To consensus reality, free energy technology is currently perceived to be environmental energy derived from solar, wind, geothermal and wave power. However it remains unknown to the general public and faculties that there have been other environmental sources producing alternative FREE energy technologies for nearly a century.


Nathan Stubblefeild - Pictured next to his earth battery Patent drawing.

Nathan passed away in his bed, the probable victim of

malnutrition and fatigue. Invention now lost.


It is generally reasoned that priority in all self powered free electrical power arts belongs to Nathan Stubblefield. In addition, his was the only system in which natural energies were obtained, magnified, and entirely employed as the empowering source. All other inventors used "artificial" sources (batteries, alternators, dynamos).-Read More


These suppressed, neglected and mis-understood FREE energy principles have all been cleaner, cheaper and most importantly, in most cases have had the capacity to decentralize the energy grid and produce a self contained home power system.These technologies have long had the capacity to give the general public energy independence however they have attracted those who have a conflict of interest with them.


Nikola Tesla's Wardenclyffe tower for

FREE ENERGY wireless power transmission 

completed in 1904. In 1905, the project

was abandoned per the withdrawal

of support by JP Morgan.


Quote-Dr. Nikola Tesla not only wanted to give the world free energy, Tesla developed components of technology whereby it could be accomplished. Tesla was a physicist, inventor, and electrical engineer of unusual intellectual brilliance and practical achievement. He was of Serb descent and most of his work was conducted in the United States.Tesla's investors dropped the project when they realized there was no way to meter the power to make money on the end user. We've been trying to catch up for 100 years and are still far behind where he was with his understanding of radiant energy. With reportedly over 700 patents awarded him worldwide, no wonder it has taken us so long to catch up.


Nikola tesla


The man who shaped the twentieth century, with his invention of the radio, radar, x-ray, AC power, and the induction motor, is now shaping the twenty-first century as we finally begin implementing his methods of tapping and distributing free energy.-End Quote Panacea's coverage of Nikola Tesla


In 100% of these cases the engineering principles involved have been misunderstood by faculties who at present continue to class them as "crackpot" science instead of higher efficient principles or new discoveries. The simple reason- Faculties or academics have long thought that these "type of devices" were "creating energy out of nothing".They did not understand that all the time they have been open systems which draw power both from the user and from an environmental source.


Modern physics have proven that this environmental energy field exists and call it zero point energy. However modern physicist have not yet figured out how to configure a device that uses this field to power your home.They have only figured out how to draw off a small portion and have produced "nano technology" applications.One modern researcher Prof. Dr. Claus W.Turtur has tapped a portion of the ZPE field and produced mechanical power.


This field could be the substrate or energy source of all the devices mentioned here, however there are other new discoveries involved. Higher efficient principles, new ways to utilize magnetic fields and chemical reactions. All these new discoveries have made up the suppressed FREE energy genre.


This science needs an independent institution, to ensure the public get independent validation. Friedrich Paneth and Kurt Peters hypothesized a form of nuclear reaction that doesn't produce radiation, they were silenced and the science also.Now it has reemerged.


An example of new chemistry -A Cold Fusion set up.


In a paper presented chemist Pamela Mosier-Boss told the annual convention of the American Chemical Society in Salt Lake City that her team had gotten "very significant" evidence of some sort of nuclear reaction."To our knowledge, this is the first scientific report of the production of highly energetic neutrons from an LENR device," said Mosier-Boss, a researcher at the Navy's Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center in San Diego, in a press release.-Source



Cold fusion has been replicated by hundreds of world class laboratories, including several in the Navy, Los Alamos and national labs in the U.S., France, Italy, China and India, and at dozens of corporations in including Mitsubishi, Toyota and Amoco. Hundreds of peer-reviewed papers in mainstream journals have been published describing these replications. One must read some of these papers before commenting on this research. You will find a bibliography of 3,000 papers, and the full text of more than 500 papers, including ones from the institutions listed above here:- Jed Rothwell - Librarian, LENR-CANR


FREE energy inventors have always kept their new discoveries hidden, private and "proprietary". There has never been any infrastructure there to hold the knowledge in a public trust or do any evidence based, independent and non aligned validation.These conditions have contributed to the problem of faculties not advancing their education and to the technology being lost. Also the public remain convinced that they have needed to pay for fossil fuels.


Edwin V. Gray's Self running Motor

demonstration in 1977 - The technology is

now thought to be lost.


In 1958, Edwin V. Gray, Sr. discovered that the discharge of a high voltage capacitor could be shocked into releasing a huge, radiant, electrostatic burst. This energy spike was produced by his circuitry and captured in a special device Mr. Gray called his "conversion element switching tube." The non-shocking, cold form of energy that came out of this "conversion tube" powered all of his demonstrations, appliances, and motors, as well as recharged his batteries. Mr. Gray referred to this process as "splitting the positive." During the 1970's, based on this discovery, Mr. Gray developed an 80 hp electric automobile engine that kept its batteries charged continuously. Hundreds of people witnessed dozens of demonstrations that Mr. Gray gave in his laboratory. His story is well documented at Peter Lindemann's website-



It is important to mention that ALL the free energy principles in the devices mentioned here have never broken the law of thermodynamics or the law of the conservation of energy. They have ALWAYS operated as "open systems" which have 2 energy inputs. One is from the user's input to get the process started, the second energy input comes from the environment which thus allows excess energy to be produced by the device.


Open energy systems measure the energy output by a COP -Co Efficiency Of

Performance. An open system can produce more energy then the user needs to put in

due to the environment providing added energy.


Today this DETRIMENTAL simple misunderstanding of "energy in equals energy out" keeps faculties and other engineers ignorant of the true potential of these past and present devices.


