1986 through 1992, on the Board of directors of TCBY Enterprises Inc in 1989 through 1992, on the Board of Director Lafarge Corporation in 1990 through 1992, a lecturer at the University of Arkansas Law.

School, author of Hand book on Legal Rights for Arkansas Woman. She was on the Board of directors of the Childrens Defense Fund, Child Care Action Campaign, National Center on Education and the Economy, Childrens Television Workshop, Public/Private Ventures, Arkansas Childrens Hospital, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevent Institute. She was a member of the Commission on Quality Education Southern Regional Education Board, Chairman of the Arkansas Education Standards Commission in 1983 through 1984, the Head of National Health Care Commission.

Pat Buchanan

Pat Buchanan is a media commentator for the Standard Oil Trust Media. He worked for Nixon when he was a lawyer for the Standard Oil Trusts. He was instrumental in getting Nixon elected President in 1968. Working from Nixons Wall Street international corporate law office, he helped Nixon start his 1968 Presidential Campaign. Nixons law firm represented international corporations; some (if not all) were Standard Oil Trust companies. In 1963, ex-Vice President Nixon sold his home in California and bought a condominium in the same condominium complex as Nelson Rockefeller.

In June of that year, Nixon joined the Wall Street law firm of Maudge Stern Baldwin & Todd. After 6 months, he became a partner; and the law firms name was changed to Nixon Mudge Rose Guthrie and Alexander. Harsco Corp and Mutual of New York were some of the law firms clients. Nixon took the assignment of representing both corporations. He sat on the board of directors of Harsco Corp and he was a trustee for Mutual of New York. Mutual of New York was a Standard Oil Trust Corporation. E R Harriman (Avrerell Harriman, Harrimans brother) and Nixon were trustees of Mutual of New York at the same time. Harsco Corp is an international mining and defense contractor and is part of the Standard Oil Trust today. Robert C Wilburn sits on Harscos board of directors. He was the Vice President of Chase Manhattan Bank from
1972 to 1975.

In December of 1965, Buchanan went to Nixons law office in New York City and asked him for a job working on his 1968 Presidential Campaign. Nixon excepted, and Buchanan moved into an office in Nixons law firm. Working as Nixons Administrative Assistant, Buchanan got Nixons election campaign going. He helped Nixon prepare for his trip to the Middle East and Africa in 1967. He was Nixons Press Secretary and Speech Writer through the 1968 Presidential Primary Campaign.

After Nixon was elected President in 1968, Buchanan was appointed Special Assistant in the Nixon White House (his assignments were speech writer, and keeping the Presidents daily briefing book). In 1971, he declined his activities in the Nixon White House to discredit Daniel Ellsberg and to study and write out the strategies the Democratic Candidates planned to use in 1972.

After Nixon resigned, Buchanan became council to President Ford. In 1975, Buchanan returned to work for the major media until 1985. In 1985, Donald Regan (CEO of Merrill Lynch, a Standard Oil Trust corporation), suggested Buchanans appointment to the Reagan Administration. In 1985, Buchanan was appointed Communications Director and Speech Writer in the Reagan White House. He advised President Reagan to give aid to the Contras, veto the farm bailout bill, support runaway spending and cut taxes.

Because Reagan followed these policies, we got the Iran Contra Scandal; loss of more family farms to large corporations; over 3 trillion dollar deficit in bond debt. A 3 trillion dollar bond debt meant the international bond trading houses (like Merrill Lynch) made a fortune trading bonds. Buchanan is a long time journalist and commentator for the Standard Oil Trust controlled media. After graduating from Georgetown University in 1962 with a Master in journalism, he went to work for the St Louis Globe-Democrat as a reporter. After 2 months, he became an editorial writer. In 1966, he left the St Louis Globe-Democrat and began working for Nixons reelection campaign.

After working in the Nixons and Fords White Houses, he returned to the media. In 1975, he started writing a column for Special Features, a Subsidiary of the New York Times Company. In 1975, the New York Times Company was a Standard Oil Trust Company. Richard Lee Gelb (a Standard Oil Trust Company Director), sat on The New York Times board of directors. He, also, sat on Bristol-Myers board of directors. Bristol-Myers was (and is still) a Standard Oil Trust company. In 1975, James Hurlbert Evans sat on a Bristol-Myers board of directors. He was a Trustee for the Rockefeller Brothers Fund; a director of Citicorp, Citibank, GM, Met Life; and Chairman of Union Pacific.

The New York Times Company is still a Standard Oil Trust Company. Richard L Gelb still sits on The New York Times Companies Board of Directors. He is Chairman of Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (Squibb has been added because of a Merger). Louis V Gerstner sits on Bristol-Myers Squibbs Board of Directors. Louis V Gerstner is the Chairman of IBM. Pat Buchanan wrote for the New York Times Company for 3 years.

