Panacea's proposed granted non profit research and development center will have the capacity to provide study, validation and security into the following clean FREE energy research and development.


The proposed Panacea institute can then begin to perform the crticially needed task of creating security for advancing this education into the mainstrteam faculties. Safe conditions where any ignorance (or worse) cannot occur.


This task is essential as the following technology is already established, the most efficient but is not internationally recognized or educated.


This problem is an age old one for many inventions of this genre and needs to be bought to the attention of the general public. The principle goal of the non profit organization's public service will be to provide supportive and SECURE conditions, security, faculty submission and grant support for the following research and development.


The first technology we wish to present is John Bedini's systems. John has open source some of his systems to demonstrate the principle of "radiant" energy (longitudinal -scalar wave) charging of batteries. John Bedini has many highly efficient patents, working devices and feasible undeveloped concepts but no international recognition, mainstream public awareness, and mainstream scientific acceptance of the value of his insights. 


John Bedini

 John Bedini is the founder of Bedini Electronics. John is a developer of electrical amplifiers and a very vigorous FREE energy engineer. John has also done research into the suppressed alternative cancer cure work of Raymond Rife. Most of John’s free energy work is originally inspired and based on the ideas of Nikola Tesla. John has built and demonstrated many advanced free energy principles. The first was completed as far back as the 80's, however getting this type of technology known publicly or into academia has not been possible.


The Kromrey Converter by John Bedini-


John has altruistically released alternative energy information into the public domain. These disclosures include the "School Girl" or SSG (simplified school girl motor) and Bedini, Cole “Window motor” motor circuits.  John’s open public disclosures of the SG concept are intended as an educational tool for the public to observe and test the effects of battery charging by his unique process which has advantages over other methods.  


John's commercial products show an additional longer life and run time effects not seen in the conventional method of charging batteries. This technology although has been around for many years is only just starting to come into public awareness.


Panacea could devote a whole web site to John Bedini. Johns own page along with technical data and examples of his systems can be found here:


John is a very experienced and well-researched pioneer of alternative and suppressed free-energy devices, John has had a close friendship with Tom bearden and the late freee energy inventor Edwin V. Gray whom inspired John and shared various technical insights with him. These insights are to be seen in John’s systems to this day.


One of Johns Medium and Large self running motor-energizers.

Photo taken from HERE.


John's systems and the education of them are critically neeeded to make it into the non profit organizations center because of conflict of interest or suppression and corporate theft. The Following quote is taken from John's own words describing particular related suppression experience whilst trying to education the public in this field.


Quote- That is where the magic is, The spike is the key to the Dirac Sea that is where the negative energy pops out of, chase the spike. When I first started publishing my work in the 1970 on different systems that did show the strange effects that we all seek to use as free energy, I made it very public. After a conference at the Tesla convention in 1984 where I did get up on stage and discuss the little box I held in my hand, along with Jim Watson who did give the demonstration of My machine, which is now his machine. 


There were only two differences, the machine was publicly disclosed in a little booklet. One man was bound to be told that if he ever discussed exactly how the machine worked his whole family would be killed, but gained 2.5 million, the other man was pushed by agents to the wall by two big brutes at gun point and told you will buy gasoline the rest of your life. I was the latter. Reference to the Jim Watson machine.


Jim Watson's 12KV Bedni type converter (Bottom pic) 

 presented at the colorado springs Tesla symposium.

When I went into a public company and was given stock for my many hard years work on a 3D sound systems and every studio in the world started using it, I was left out of the equation, The inventor never sells his stock it looks bad, but others got rich to never know me again, I was the latter again. When the internet became popular I was there I freely posted all my work for people to use and discover what I did. I was laughed at and was completely ignored, I'm not a writer nor have I ever been, and do not claim to be. 


The one gift that was given to me was the ability to see through circuits to run them in my head, to build anything I want, so I keep doing it. I do make "My" information public, maybe I should not. You have no Idea what could happen to you, because you have not been there, you have not had things taken from you and then the name changes hands and your item is the bad one after that. You have not had people come to your shop and write detailed information and give it away without your permission, you have not had your mail opened and the check's taken out so you would starve and loose every thing you worked for. You have not been made to eat dirt yet.