Bob Teal Video -Bob pictured next to his Magnipulsion invention


Bob Teal is the inventor of the "Magnipulsion" process now lost. Bob's patented process is a way of configuring an electric motor to produce the highest efficiencies. So where is this technology today? The short answer is:Quote "He tried to interest officials in the State and Federal governments, but was unsuccessful. Dozens of newspaper stories were written about Bob Teal and his Magnipulsion Engine between 1976 and 1978. The biggest story that ever ran was the one in the LA Times on May 30, 1976 titled "Impossible" Engine Invented for Real.




While the publicity brought hundreds of inquiries, nothing ever came of all the interest. The motor's performance was just too "unbelievable" for most engineers and scientists who observed its operation. Out of money, and frustrated that he could not interest Government officials or a major investor, Teal retired again and the story of the Magnipulsion Engine faded into history.-End quote


The scope of the FREE energy inventor's failed business model and interference which they incure is also a dominant factor. This page could be over run by the amount of devices now lost.Panacea has a detailed history of the neglect and misfortune of these devices- Free energy suppression


Despite these "history lessons" there has never been any infrastructure specificaly set up in reaction to better manage this continued problem. A research center for the study, education and validation of this genre of engineering is essential to increase consumer awareness and demand.


Floyd Sweet pictured next to his free energy devices


Since April the 30th 1987 Floyd Sweet has had a device to enull our dependance on fossil fuels.Tom Beardon has perosnally witnessed and video taped the device working.Sweet's solid state vacuum triode used specially conditioned barium ferrite magnetics whose H-field was in self-oscillation. The device produced a COP = 1.2´ 106, outputting some 500 watts for an input of only 33 milliwatts. Sweet never revealed his complete ELF self-oscillation conditioning procedure for the magnets.Sweet's story is important for three reasons. First, creditable witnesses saw his invention convert the invisible energy of space into useable amounts of electric power without fuel, batteries, or connection to an outlet. Second, he was subjected to the same kinds of harassment that other inventors listed here have faced.



The conditions present in the patent office regarding FREE energy inventions is not what you would expect either.


Thomas Henry Moray's Raidant energy device -

One of many demonstrations -Source


During the 1920's, Thomas Henry Moray was one of the most talented electronic circuit designers in the emerging field of radio. After hundreds of experiments designed to improve radio reception, Moray discovered a source of energy transmission apparently available everywhere. Using advanced ideas in solid state detectors, he developed a power source that produced 50,000 watts of a cold form of electricity. By the early 1930's, dozens of people had witnessed demonstrations of this astonishing technology-Source



In Moray's book "The Sea of Energy in Which the Earth Floats - Cosray Research Institute, Salt Lake City, UT (4th addition) On Page 190 "[p. 190] In fact, we have recently been informed that none of the original patent applications that Henry made are any longer available at the US Patent Office. Although their file jackets are there, the contents and applications themselves are gone...".-Source


To make these FREE energy technologies self evident to the PUBLIC means that they make it to the market, its pure and simple. Despite the present conditions there are also a number of modern free energy researchers who are at the brink of taking their news discoveries to higher efficient or free energy applications. All these engineers would greatly benefit from a research and development institute proposed by Panacea. Panacea's infrastructure is be specific to operate and function to police, help, advance education and validate these devices.


The John Searl device -A Working proof of concept - This Photo

is taken from the video.


Quote-The Searl Effect-The Searl Effect was discovered by John Roy Robert Searl in 1946. Put simply, it is a method of extracting clean and sustainable energy.By definition, it is an effect based on magnetic fields that generates a continual motion of magnetized rollers around magnetized rings (also called plates) producing electrical energy.



Incidental effects include negative ionization of surrounding air resulting in a cooling of temperature, and anti-gravitational characteristics under specific conditions. Other expressions used to describe similar sources of energy include 'The Space Fabric', 'Quantum Energy field of Space' or 'Zero Point Energy'. This describes an unlimited and constant source of energy which can be made to flow when the correctly proportioned masses concerned are stimulated by the correct frequencies, therefore creating an 'open system'.


The idea of utilizing this source of energy is the subject of various devices and experiments, most of which prove the existence of the energy but not a method to create a coherent and ordered flow to produce useful power. In contrast, Professor Searl has discovered that in order to create a steady and stable flow, all the masses of the device (and the stimulating frequencies) must conform to precise values determined mathematically by his Law of the Squares.A machine constructed to these principles produces a stable and useful power output.


Working on no budget the open source free energy community have been the only ones keeping the research and development of these past misunderstood open systems or free energy devices alive. They ALL work on no budget and yet continue to search for the truth and report it to the public. Panacea has devoted our "unofficial" world first open source Panacea online university to their efforts.


Sean AKA "Clanzer" -one of the many open source engineers performing

open source investigation into the Steorn principle


These past and present new discoveries must be resurrected and investigated but require endorsement and grant support to the open source engineers to do so. Open source and proprietary inventors also require inferstructure which will help train the mainstream faculties.The result - Real time progress to advance education towards producing cleaner energy.The result real time progress to advance education.



Thankfully there are some commercial free energy devices available today which have managed to get past the interference. However these devices are presently "sitting there" and have been neglected for years. Public pressure is needed in order to get government bodies and faculties to adapt them. Fossil fuels are a big industry, public awareness of these devices is needed and will make it impossible for special interest groups to keep them suppressed and or stagnant.


The following devices need our support and help:


Rossi Focardi Energy Catalyzer


Andrea Rossi And Sergio Focardi -next to
their proof of principle prototype.


The E-cat is currently by far the best candidate to replace 1Mw fossil fuel plants with cheaper and cleaner energy.


