Quote- The Pneumatic Options Research Library is a treasure trove of information on how to gain free energy from compressed air. The most important fact to realize is that the very act of compressing air yields free energy. This happens because, according to the mathematical formula PT/V, 100% of the energy required to compress the air is converted to HEAT, but then you also have the compressed air that can produce mechanical energy when it is expanded again. A home heating system that uses this principle was patented in 1930 and is available for download here: THERMAL PLANT - Google Patents Dr Peter Lindermann- End quote.


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forum Using clean and renewable compressed air for motive power has been around since the 19th century. It was then that the first approximations to what could one day become a compressed air driven vehicle existed. This began through the arrival of the first pneumatic locomotives.

Yet even two centuries before that Dennis Papin apparently came up with the idea of using compressed air (Royal Society London, 1687).

In fact many will not be aware that the use of stored compressed air has already been powering power plants. In as early as 1973 CAES (Compressed Air Energy Storage) installed their first compressed air energy storage plant in Germany.This company made use of the natural underground caves for compressed air storage taking advantage of the surplus energy produced by the generating plants. After this similar plants were installed in the United States (Alabama and Ohio).

More history of compressed air motors

Compressed air technology is OLD technology, modern advances have since emerged which enable a car or bike to be powered efficiently on compressed air alone.Like in the case of producing hydrogen from renewable sources the same can be done for compressed air vehicles.


Compressed Air Bike

Above is a compressed air powered bike. The Air compressor that is pictured right is able to re fuel the bike and can be powered by Solar renewable energy.This compressor could be powered more efficiently with a solar panel by using the open source Roto Verter technology.

Inspired by Scot's The Pneumatic Options Research site, the following modified compressed air bike was constructed.This is the first time in India.This was a Mechanical engineering final year project by the students of L.B.S.C.E Kasargod.


User - Nidhinkoroth


The students simply converted an existing petrol engine by the adjustment of the valve timing. Now It uses compressed air as fuel. The tank size is just 10L and it is filled with 150bar pressure. It works on just 5 bar pressure. Despite this proof of principle being just for short range purpose only. It can be improved more with modification (also adjusting the carby etc). Existing cars and bikes can be converted using this method and the power can come from the sun.


India's air powered motorbike


Air car inventor Lee Rogers was one of the first to design a closed loop almost perpetual compresed air vehicle system. Rogers designed a system where the on board motor could be powered by compressed air and also allow to replenish part of the cycle. Although in his patent 4,292,804 "Method and apparatus for operating an engine on compressed gas" this perpetual engine cycle is not shown. This was as far back as the early 90's.


Lee Rogers News article

Roger's is quoted as stating ""....Actually, they offered me over a billion dollars - but I was afraid the big three would just buy it up and never have any intentions of releasing it to the consumer!" - Lee Rogers, Inventor" Lee Rogers is no longer with us, the engine never surfaced.

Think Roger's close looped air cycle was impossible? Think again. 


2008-Teenager from Uzbekistan invents air-powered perpetual car engine. 


A student of the academic school in the city of Samarkand (Uzbekistan), Maruf Karimov, invented a “perpetual” car engine power by a very unusual kind of fuel. The student managed to start a conventional internal combustion engine with the help of air pressure.The fuel – air that is – flows into the engine from a special tank filled with air under high pressure. It is worthy of note that the tank refills itself automatically non-stop. The engine designed by 15-year-old boy can thus be described as perpetual.


Karimov with prototype

Karimov installed his invention on his friends’ old car and drove several hundreds of meters. The speed was very low, but the young engineer is certain that the output of the engine is only a matter of time and effort.Scientists and engineers accept the possibility that the current understanding of the laws of physics may be incomplete or incorrect; a perpetual motion device may not be impossible, but overwhelming evidence would be required to justify rewriting the laws of physics. -End Source

The air access site has records of many self-fueling air cars, 33 air engine and air car inventors whose intention and/or claim is to “compress their own air;” articles and patents: Bill Truitt, Bob Neal, George Heaton, Hudspeth & Lunsford, Baruch and Isaac Leibow and many more.

Wolfhart Willimczik is another individual who like Rogers has efficient compressed air technology and has been suppressed. Physicist and inventor Wolfhart Willimczik has created a rotary piston machine without any bearings in the power train and with only rotating pistons.Other countries are reported to be using this technology in secret according to Wolfhart.


However it is not present in the mainstream industries.Panacea reasons that ONE reason for this is due to the ability the technology has to create a superior AIR motor for vehicle use. Wolfhart's technology can be resurected please refer to the URL mentioned above for more detail.


Panacea has other engineers with compressed air technology needing further assistance to get pilot scaled. Please check the registered technology page under "Robert Jackson" and "Kim Zorzi".


A Motorcycle powered by compressed air- Source

The MDI company have had a working compressed air engine since 2001 and the beginning of 2002. However there is no political legislation or pledge to force the implementation of this technology over the polluting internal combustion engines.


Compressed Air MDI Taxi





Engineair Pty Ltd, are another company with compressed air technology.Their elegant minimalist design eliminates most of the working parts traditionally associated with internal combustion engine; offers close to 100% energy efficiency for a variety of transport and stationary applications.


EngineAir technology

Despite these companies announcing release of the technology, none of them have been able to bring them to market as of 2010. At one stage the Tata website said they would be on the market by August 2008. Now you will find the paragraph that states due to ‘circumstances’ they would not be proceeding with them.


The technology has been around and available for years yet where is it? Panacea reasons that the best approach would be a political lobby towards the mandatory implementation of these compressed air motors or EV's.This is of cause to replace the so called "35MPG" cars by 2016. Why not replace them all together? We have the technology but not the security.


For both a legal and practical public solution to address this, please consult the Panacea University’s fuel saving vehicle modification document.


A local mandate has already worked once to force car manufactures to only manufacture electric vehicles as zero emissions cars. Of cause believe it or not, this mandate was sued by the federal government. More detail can be on the EV1 page 

Today it would be far more difficult for them to get away with this given the climate change and the high price of fuel.

Panacea's engineers and those working with the technology are committed to an open source solution. This could spread far more productively and not leave us at the mecy of retailers and political and economic conditions.

Despite these companies and Panacea's list of registered engineers having a working available device, their scientific find has no faculty recognition, and or political support.Their contributions need a grant backed research and development environment to flourish and will be submitted into faculty study in Panacea's proposed granted research and development center.
If you're a member of the public or a scientific group which can aid in grants for the center or help Air car technology please contact Panacea. 

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