I just watched a man in France take my work and change it and call it his own, and to beat it all say it publicly. But don't worry it's no longer mine since it is now his patent pending. -End quote, John Bedini.


More dislcosures of John's suppression experiences can be seen in By Jeane Manning. Atlantis Rising, November 200 Article. Quote:John Bedini was roaming the "free energy" scene in California in the 1970s and early 1980s, collecting knowledge about medical as well as energy devices. He had an electronics business in Sylmar, and at home he experimented with windmills and other systems. The utility company objected—he was hooked up to their power lines and if his system were to backfeed, it could extinguish the lights in the neighborhood. He disagreed. As he tells it, the officials' final word was "we think you're stealing power" and they took their meter off the building. However, his lights were still on at night, because of his energy inventions, he tells me. Finally they struck a deal—he would have his power meter back but would pay a high fee for the service.


The power company almost took away their hookup to his shop, but it was in an industrial area and they would have had to remove a three-phase transformer and therefore deprive the other businesses of power. "They found that when they switched off all the power in the shop nothing (electrical) was being drawn, but the machines kept running." He published instructions for an energy device which Jim Watson of Colorado Springs then built—large-scale with a heavy flywheel. Watson demonstrated it at the 1984 Bicentennial symposium celebrating Nikola Tesla's arrival in the USA. -End quote.


John can provide tuition into this unique education of how his systems work. Since we are dealing with a field of parameters and technical operation that mainstream science has no record, and or perception of, currently, they are completely unaware of Johns systems.


John's device Photos taken from Here


Abstract: Quote John - this motor runs on two watts and keeps all the secondary batteries charged, [self sustaining] the Capacitors are 1 farad each, three in series for a total of 333,000 uf they are about 2 volts over the batteries the battery impedance is about .00023 Ohms it's quiet a bit when these are pulsed-End quote


John's device Photos taken from Here


It took many years for John Bedini to develop away from the political and economic limitations that are related to this technology, these same prejudices are also imposed by mainstream faculty scientists today.


Also due to the complexity and technical nature of John's systems, his disclosures put him in a vulnerable position where people with less experience into his principles, felt that they needed to elevate themselves by defaming John, and, vent their frustration on him.

Despite this John and has paried together with Tom Bearden and have both recently released a book entitled Free energy Generation. 


Quote from the web page:Want to build a Radiant Energy battery charger? Want to build a Radiant Energy battery charger? Then this is the book for you ­ - as Free Energy Generation contains the 100 plus page Provisional Patent Application that was originally filed in 2004 by John Bedini and Tom Bearden, which they have now generously placed in the public domain. This treatise holds nothing back, and includes virtually all they collectively know about negative energy. Included are circuit diagrams, oscilloscope traces, the works!

And as a bonus, Free Energy Generation also contains the re-issue of John Bedini's classic 1984 book ­ - Bedini's Free Energy Generator, a " how-to" book about building a proven free energy generator, complete with circuit and parts list. This marked one of Tom Bearden and John Bedini's first co-operative ventures, over 20 years ago. The whole book is generously illustrated with color photographs of John and Tom taken in the Bedini lab over the 20 years, and the "classic" 1984 Bedini monograph is printed on commemorative antiqued paper. Free Energy Generation is the perfect "practical" companion to Tom Bearden's more theoretical Energy from the Vacuum. -End quote


John and Tom have also collaborated together in the documentary series 'energy from the vacuum' to demonstrate an in-depth look on film at the errors and omissions in today's electrical physics, and the inventors (and their devices) who have exploited these gaping holes and pioneer the production of free electrical energy from the infinite vacuum all around us.




The Bottom line is Johns systems work and John is a humanitarian. John has recently a commercial solid state radiant energy charger. This is FAR from the potential that Johns system have. John's systems as shown in the documentary "energy from the vacuum" and can be developed into a self running home power system.John has also experienced what appears to be distortion by deliberate suppression from Myth busters.