The 1MW unit and house power E-cat are truly paradigm shifting plants. Large power units can be composed of between 52 and 100 or more individual E-Cat “modules”, that each have three small, internal cold fusion reactors. All of these modules fit inside a standard steel container (5m x 2.6m x 2.6m) that can be shipped anywhere in the world — by land, sea, or air transport. Importantly, unlike conventional fission nuclear reactors, cold fusion E-Cats utilize no radioactive substances, emit no radiation into the environment, produce zero nuclear waste, and cannot “melt down.” In a worst case scenario if a reactor core grows too hot, it simply goes dead and stops working.


  In 2007 Rossi asked Professor Sergio Focardi to help him test his E-Cat prototype and verify that it did not emit dangerous radiation.  Conventional "hot" nuclear fusion using lasers to super-heat deuterium and tritium creates so much radiation that it would be impossible to shield in a small, portable device like the E-Cat.  Through extensive testing the two scientists found no dangerous levels of radiation escaping from the E-Cat’s lead lined fusion chamber.  No radioactive materials are used in the reactor's construction, and the temporary internal gamma ray radiation produced by pressure fusion stops when the reactor is turned off, leaving behind no residual radioactive elements and zero toxic waste.  After four years of studying the E-Cat, Professor Sergio Focardi gleefully declared that "This is the greatest discovery in human history," and went on to say that "The results will be immense: clean energy at (almost) zero cost." 


The energy generated by an ECAT has the following features:


High Energy Density Fuel (200 000 times oil).


Low Fuel Costs (1kg Ni has energy equivalence of 200 000kg oil)

Low Operation and Maintenance Costs (the modular design admits minimal maintanence).


Minimal Fuel Transport Cost (only 2 refuelings/year under continuos run)


Zero Carbon Dioxide Emissions. Zero Noise (only noise from auxilliary products <50dB)


E-cat Website. The first generation of products offers two choices:


1.ECAT 1 MW Plant unit. (Available now, delivery time ca 3 months)

2.ECAT Home unit ranging from 5-10kW. (TBD but probably available in 2013)


The 1Mw E-cats presently sell for 2 million Euros.Despite the misreprosentation of cold fusion, the E-cat works and is an amazing new RELATED technology. Panacea is presently working towards raising funds to help get this technology to Australia and help demonstrate it to the world, can you help us? Contact Panacea


E-cat describe this process as an "amplifier or catalyzer process".Sergio Focardi and Andrea Rossi's energy catalyzer has already performed producing a minimum of 15Kw over 18 hours. A minimum of 15 kW was produced continually for 18 hours, coming to a total of 270 kWh or 972 MJ.The experiment was conducted in Bologna, Italy in February 2011. This was observed by Dr. Levi and other witnesses. This new experiment follows a successful private demonstration of the unit which was previously held on January.



“Now that I have seen the device work for so many hours, in my view all chemical energy sources are excluded,” - Giuseppe Levi. Bologna University physicist and researcher Dr Giuseppe Levi was present to monitor the experiment. Levi stated:“It was pretty impressive in some respects. First, the repeatability. This is the third time I’ve seen the device, and again it produces energy".



Andrea Rossi's technology is patented. Application: WO/2009/125444. METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CARRYING OUT NICKEL AND HYDROGEN EXOTHERMAL REACTIONS; Pub. Date: 15.10.2009.”Their company is located near Bologna in Italy.-A new energy source from nuclear fusion S. Focardi and A. Rossi


Hidro Renewable energy device


The Working Hidro -A Proof of principle version.

This version demonstrates the capacity to upscale and

produce a self sustaining FREE energy device

with out the need for any external energy input.


Engineer James Kwok is the pioneer behind the Australian company Hirdo. This is the only Australian company to have a PROVEN, patented commercially available self sustaining free energy principle -Ready to be deployed world wide.



Energy by Motion


Krisztina Sulyok is the general manager of Energy By Motion (EBM). This device is today still being displayed under open house at their lab in Budapest. Quote-Free Energy:We are routinely producing with our EBM Power Plants several kilowatts well over unity without any pollution and emissions whatsoever! All our EBM Plants are scaled for manufacturing from 1.5 to 225 MW.


The EBM device displayed under open house at their lab in Budapest


The self-reliant EBM plant uses its own self-generated electromagnetic fuel. The research and development work of this hi-tech technology began in 1980 in four laboratories in Toronto, Houston, London and in Budapest, managed for ELECTRO ERG LIMITED (EEL) by the GAMMA Group, under Professor L. I. Szabó's leadership. This technology is non-nuclear, 100 % environment friendly with zero emissions- End quote.



EBM have Statutory Declarations (Certifications) by scientists from North America and European professors who all testify to the EBM machines power output capacity.




Black light power


Black Light power cell- Source


BlackLight Power, Inc. is the inventor of a new primary energy source and a new field of hydrogen chemistry with broad commercial applications. BlackLight Power has invented a new primary energy source with applications to heating, distributed power generation, central power generation, and motive power based on a new chemical process of releasing the latent energy of the hydrogen atom, the BlackLight Process. With over 8GW of power production now under license and having just successfully raised over $10M from institutional investors, BlackLight is well positioned to commercialize its transformational green technology.


Quote-Above is plasma called an rt-plasma formed with a low field (1V/cm), at low temperatures, from atomic hydrogen generated at a tungsten filament and strontium which was vaporized by heating the metal. Typically requiring very high fields or power, plasma formation under these conditions is extraordinary and there is agreement among experts in the field that this cannot be explained by conventional plasma physics.-End quote


Black light power could of had their technology in circulation years ago. The problem, trying to get the mainstream faculties to upgrade their knowledge and investigate their new discovery. Black light power discovered a new ground state of hydrogen they call the "Hidrino". For years this prevented any real time momentum. They had to put in their own efforts to help scientists validate the unique spectral emission of hydrinos at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.


BlackLight Power CEO Randell Mills.