In 1978, he changed companies and started writing a column for the Chicago Tribune-New York News Syndicate. When he first began, his column appeared in 30 newspapers nationwide. When he left in 1985 to work for the Reagan Administration, it appeared in 138 newspapers nationwide. In 1978, Buchanan started a program on NBC Radio called Confrontation. After that, he started a TV program called After Hours on a Washington station. This show eventually became Crossfire on CNN.

CNN is a Standard Oil Trust controlled company. Time Warner owns 20% of Turner Broadcastings Stock. Turner Broadcasting is the parent company of CNN. Time Warner is a Standard Oil Trust Company. Former Trade Representative Carla Hills sits on Time Warners board of directors. She also sits on other Standard Oil Boards of Directors: IBM, Chevron, etc. She is a former director of American Airlines. When Ted Turner started CNN, his first advertising contract was with Bristol-Myers (a Standard Oil Trust Company). Their 25 million dollar contract made it possible for Turner to get financing to continue his new business. The advertising contract was given despite the loss of an RCA satellite that was vital to future operational start ups of CNN. When Satcom III was launched it became lost in space. Turner had signed a contract with RCA to use one of their transponders to beam his signal back to earth. With the loss of Satcom III, he had no way to get his new business started. Later RCA launched another Satcom III. 

That Satcom III is now owned by GE (RCA merged with GE). GE is a Standard Oil Trust Corporation. In 1982, Buchanan became a panelist on the Washington talk show McLaughlin Group on NBC/PBS. PBS and NBC are controlled by the Standard Oil Trust. Sharon Percy Rockefeller (Jay Rockefeller's wife) is on the board of directors of PBS. NBC is owned by General Electric. In 1985, Buchanan became the Communications Director in the Reagan White House. When he became communications director, he discontinued his employment with Crossfire, Mc Laughlin Group, and The Tribune Media Services. After he left the Reagan White House in 1987, he reappeared on the McLaughlin Group and Crossfire and continued writing his article in the Tribune Media Services.

In 1988, he became a moderator of Capital Gang on CNN. In 1990 through 1991, he was editor in chief of the PJB-From the Right. He became a Presidential Candidate in 1991 and discontinued all his media activities. After the election he returned to Crossfire and Tribune Media Services in 1993. In 1993, he became Chairman of Buchanan and Co, Mutual Broadcasting Systems, The American Cause. He is the author of The New Majority, Conservative Voters Liberal Victories, Right from the Beginning, 90 America Asleep, Barry Goldwater, the Conscience of a Conservative. In 1995, he started a talk show on KSFO San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose.

Michael Reagan (Ronald Reagons son), also, has a talk show on KSFO. Recently Buchanan has appeared as a Presidential Candidate on NBCs meet the Press, on channel 5 and channel 46 this Morning Consumer Reports, Larry King Live, CNN, etc.

Bob Dole

Bob Dole is a career politician. He has spent 37 years as an elected official. He has been in the Washington legislature 32 years. The Standard Oil Trust have him in their pocket. The following is an example: The Archer-Daniels food conglomerate has supported Dole over the years. They have donated tens of thousands of dollars to his political campaigns. They donated $100,000 to his foundation. Mrs Nelson A Rockefeller sits on Archer-Daniels board of directors. Bob Doles second wife (Elizabeth Dole) is a career bureaucrat. Her first Washington assignment was working the Johnson White House as a staff assistant in the Education Department. Her last appointment was Labor Secretary in the Bush White House. Since 1991, she has been the President of the Red Cross. 

While she has been president of the Red Cross, Archer-Daniels has contributed over one million dollars to the Red Cross. Elizabeth Dole bought a luxury condominium from Archer-Daniels in Bal Harbour Florida for the bargain price of $100,000. Robert Strauss (Clintons Ambassador to Russia) owns a condo in the same condominium complex. Strauss is Archer-Daniels attorney and sits on their board of directors. The international corporations are backing Dole for the 1996 election. Bob Dole has been raising campaign funds in New Yorks financial district (The heart of the international corporations). He has been holding his fund raisers in the hotels owned by international corporations. 

These hotels receive massive government subsidies for the construction of their new hotels from federal and city governments. The San Jose Hilton (I am from San Jose) has received millions of dollars of subsidies from the local redevelopment agency. This is happening nationwide. In one fund raiser at the New York Sheraton (owned by the international conglomerate ITT), he was expected to raise over $1.5 million. At The New York Waldorf-Astoria (owned by international conglomerate Hilton Hotels), he raised another $1.5 million.