This show appears to have intentionally misrepresented the The Wastson and Bedini system. The discovery channels Myth busters show covered the Bedini device, how ever the show left out ESSENTIAL replication details needed for the system to function normally. 


Taken form the show which aired on the discovery chanel


Above you can see Myth busters "describing" their construction of the Bedini process. You can see that their is exclusion of the magnets on the rotor. Thats right! they left out magnets on the rotor! What is even more suspicious is that there was no oppertunity for John orf any body to contact them about this. Therfore the show refuses to address these “left out” construction details which are clearly visible on the patent and internet disclosures.


Panacea-BOCAF Video production explaining the issue

You-Tube link

You tube - John addressing this issue


This incident appears to be a deliberate error given the patent and internet information.


In addition, further ‘dis info’ regarding John’s technology has surfaced. Certain individuals have published negative and distracting public opinions of John’s system on the internet. Two individuals, named Eric Krieg and James Randi have done this despite having NEVER empirically investigated the Bedini effect personally. IE -never built and disproved or proved it for them self’s personally.  Eric Krieg and James Randi are avid skeptics of John’s spirit; the following quote taken a fictional story sums up their reaction to this perfectly.


'I'm a skeptic.' 'No, you're only incredulous, a doubter, and that's different.' - Umberto Eco, Foucault's Pendulum


Eric and James may have been right on a number of things they have covered in the past, but it is UN scientific to not reproduce some thing and claim it as scientifically relevant or “dis -proven’. Any thing else does not qualify for scientific scrutiny. 


If Eric and Randi cannot build a Bedini device, then they are in no way a genuine authority on the science involved, and are deluding themselves and the people who take them seriously.A challenge is thus put forth dated 2008 to Myth busters, Eric and James to reproduce the device EXACTLY as it is described on the Bedini patent and prove it wrong. Enough said.


One of John's patents featured on his web site


Below is an article showing a school girl’s successful replication of the Bedini device. This replication also won her first prize at her science fair project (which says allot for Myth busters).



You cant expect some ones education to flourish in an environment where the integrity of the research is not nurtured. Despite this on going interference as mentioned previously John has been able to put commercial solid state (no moving parts) "radiant energy" and solar amplifier chargers on the market. These products are a new discovery in energy transformaiton and power engieering principles.Yt there is no faculty awareness of this new power generation which is far more efficienct than conventional methods.




Jonh's chargers are critically needed to improve and preserve the life of batteries, not to mention are practical for use in electric car applicaitons.


The Bedini process is related to methods described in Nikola Tesla's patents. In addition, the open source internet communities replicated John’s systems, and have made variants of them towards clean energy production.An estimated total of at least 2000 engineers are registered on the internet forums who all freely share their tests results.


 Panacea's open source engineers have also helped to reproduce this technology and assist educating the public.Together with the internet based SG group we have included these findings for all to follow and learn. Open source engineer's Jeff (Bit's-n-Bytes on the forum's) and Rick Friedrich have been very consistent in advancing the open source side of John's technology towards free energy generation.


This is needed to ensure competition which creates affordable prices in kits and also security (public knowledge) of the technology. They are working on No budget.


Jeff (Left) and Rick (Center) next to the Bedini 10 coil energizer


Jeff has put the all money up front to test an OPEN SOURCE self running Bedini 10 coil creation.


Screen shot taken from the video


In the following Self Running Bedini 10 Coiler- Grid Tie Video Jeff is illustrating the Grid Tie (power back into the house) from the 10 Coiler.



This has significant ramifications to advance education. You can track the research and development progress of this work in the Bedini 10-coil energetic forum thread.


The following are educational resources covering the open source side of the technology.


Bedini Monopole Mechanical Oscillator SSG Energizer Video Presentation

Aion alchemy's educational presentation


 The open source Bedini SG (school girl) groups are also dedicated to advancing education and the technology. The enigneers in this group work on their own budget need resources and further support.Their colective goal is to find similarities between Nikola Tesla's technology and John's methods -And to release them for all.


Further replications. 