Center is the blacklight power

CIHT Hydrogen Fuel Cell 


At present The Black light power business plan offers a Thermal Power System and their distributed power "CIHT Hydrogen Fuel Cell" for licensing.


BlackLight’s business model for thermal power using solid fuels is focused on licensing power producers to utilize the BlackLight Process as a fuel/heat source replacement. The Company intends to license the BlackLight Process and its related energy technology to power producers and power users globally in all fields of power production and utilization in exchange for royalty fees and milestone payments. BlackLight is non-exclusively licensing its process to make power for a fixed royalty payment per kilowatt-hour of thermal or electric (e.g. $x per thermal kilowatt hour or $y per BTU).-Source


The Black light power principle has been independently validated by Rowan university.




Despite these proven commercially available free energy devices being immediate solutions to replace dangerous gas fracturing and oil drilling, the public remain conditioned and continue to be told the following by their elected officials:Here is the challenge we have We don't yet have the technological breakthroughs that can completely replace fossil fuels , so for the next ten years or 20 years we are still going to be using oil we are still going to be using coal we are still  going to be using natural gas , we are still going to be using traditional sources to fuel our cars heat our homes run our big power plants ETC , unless some one here invents some thing tomorrow that would be very helpful and if you have it, let me know, - Obama.


Can you help change this? contact Panacea.


The following devices are at the developer stage and need further investigation, validation and support.


Dr Kiril Chukanov- Quantum FREE Energy Generator


Kiril Chukanov with his Quantum Free Energy Generator, March, 2007- Source


Quote-"I built several powerful Quantum Free Energy generators which can produce hundreds of times over-unity! My QFE generators produce quantum free energy without fuel or any primary energy source! This free energy is in form of heat, electricity, and high energy photons. Within two-three months these generators will be available on the world market!" (Chukanov's statement on his website; Sept. 19, 2007) -End

Dr. Kiril Chukanov has for years been successfuly demonstrating the "Angelina" series "Zero point Generator". This device utilizes microwave-stimulated ball-lightning plasma to generate what Chukanov understands is zero point to create FREE energy.



Dr. Chukanov is the leading researcher in the field of ball lightning. He has resolved the nature of ball lightning and found out how to convert gas into the plasma state- Then to a ball a lightning state. Now has the world's biggest stable synthetic ball lightning reactor. The following message has appeared on his website. Below is Dr. Chukanov along side his newest FREE ENERGY prototype.



Kiril Chukanov. Quantum Free Energy generator ANGEL-I is a prototype of fuelless, absolutelly safe and absolutelly clean, single-house, closed-loop (independent from national electrical grid),..., energy generator for the future! ANGEL-I works, it generates ball lightning in stable continuous regime. However, this generator is not ready yet for business. I will finish it somehow, someday, with my own means, without financial help from the ungratitude and selfish Human Kind! ANGEL-I will provide enough energy for all energy needs of one family. People will become absolutely independent from any outside energy supplier (national electrical grid, gas stations, propan-gas suppliers, coal suppliers, wood, etc.). In conditions of natural disasters (destroyed house, destroyed infrastructure, destroyed network of energy supply,...) people can move to a safe place and produce nessessary energy on place for their survival. -Dr Kiril Chukanov


Dr. Chukanov releases very good information on his patents and has provided introductory information on his findingsdescribing how energy is harvested from the environment.


Professor Ph. M. Kanarev's Technology


Self Running Motor generator.


Russian based  Professor Ph. M. Kanarev is the holder of five patents and several books.Kanarev has shown a new form of electrochemistry which can generate much more hydrogen than a conventional electrolysis ever could.


The following video is showing a working motor-generator. Kanarev asked one of academics of the Russian Academy of Sciences to head the commission to test this generator. These tests have already passed. This is the first-ever motor - the generator makes energy more than consumes from a network. There can be now doubt that Kanarev has discovered a new way to harness energy from the environment. This is the reason the accumulator [capacitor] is the source of its input. The second generator is intended to feed an electrolyzer and simultaneously charge the accumulator.



In the Professors own words: Generators of electricity - a long-standing invention of mankind. They - the main source of electrical energy. To ensure that they generate electricity, need her primary source, whose role is most often carries water or water vapor. There are generators that are driven by electric motors, energy consumption from the mains. In this case, as usual, the electric motor rotates the generator rotor and stator produces electrical energy. The old laws of electrodynamics prohibit the existence of a generator rotor that would include the power grid, and drew up to the stator electrical energy or vice versa, the stator would include the power grid, and drew up the rotor to electrical energy. New laws of electrodynamics, by contrast, show how to do such a generator, and it was made (Photo). Terms of Reference for its production, we developed proved to be surprisingly simple, and it was successfully implemented talented Russian engineer Sergei Zatsarininym.A two-month test the world's first self-rotating generator of electric pulses showed that such a generator is the future.


In this case, energy consumption for idle self-rotating generator of electrical pulses are reduced to almost zero, and increased moment of inertia of the rotor can easily overcome the mechanical resistance and a small short-term magnetic resistance. As a result of energy generated in the stator, is determined not by the energy supplied from an external power source, and the kinetic energy of the rotor, which he receives in the process of starting to work. Subsequently, its value is supported by short pulses of the primary power source, which leads to the fact that amount of energy output is greater than the amount of energy consumed! In addition, first used the principle of energy recovery pulse inhibit rotation of the rotor, to power the generator. While stable fixed 5-fold increase at 2000 rpm. At high speeds recorded a 10-fold excess, but a small moment of inertia of the rotor does not allow us long-term (more than 10 minutes) to keep such a regime. The first sample of self-rotating generator generates pulses of current to 120 A and the second, which is already under construction, will generate pulses of up to 200 A with a pulse, close to zero and the rotor speed from 3000 to 5000 rpm.


