Bob Teal is the inventor of the "Magnipulsion" process. Bob's patented process is a way of configuring an electric motor to produce the highest efficiencies.


Bob Teal pictured next to his invention


So where is this technology today? The short answer is:Quote "He tried to interest officials in the State and Federal governments, but was unsuccessful. Dozens of newspaper stories were written about Bob Teal and his Magnipulsion Engine between 1976 and 1978. The biggest story that ever ran was the one in the LA Times on May 30, 1976 titled "Impossible" Engine Invented for Real. 


While the publicity brought hundreds of inquiries, nothing ever came of all the interest. The motor's performance was just too "unbelievable" for most engineers and scientists who observed its operation.


Out of money, and frustrated that he could not interest Government officials or a major investor, Teal retired again and the story of the Magnipulsion Engine faded into history.-End quote


Quote- The electromagnetic engine is not the first invention for Teal, While working as an RCA engineer and filling a contract with the Navy in 1964, he was responsible for a classified invention which related to radio frequency cables and was valued at $50 million. “I didn’t get a penny for that”, said Teal, who has a letter from the navy Department giving him full credit for the inventionEnd quote.


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