Replication of the Bedini/Cole motor 


Description: Final video, OU motor, battery in central node slowly charges while motor runs. It works, does what it was designed to do. Proves a Bedini/Cole type motor with correct electronic package can run in a steady Unity or slightly OU state. Most likely is an extension of Tom Bearden's theories. Where to go from here is irrelivant to me. This was just pure science and technology and reverse engineering for me.....I saw a problem, I found a solution.Thats what I do for fun. Life is good- Referance


John states-In the motor you reproduced your efficiency is around 99.9 but the COP is over 100% that is why the "CAP charges" up. The next problem is that your hall device can not work correct, because of the Radiant spike, if you walk away the Hall will soon burn out and that part will hinder your performance.The (SG) Group needs to understand what they are building, they are building a machine that takes advantage of a simple trigger system, you must supply the trigger to cause the effect to happen.


 It is that trigger that causes things to happen, it's known as a sharp gradient.Sharp gradients cause normal EM systems to do real funny things since it is not in the normal text.For example the correct sharp pulse can trigger a battery to recharge itself, it can cause a capacitor to recharge itself and so on.-End


This replication also triggered suppression attempts on John, this was enacted through intimidation on John.


John states-I can tell you one thing that I have got my ass beat on the phone over this, I got all kinds of funny e-mails to where I had to lock that Yahoo Group up and ask for names. How about getting phone calls in the middle of the night, and they do not talk. Yes this has happened to me before and I can fix the problem but now I must watch my back. Not only is Mike gone from the group, but my name was on everything along with Mr. Coles, but he is dead. Enough said, god's speed to all of you before it's to late. The SPOOKS are out and right here.-end


John has been subjected to suppression for years- Within a few weeks, Bedini was visited by two thugs who were definitely unfriendly toward his efforts to unhook from today's power structures. They had the appearance of body-builders who had just stepped out of a gymnasium, and pushed him against his shop wall while saying in a threatening manner that they expect he will continue to use gasoline. He laughs shortly while recalling the incident, but evidently knew they were serious. Reference


This is in no way to be tolerated, and left UN addresssed will not advance the faculty and public acceptance of John's and others peoples alternative energy systems. The  proposed granted Panacea research and development center can quell these conditions and provide public accessible faculty study conditions


These replications prove many things, one that there is a need to upgrade faculties theories on energy, also that there is still suppression to this day of johns systems. No where in universities faculties is there power management  information or awareness of the effect being produced by this device.


Panacea has also successfully reproduced some of John Bedini's technology.


Panacea Bedini Fan kit Motor charging two batteries


This version of the technology is a Bedini "fan kit" and was put together by open source engineer Rick. Kits for this device can be found HERE.


Panacea's replication of Rick's Bedini Fan kit motor.


Panacea has also installed this technology on a farm. The following is a segment taken from The Panacea Farm conversion. Panacea has also completed a AIO Bedini Light Fan & Charger. Full replication detail's are available on the Panacea on-line university. John's open source technology disclosures have already produced a multi coil system which is capable of powering a house and out putting 10KW.


John Bedini's Multi coil house power system


This like the solid state version would be the most efficient solar system in the world. Rick Fredrick has begun to make educational kits showing this multi coil system. These have been made available on his web site.


Rick's 3 pole Monopole multi coil system


This is no where near John's technology potential for free energy home power systems. John has a self running device and has had since 1980!. However more suppression has happened:


The Kromrey Converter. (replication based on Raymond Kromrey's US Patent #3,374,376) John Bedini explains in the full length DVD everything you ever wanted to know about this proven overunity generator. And demonstrates it on the bench. Also included is archival footage of the one hour Bill Jenkins Town Hall Meeting in Los Angeles in 1984 in which John Bedini unveils it for the first time to the public.


John pictured next to the The Kromrey Converter.


Well, John's manufacturing and production team was rapidly infiltrated and destroyed, and M.I.T. bought up the last remaining twelve operational units from John, never to see the light of day again, so you can draw your own conclusions.Well, here it is, John Bedini's legendary “G-field generator” from the early 1980s in all its glory running on the bench and putting out more power than John is putting in.And ejecting a stream of freezing cold air from its interior, where one would “ normally” expect heat would be produced and dissipated.In this DVD John Bedini, painstakingly traces the “G-field generator's” pedigree and history all the way back to the late Professor Raymond Kromrey, and John then presents the theory, the circuit diagram, what to do, and what not to do, to build one that works.