This will be a generator to power the electrolysis.Another feature of the self-rotating generator of electrical pulses, which is now called "motor-generator(MG) - complexity of multi-use. For example, a motor-generator designed to power the electrolyzer, will not be able to exercise their functions on the drive the car instead of gasoline engine. As a result, the problem of developing generators for specific purposes. But, as the experience gained, it is solvable and has an open road for domestic power units (5-10kW), to supply which is enough battery power. In this case, the generator will automatically recharge the battery. Battery power would also be sufficient for the power block, propelling the car.


The mainstream scientific establishment's response to this kind of new energy discovery has always resulted in interference. For years (since 2002) Kanarev has demonstrated a new energy source in his hydrogen water experiments.


Kanarev's 3 kW hydrogen producing

experimental plasma electrolysis reactor in

operation during a demonstration

in January 2002 in Krasnodar, Russia

(Photo J. Hartikka).


Kanarev describes many problems associated with the current "no free energy" dogma present in the mainstream scientific faculties.


The new experimental results giving excess energy cannot be explained and therefore the contemporary theoretical physics and chemistry are in a state of crisis. This crisis can be defeated only by recognizing the significance and validity of the axiom of the unity of space-matter-time in the development of the exact sciences. This directly leads them back to classical ways of progress. This approach reinforces the connection between physics and chemistry and elucidates the physico-chemical processes which are generating excess energy during the different methods of processing water.-Translated from Russian by A.I. Kostina. The Third Edition, Krasnodar 2002. 194 Pages, 50 Figures, 22 Tables and more 200 physical and chemistry Equations. 


And further commenting on a Japanese evaluation of the Hydrogen Atom:The above-mentioned facts demonstrate backwardness of the theoretical knowledge in physics, which inhibits scientific development, but instead of an attempt to find a way of the solution of the problem the punditry creates the false committees in order to struggle against those who wish to solve the problem. The situation resembles the one, which took place in the Middle Ages, when the inquisition struggled against new knowledge being unable to understand that it is unconquerable.


With out the specific Panacea infrastructure how else can we ensure real time progress?.


Thane Heins regenerative acceleration generator


Thane's motor- generator


The mainstream scientific establishments reaction to Thane's regenerative acceleration generator is a modern reminder how real time progress of new energy inventions can be improved with the Panacea infrastructure. In early 2008, Thane was given access to equipment to demonstrate his news discovery by professor Riadh Habash of the University of Ottawa, who says of it, "It accelerates, but when it comes to an explanation, there is no backing theory for it. That's why we're consulting MIT".


After examining the machine and witnessing a demonstration, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) professor Markus Zahn admitted that he could not fully explain its operation. He stated that it might be an extremely efficient motor.The implications of this technology, which are now pass the prototyping and proof of concept phase, have yet to be realized, but already players like Magna International, Defence Research and Development Canada, even the U.S. Air Force have shown interest in the generator’s capabilities. In particular, Heins has adopted the technology for the electric car industry, to produce energy to charge batteries through a regenerative breaking operation.


Heins’ demonstration involves comparing the effects of supplying electricity to a load, in the form of light bulbs, from both a conventional generator and the regenerative acceleration generator.After allowing the machine to build up power, he first uses a conventional generator to power a light bulb that requires 0.9 watts of power. Upon turning on the light bulb, the motor instantly begins to decelerate according to Newton’s third law of motion, which states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction —this is normal.In the second half of the demonstration, Heins supplies power to four light bulbs, each requiring 10 watts. However, when Heins’ generator powers the bulbs, it causes the motor to accelerate, implying that the generator is more efficient then "normal".



This "type" of technology is capable of causing a paradigm shift in both the engineering and business worlds.Interference and stagnation occurs because there is no supporting theory, new discoveries in energy production cannot have a supporting theory in the first phase. Not all devices have suffered from business incompetence, inventor paranoia and suppression by vested interests, but ALL of them CONTINUE to suffer by having no previous supporting theory to explain their new energy discovery.As a result academia and others will then cause Interference, this is present in ALL the past and suppressed free energy devices mentioned on the Panacea site.


The infrastructure to harbor and investigate these new energy discoveries IN REAL TIME to create security, police interference or neglect and upgrade the current physics is non extant. This lack of infrastructure continues to be the number one reason for academic interference and ignorance in the new FREE energy physics.


"It's generally always the same reaction," says Heins. "There's a bit of a scramble on the part of the observer to put what they're seeing into some sort of context with what they know. They can't explain it. They don't know what it is" -Thane Heins


As a result many devices which could of advanced education and humanity are now thought to be lost. Thane will also vouch for this. “It’s obvious to everybody. The only people that it’s not obvious to are the engineers and PhDs, and [it’s because] their education is an impediment to them understanding it,” Heins said.Thankfully Thane has since developed the idea for Electric cars to recover energy by taking advantage of the electric motors ability to also work as a generator. This device has profound implications to advance electrical theory and needs a new faculty specific to help Thane/Others without bias views for REALTIME progress.


The reality is -FREE energy devices have been available (and mis-understood) since the age of before Nikola Tesla (1800's). Suppression, ignorance, inventors business incompetence and failed investigations from the mainstream academia have all played a joint roll in keeping them from public dissemination.


Also there has ever been a specific institution in place to help independently validate and create security for the FREE energy genre. Thus Steorn have had to proceed themselves and at the grass roots level. This has held them back for years. The main reason? Trying to get the mainstream academia to accept their findings.


Focus Fusion - Fusion generator with hydrogen-boron fuel (pB11)


Vaccum chamber used in the 

Texas A&M experiments.