The following is a compilation of Doles long political career: He won a seat in the Kansas House of Representatives; he served in 1951 through 1953. In 1953 through 1961, he practiced law in Russell Kansas. He was elected Russell County Prosecuting Attorney; He served in 1953 through 1961. He was elected to represent Kansas in the US House of Representatives in the 87th, 88th, and 89th Congress. Nixon campaigned for Dole when he ran for Congress in 1964. Dole has been a US Senator from Kansas since 1969. He was the chairman of the Republican National Committee in 1971 through 1973. He ran for Vice President in 1976. He ran for President in 1980. He was Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee during the Reagan Administration. He was the Majority Leader of the US Senate in 
1985 through 1986. During the investigation of the Iran Contra Affair, he helped the Reagan Administration coverup their involvement. He ran for President in 1988.

The following is a compilation of Elizabeth Hanford Doles long bureaucratic career: She married Bob Dole in 1975. She was a staff assistant in the Education Department during the Johnson Administration. She was assistant director of Johnsons Committee on Consumer Interests. She stayed at that position through the Nixon Administration. In 1971, she was appointed Director of Consumer Affairs. In 1972, she was on the Nomination Committee of the American Stock Exchange. She was then appointed to the Federal Trade Commission by Nixon. She campaigned for Doles Vice Presidential Campaign in 1976. In 1979, she campaigned for the Dole for President Campaign. In 1980, she was Chairwoman for the Voter for Reagan-Bush. She was part of Reagons White House Transition Team. In 1980, she was appointed assistant to Reagan for Public Liaison. In 1983, she was appointed Transportation Secretary by Reagan. In 1988, she campaigned for Dole in the Presidential Election. She was the Secretary of Labor in 89 through 90. Since 1991, she has been the President of the American Red Cross.

Phil Gramm

Phil Gramm is controlled by the Standard Oil Trust and international conglomerates; he has received backing from the Standard Oil Trust and international conglomerates. His wife works for the Standard Oil Trust. A Standard Oil Trust Company published one of his books, and a foreign corporation is publishing one of his books. He is a former Democrat that changed parties in the 1980's. International conglomerates are donating personal and money to Phil Gramm's 1996 Presidential Campaign. His wife is an executive for a Standard Oil Trust International Conglomerate. For example, Gramm received $5,000 from IPB (meat packing). IPB is owned by the international conglomerate Occidental. (Vice President Albert Gores father, Albert Gore Sr., is a director on Occidentals board of directors). Gramms campaign finance chairman, Alec Courtelis, and Gramms wife, Windy Lee Gramm, are on IPBs board of directors. Occidental is part of the Standard Oil Trust. Ray R Irani is the Chairman of Occidental. He worked for Olin Corp from 1973 through 1983; he was on the board of directors from 1980 through 1983. Olin is a Standard Oil Trust Company. William W Higgins and Jack D Kuehler sit on Olins board of directors. Higgins is a former Senor Vice President of Chase Manhattan Bank. 

Jack D Kuehler is a former Vice Chairman of IBM.

Like most international conglomerates, IPB has a policy of hiring illegal immigrants and backing major political candidates in both the Republican and Democratic Parties. There have been two documented incidents where illegals have been hired by IPB this year. In May, two dozen illegal immigrants were arrested working for IBP contractors. In April, 35 illegal immigrants were arrested at a Minnesota IBP facility. Vice President Albert Gores father, Albert Gore Sr, is a director of Occidental Petroleums board of directors. Gramm has been raising money in New York Citys financial district: one of the centers of the international conglomerates. For example, Gramm held one of his fund raisers at the Waldf-Astoria in New York City. At that one fund raiser, he raised $520,000. Joe Fogg, a director of the international securities trading company Morgan Stanley & Co, was one of his guests.

The Waldf-Astoria is owned by the international Hilton Corporation. The Hilton Corporation lobbies for redevelopment projects in major cities and is the recipient of major subsidies from local, state, and federal governments. In San Jose, my home town, the city council receives massive campaign contributions from a group that manage Hilton Hotels. In return for campaign contributions, the city council approved the construction of a high rise Hilton Hotel and subsidized its construction heavily.

CBS Corporation (A Standard Oil Trust Corporation) published a book written by Phil Gramm in 1980. Since this was while he was in the US House of Representatives, it appears that they violated campaign laws.

Praeger Publishing (a division of the international conglomerate CBS) published a book called The Economics of Mineral Extraction in 1980. The book was written by Phil Gramm and his two former associates at Texas A and M: S Charles Mauric and Charles W Smithson. CBS sold Praeger Publishing to the international publishing and communications conglomerate that is now Reed Elsevier PLC. Reed Elsevier is based in London England and operates world wide. Praeger Publishing is still publishing The Economics of Mineral Extraction.

Phil Gramm was a former economics professor at Texas A and M. While he was a Professor, he did contract research for private industry and the government interests. His consulting firm was called Gramm and Associates. Gramm was elected to the 96th through 98th Congress running as a Democrat. In 1983 he change his party to Republican. With the backing of the international Oil, farming, and gas industry he was elected to the US Senate in 1984.