Watch, too, how John shows the motor running under load with the circuit only completed by a strand of wire the diameter of a human hair ­ an impossibility with conventional EM energy.For the practically minded, this DVD is all anyone could ask for if one was contemplating building an overunity electrical motor.John's manufacturing and production team was rapidly infiltrated and destroyed, and M.I.T. bought up the last remaining twelve operational units from John, never to see the light of day again, so you can draw your own conclusions.Also included is the archival footage from the celebrated 1984 “Town Hall Meeting” with Bill Jenkins, in which John springs this technology on an unsuspecting world. Energy From the Vacuum Trailer


Recently John has disclosed a Tesla Switch Solar Charger, this can be used on the motors also. John states "53 watts in and 148 out".


Tesla Switch Solar Charger from Energex


However John has since taken down these video's showing the power out put capacity for fear of intimidation or worse. John has shown that the Tesla Switch Solar Chargers can put out a lot more power then the commercial available versions, but has told the world that he purposely clamps down their output, which could be "massive". john states "I don't dare turn it up." Already we have seen John take his video's down. With out secure research conditions such as those proposed by Panacea in our non profit research center, John has no safety. -Tesla Switch Solar Charger at Bedini conference


The Solar amplifier is still ahead of its time and will replace a charge controller and increase the available power from your panel(s) and deliver a radiant charge to your battery that will increase the available charge capacity of your battery and extend the battery's life.


This method of power AMPLIFICAITON makes it the most efficient solar charger in the world, yet this engineering principle (like the battery chargers) is not known conventional or taught at the faculty level.


John Bedini's Solar Amplifier


Panacea is intent on supporting John , Rick and John kroom who all have worked together to help get this technology known. Solar amplifiers and the battery chargers are available from Panacea. We intend to put all proceeds back into helping advance the EDUCATION and reducing pollution Panacea.


Panacea has tested this unique electrochemical way of using the sun to revive, preserve and charge lead acid batteries. Panacea was able to bring back many "dead" lead acid batteries by using this charger. No other solar charger in the world is capable of doing this.


Panacea's Solar amplifer test -Reviving and charging

a "dead" lead acid battery.


John Bedini has also done Research and development into curing disease: Quote-Then came the day when we had 30 doctors in the room with us. We prepared the slide, put it under the microscope and put it up on a view screen so all could see. One push of the button on the machine, and BANG, the one cell animal was dead. All the doctors just went nuts. But the comments were very discouraging, "WE WILL NEVER TALK ABOUT THIS, WE WILL LOOSE OUR JOBS, THE FDA WILL RUN US OUT OF TOWN, WE WILL LOSE EVERYTHING."


The main objection was that everything I did with the circuits was potted. Crane was the first to agree with all of them about this, saying there was something hidden in there, arguing, "We can't see it so we don't know if it works." I answered that we must protect what we have done so no one can change anything in the circuits. I kept very detailed notes as I went along on the circuits. At first they were very simple waves of different frequencies. As time went by, the waves got more complex.-End quote



The proposed granted NON PROFIT Panacea research and development center is inteneded to provide secuirty and support for John's and others technology which face the same conditions. This centralized hub is needed to safely present and educate their systems away from theft , ridicule and or worse.


Despite the John and the Bedini engineers communities having working available devices and R and D potential, they have no faculty recognition or support. This research requires endorsement and sponsorship errect SAFE conditions for John to disclose more.


John's contributions can be secure and progress in real time in a SAFE grant backed research and development centre environment specific for this task. If you're a member of the public or scientific group which can aid in grants for the proposed granted non profit centre or help Lutec please contact Panacea.


Click here to access Panacea's online faculty courses into Bedini's systems. The courese is listed under "John Bedini technology".


The next section will profile Viktor Schuaberger's Implosion Technology.


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