“Focus Fusion” refers to electricity generation using a Dense Plasma Focus (DPF) nuclear fusion generator with hydrogen-boron fuel (pB11).Note this technology does not produce any nuclear waste. The Focus Fusion Society is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that seeks to turn the dream of safe, cheap, clean, unlimited energy from aneutronic nuclear fusion into a practical reality, to do it now, and to ensure that this technology is made available to all mankind.


Quote - You can make a difference! Your tax-deductible contributions and membership dues can help the Focus Fusion Society finance the research needed to make cheap, safe, clean and unlimited energy a reality. We are not merely advocating the need for the government to fund fusion research - we are doing this research ourselves. But funds are urgently needed! -End



Originaly developers, led by Eric J. Lerner, were developing Focus Fusion, a fusion process to generate electricity that is expected to be relatively cheap, highly efficient, and small enough to fit into a garage. The process which channels hydrogen-boron fuel through a plasma focusing device, uses a smaller, more elegant approach than is currently being pursued by conventional fusion researchers. This device could be fired up and shut off with the flip of a switch, with no damaging radiation, no threat of meltdown, and no possibility of explosions.


Focus Fusion reactors are small and decentralized, ideally suited for distributed power generation. Focus Fusion reactors can fit into a garage. Lawrenceville Plasma Physics (LPP) Focus Fusion project aims at developing an electric generator with a projected output of about 5 MW, sufficient for a small community. The Focus Fusion process can produce electricity directly without the need to generate steam, use a turbine or use a rotating generator. The reactors are extremely compact and economical, with expected costs of $300,000 apiece. As the fuel is an insignificant cost, electric power production is estimated at about one tenth of a cent per kWh, fifty times cheaper than current costs.


Because it can be shut off and turned on so easily, a bank of these could easily accommodate whatever surges and ebbs are faced by the grid on a given day, without wasting unused energy from non-peak times into the environment, which is the case with much of the grid’s energy at present. On-site personnel are not needed on a daily basis, maintenance would be rare. One technician could operate a dozen facilities by themselves.


The Focus fusion technology case is an important one to illustrate how we need the Panacea infrastructure to police new energy technologies.


Tom Valone at the 2005 Tesla Tech's 

extraordinarytechnology conference disclosing 

the suppression story of Focus Fusion.


Focus Fusion discovered an interesting alternative energy breakthrough. In an with Tom Valone interview in 2005 Tom states describes that instead of receiving accolades and congratulations from the Los Alamos Laboratory, they were ordered to recant their discovery. This is because Focus Fusion's discovery interfered with the The International Fusion Project (ITER) (US State Department DOE website on ITER) giant Tokomaks being built by the government.


These are costing billions of dollars and over 50 years in construction. This is with NOT ONE WATT OF ENERGY being produced during that entire 50 year period. The business plan for the Focus Fusion development calls for the investment of only .3 to one million or less for start up capital. That’s one million compared to the 10 billion invested to the cartel based Tokomak technology.


Tom describes: What’s fascinating about this is you end up dealing more with politics rather than science , nuclear propulsion as advertised is that a billion degrees is required. It is common knowledge that focus fusion achieved it (fusion) very well and proves it very well. However NASA decided not to publicize it, which is a very questionable reaction, politically motivated of cause. At loss Alamos the manager in charge ended up threatening Erick learner and his university professor, telling him and the professor not to compare it with the tokomak. Well how can you not compare this with the tokomak, they basically threatened the university professor so well, that now Erick learner no longer has a decent collaboration with him. This process is becoming like a political football, when it should be celebrated on the front page of the news. -Further Reading


This case like the many other new energy discoveries NEEDS to be policed with Panacea's proposed granted non profit research and development center.


Ismael Aviso Technology


Philippines inventor Ismael Aviso is a microwave engineer and industrial automation designer.Ismael has discovered a new highly efficient repelling force principle.This new discovery has been developed into a self charging battery system for an electric car application.Yes you did read that statement correctly, Ismael Aviso's electric car has recently been validated by the Philippine Department of Energy.



In the Department of Energy demonstration- -In testing the electric car, they compared the efficiency of the DC motor using a conventional power supply (MERALCO), to the efficiency of the DC motor using Aviso's power source. Their measurement equipment included a dynamometer (which measures the torque produced by the spinning wheel); and oscilloscopes, to measure electrical output. They ran three tests of each type.Using the conventional power supply coming from a wall outlet the efficiency of the DC motor was at 45%.More than half the energy is being wasted as back-EMF, resistance, and heat.Using the DC motor powered from Aviso's system - The DC motor operated at what would of needed to be 125% and 133% more energy from a conventional power source.


The device took the excess energy from another source other then the on board supplied input power.This is an open system. Its Co-efficiency of performance (COP) is over 1. There were 2 energy inputs meaning that more energy was produced by a secondary input than was consumed by the on board power supply.This validates the claim of "self-running" as possible due to the excess energy being harvested from the environment.Test review by PesWiki.Ismael's successful test is a significant example to illustrate the principles of past suppressed, misunderstood and neglected free energy technologies.


Ismael's FREE energy principle operates as an "open system" where the users input energy allows the device to accept a secondary energy input from the environment. The Point being -There are other forms of environmental and chemical energy from sources yet to be discovered or understood by the mainstream ethos.


One example of what we previously never perceived as energy can be found in the astronomy and cosmology sciences. They have only now observed that two thirds of the total universe is comprised of an invisible type of energy, about which little is known or only slightly more than the fact that it exists.


One cannot visually see this type of energy thus its been given the name “dark energy”.The name also indicates we have little knowledge of its nature or origin. Sometimes to avoid misunderstanding, this energy is referred to as ‘space energy’ or ‘vacuum energy’, because it is a property of mere space, and thus vacuum. This energy is everywhere.


Some have patented devices centered around another portion of this energy as ‘quantum mechanical zero point energy’ (ZPE), because it is supposed, that it originates from quantum mechanical zero point oscillations. Though these oscillations are rather abstract, they are well known within quantum mechanics and have been so for several decades.


There are many past and present FREE energy devices which due to the mainstream etho's misunderstanding of them 'getting some thing from nothing' have all suffered misrepresentation,interference and worse.Taking energy from another environmental source does not mean the device violates the conservation of energy. Energy in equals energy out and always has.


Since the time of Nathan StubleFeild to Nikola Tesla in the 1800's there have been particular devices which have tapped FREE energy from NEW sources. These devices all could of advanced our education and decentralized the energy grid.These inventors have never had any infrastructure to police interference and help with real time progress.


It is therefore not a surprise to some that Ismael's technology can produce the efficiency figures that were demonstrated. In the DOE test the principle used a high frequency shorting effect that was original reported by Nikola Tesla. Utilizing the back EMF from a DC motor with Ismael's new discovery created what is described as a "carrier wave" to harness ambient energy. Ambient energy that is from the environment. It's that Simple.


The efficicency of the DC motor used in Ismael's test was measured to be around 45% from a conventional power supply.These figures show that this DC motor is wasting more than half the input energy. The energy is being lost to back-EMF which causes resistance and waste heat. However when Ismael's repelling force technology was applied to power the DC motor a staggering 125% to 133% Co-efficiency of performance was acheived. Compare this 133% with typicaly 45% by using conventional wall power.


More energy was produced from ANOTHER SOURCE than what was consumed by the user.This is the basis of a FREE energy open system. There are 2 energy inputs, one from the user, one from the environment - Meaning that more energy was produced than was consumed; validating the claim of "self-running". This is possible with extra energy being harvested from the environment. In conventional "open systems" the efficiency is measured as a Co-efficiency of performance. The emphasis here is on CO, as there are 2 energy inputs which can make the energy output greater then what the user had to put in. With further sponsorship and endorsment this technology is ready to be taken to the stage where the world can drive a car without gasoline and pollution.


Veljko Milkovic's technology

The best introduction to Veljko Milkovic's technology can be found on his home page. The following information is a summary of his many unique HIGH EFFICIENT clean energy inventions.There is currently no mainstream public faculty access to any of these technologies or concepts.


Above is a water pump application of his two-stage mechanical oscillator


Pictured above is Veljko's two stage or multi-level oscillator. The following inventions include different possibilities that can be acheived from the application of the multi-level oscillator:


1. Water hand pump with pendulum


2. Fan with pendulum


3. Mechanical hammer with adaptable pendulum weight.


4. Press with pendulum and magnets.

5. Water pump with pendulum and electromagnets.


6. Electrogenerator with pendulum and magnetic buffers.


7. Wind propelled electrodynamo and gravitational potential.


8. Electrodynamo with elastic pendulum handle

9. Electrodynamo with double lever and eccentric mass windmill.


The author of the tenth invention is Nebojsa Simin. This invention is a universal device for power generation and movement by inertia:


10. Electrodynamo with eccentric flywheel and electric motor.



Veljko has also made a new discovery about gravity and inertia that is as important as Newtons observations. Abstract: "EXCESSENERGY Veljko Milkovic conducted a series of experiments on the basic model - mechanical hammer with a physical pendulum. All the experiments led to the conclusion that the input energy is smaller than the output energy. -End




Lutec  is a company predominantly made up of two inventors Lou Brits and John Christie. Both John and Lou have demonstrated a proof or principle device which like the rest of the R and D principles mentioned here, can replace our need for fossil fuels. This design can be built into a home power unit as opposed to a large power station. This in turn can decentralize the power grid.


This energy amplification principle is a new discovery based on pulsed magnetic interactions. The following screen shot has been extracted from an Australian online new paper article which appeared in August of 2010(Click the picture for the news story).


The Lutec News story which appeared in the Cairns Post - August 10, 2010


Lutec have taken essential steps to ensure that their configuration can be both replicated and perform as claimed.


Quote: This latest video is of a machine that was built independently of Lutec involvement. It demonstrates an efficiency of 240% and that others can successfully replicate the technology.We have made adjustments so that the input and output are both DC. This means we are able to connect digital Watt meters as seen in the above video that measure in kilowatts the input and output. The Wattmeters are identical, this takes away many objections relating to the method of ascertaining correctly the input and output performance of the LEA. 


Screen shot taken from the Luttec Video


The meter on the right of screen measures the amount of input power being consumed and reads 0.10 Kilowatts, in watts this represents 100 Watts.  The output meter on the left of screen demonstrates 0.24 Kilowatts. This means the output is 240 Watts. The image at top right is showing the load applied in the form of light bulbs burning the 240 Watts. What this means is that the output over input efficiency is 240%. This also demonstrates that if we put a number of these units together, or, build larger ones the output efficiency will remain at this level while the output figure will increase relative to the unit size or number of sections.-End quote.


Lutec has also included an independent validation by SGS in Australia which provides inspection, testing, certification & verification services to ensure that products, services & systems meet quality, safety & performance.SGS confirms that their technology can amplify the power input. The following is a video presentation produced by Lutec.



There are also a number of other promising devices which all require further investigation and validation. As these principles are new discoveries and outside of the current engineering communities ethos they are typically dismissed as "not possible". Getting faculties interested in the validation of new energy discoveries of this type is impossible with out specific infrastructure. Faculties will remain uninterested in advancing their education. With out this infrastructure theses devices will remain stagnant and unknown.


INKOMP - The Delta-V Energy Unit


The INKOMP reports indicate that their "Delta-V Energy Unit" is a new discovery in power amplification. This device has been tested by a few engineers however it is need of an english speaking team to come on board and help validate it. The Delta-V Energy unit is currently being offered for sale -1000-1500 to 2000 Euro's.


Delta V Energy Unit tests


Quote from the INKOMP website: INKOMP finds appendices in all devices in which it is made switching or summation of magnetic streams of permanent magnets, and as also electromagnets. Through INKOMP the spectrum types and kinds of electromagnetic devices, opportunities of use of permanent magnets as power supplies in independent electromagnetic devices for generating electric energy increases.INKOMP it is intended for work in electrotechnical arrangements on managements of magnetic circuits, and as and on transformations of a magnetic stream of a permanent magnet in pulsing, limiting influences switching arrangement on a working (target) part. Expediently its work in the power supplies working in an independent mode.


Delta V Energy Unit tests


The following is a screen shot taken from the INKOMP website.


This screen shot is taken from


In their description they report that the device can work in independent mode. They also decribe a power amplification capacity which will reduce the input power. These certianly appear to be the traits of a new discovery and need further investigation.



There are a number of video's on this Youtube channel which show tests and measurments by others. However these video's are not in english. Of particular interest is their design "The Magnetic-Electric Module for optimization of the "input / output" parameters (Electromagnetic Power Booster) of solar electricity generators.


Eco Watts - Gardner Watts LTD's Thermal Energy Cell (TEC)


Extracted from the News Story


We have already seen independent validation of the cold fusion research or plasma electrolysis listed on this page, we have already seen independent validation of the Black Light power principle which shows we don't know every thing about hydrogen and there is more energy there for the taking. New discoveries in chemistry and how device can tap into other forms of energy previously thought to not exist.


Yet both these and countless others had to go through interference (and still remain not known to capacity) to get to that stage. They still don't have a faculty to there to police this. There is nothing to assist other new discoveries which will face the same conditions. This holds us all back.


Now we have the Ecowatts -Gardner Watts device reported in 2003 which is now thought to be lost.Their website is now gone. Does the following sound familiar?.


Even the makers of the device are at a loss to explain exactly how it works - but sceptical independent scientists carried out their own tests and discovered that the 12in x 2in tube really does produce far more heat energy than the electrical energy put in.The device seems to break the fundamental physical law that energy cannot be created from nothing - but researchers believe it taps into a previously unrecognised source of energy, stored at a sub-atomic level within the hydrogen atoms in water.- (story no longer available)


According to the news story -Mr Davies stated the cell is the product of research into the fundamental properties of hydrogen, the most common element in the universe. He argues that calculations based on quantum theory, the laws of the sub-atomic world, suggest that hydrogen can exist in a so-called metastable state that harbors a potential source of extra energy.


Extracted from the News Story


Further quote from the story - The findings of the Gardner Watts team were tested by Dr Jason Riley of Bristol University, who found energy gains of between three and 26 times what had been put in.In a written report, Dr Riley concluded: "Using the apparatus supplied by Gardner Watts and the procedure of analysis suggested by the company, there appears to be an energy gain in the system."In tests performed for The Telegraph, the cell heated water to near-boiling, apparently producing more than three times the amount of energy fed into it.Scientists admit to being astonished by the sheer size of the energy.


Eco Watts patent description. Methods and apparatus are described for releasing energy from hydrogen and/or deuterium atoms. An electrolyte is provided which has a catalyst therein suitable for initiating transitions of hydrogen and/or deuterium atoms in the electrolyte to a subground energy state. A plasma discharge is generated in the electrolyte to release energy by fusing the atoms together.-End. There are archived news stories covering Eco Watts at Rex Research.


Most of the commercial devices listed on this page are intent on producing "power stations". In other words a power output design that is outside of a 5-10 Kw range which could power the average home independently and need no power company or "energy grid".Panacea reason's that if you have a free energy principle, you must have a free mind to be humane and do not need to perpetuate a need for a centralized power cartel.


Decentralization is what FREE energy is about. Money wont create freedom from the energy cartels or prevent global banking subjugation though debt, pharmaceutical and organized medicine from destroying the next generation. We need to evolve spiritually and decentralize the energy grid by helping these inventors. Money wont bring us intimacy or consolidated love for all species which is the only thing lacking to heal us- Freedom is the only well being. Think about it.


This means making a self contained home power unit must be done for true FREEDOM.The open source FREE energy community are intent on making such a device but need your help. There are also fuel saving and pollution reduction technologies needing help.The bottom line is we need support, educational drives and endorsement to support both versions for any survival of the human race and for the re-generation of the earth.


The following additional devices are at the developer stage and also need validation and support. For further evaluation, please visit Peswiki's top 100. We need infrastructure to progress this goal, its pure and simple, there is no other security other than a non profit organization. contact Panacea.


Panacea's proposed non profit granted infrastructure is not only important to police any faculty neglect or worse. It is also imperative to assist inventors with the validation process and help upgrade the faculties curricular with out interference. Even if the Lutec device does not make it to the domestic market because of a failed business model. A new faculty specific for the new free energy engineering genre is still required to study, teach and preserve their new scientific discovery.


What security is in place to preserve and study this knowledge if their company folds? Does the education system get upgraded with their new discovery? The principle has profound implications for humankind - To create energy independence and sustainability. Not to mention important in understanding the universe, ourselves and advancing education.


If these devices do make it to the market, does the commercial release ensure that the circular advances its education with the FREE energy device? The Panacea proposed granted non profit research and development center is intended to ensure the free energy principle is held in a public trust - This can additionally achieve remuneration for the inventors by the study of the device. All of which can still protect their intellectual property.


Their contributions can be secure and progress in real time in a grant backed research and development centre environment. Conditons that are specific for this task. If you're a member of the public or scientific group which can aid in grants for the proposed granted non profit centre or help contact Panacea.