Reducing pollution and saving fuel in all of the worlds internal combustion engines is critically needed to improve public health. The World Health Organization (WHO) describes air pollution as "a major environmental risk to health" and estimates that it causes around 2 million premature deaths worldwide every year.Reference. There are a number of neglected and relatively unknown retrofitting modifications which can reduce pollution,save fuel and improve public health.


These technologies have been available for years, some are even installed on city council vehicles and on police vehicles but are not known to capacity. Today government sites do not list these solutions and faculties do not teach them.


The Open source hydrogen on demand Gas Splitter
by Open source engineer Bill Williams.


These pollution reduction solutions must not remain neglected today.The appeal for most may be in their ability to relieve an economic burden by saving fuel consumption. However our public health is equally as important.The fuel saving benefits do not only apply to the general public and businesses, they can also extend to government and city council applications where they can save the annual tax payers fuel bill and reduce the pollution in their cities.


What remains unknown to all governments today is that there are already 2 cases where these fuel saving and pollution reduction technologies have been applied to save the tax payer on fuel and improve public health. These remain unused in capacity where the pollution is the worst, for example, USA, Australia, England etc.


The following photo's have been extracted from a French news report and show the French city council's diesel Citroen C15. This vehicle was retrofitted to use the "Giller Pantone" modification.



This report showed the Citroen's pollution was reduced by 80% and further - The fuel economy was improved by 36%!.



What also remains unknown to most of the world is that David King the police chief of the Honea Path police department discovered how to use the "hydroxy" boost technology to increase the gas mileage of his department's fleet of vehicles. This move like in the French city council case is saving tax payers money on fuel.-Source

Taken from the news report -Source


The aquatune hydrogen system has been used in the United States police department and in their city council vehicles. This system was reported by them to significantly save fuel. There are many other PROVEN low cost solutions which can reduce the cities pollution also.All the worlds city council's and governments could be setting an example for a new standard in public health. There is currently no government pollution or energy saving program in place which can match the pollution cutting and fuel saving capacity of these technologies.


Panacea's Testing of the Z5 modification


These neglected and virtually unknown retrofitting modifications are a cheap and real time way to reduce emissions in after market and new cars.All aftermarket and new cars can retrofit theseTODAY - As a result, some will have lower emissions then at factory.In some cases more then one modification will be needed to reduce the total number of emissions.


Yet there are no subsidies, carbon offsets, endorsements and carbon credits allocated for them. Of all the tax breaks currently in effect for hybrid cars to encourage fuel savings - None can match these. For example -The Z5 modification ionizes the air and improves the burn efficiency, hence reduces pollution and improves economy The Z5 modification can be obtained through Panacea - Contact us


Panacea's sucessful fuel saving and pollution

reduciton results using the Z5 modification


News Story -Z5 Save the environment and up to 40% on gas


Panacea additionally tested the Z5 fuel saver on a Kia Sportage 4 wheel drive and achieved a 13% decrease in fuel consumption.



We also tested the Z5 on a truck and acheived phenomenal results (Video below).Panacea has also tested following fuel additive with success. The "xtreme fuel treatment" is a UNIQUE and complete answer to reduce emissions and improve economy. This can also be added to the Z5 for extra savings.The "Xtreme Fuel Treatment" produces results in 4 key categories:

1. Prolongs engine life and reduces wear

2. Increases fuel mileage and economy

3. Improves vehicle performance and horse power

4. reduces harmful emissions and pollutants


"Xtreme Fuel Treatment"


This product has been used in the mining industry for over 2 decades and for a very good reason. It has saved them millions of dollars in reduced engine downtime. They have used it not to save fuel but preserve thier engines.This unique ALL IN ONE additive protects engines, reduces emissions and improves fuel economy.



This fuel additive has been used in the Olympics and saved them a significant 35% in their stationary diesel generators.Farmers Plant food are also benefiting by using Xtreme fuel treatment. They have submitted a detailed report of their successful fuel saving test using Xtreme fuel treatment. They were able to save 17% in their big 6 liter diesel gensets.


An example of the Xtreme fuel treatment saving fuel

-Certified documentation is available


"Xtreme fuel treatment" is an EPA approved fuel saver and pollution reducer.It will not void your engine warranty. Yet it is not shown or promoted as a standard in the gas or petrol station to improve economy, REDUCE EMISSIONS and prolong the life of your engine life. Why is that?


An example of the Xtreme fuel treatment saving fuel

-Certified documentation is available


Xtreme Fuel treatment can be obtained through Panacea.Diesel exhaust accounts for the single greatest risk from air pollution to cause cancer.This can be instantly and effectively addressed by including fuel additives into fuel stations so its automatically added in at fill ups to reduce pollution.There is a plant near Huston in the Untied states that produces a diesel additive in order to reduce harmful emissions. In the city of Austin they have 100's of fleet vehicle with a new standard on public health by using this additive.


Taken from the news report Diesel Fuel Additive Fights Air Pollution

Here you can see a trucks refueling and automaticaly adding

the pollution reuction additive


This additive is already contained in the fuel at the the fuel station. Truckers automatically add it into their trucks as they refuel. However we can not only reduce pollution by including an aditive into our existing fuel stations for both diesel and petrol, we can also improve economy with the Xtreme fuel treatment.


Government have also tried to reduce emissions by the introduction of the "ad blue"additive to lower emissions. Both these additives imposed by government do not match the pollution reduction results of the Xtreme fuel treatment or Z5 and are not as universally adaptable.If we are to clean up the inherently polluting internal combustion engine, there are 2 things have to do, one is doing some thing to the engine, for example adding a retrofitting modification like Hydrogen on demand or the Z5, the other is adding some thing to the fuel.


Adding some thing to the fuel that does benefit every time you fill up is universally the easy way to address the carbon foot print and public health.The concept is remains unknown by all government and can be effective in ALL countries to reduce their pollution. The Xtreme fuel treatment is far more universal for this task as this EPA approved additive applies to both Petrol and Diesel and has been proven to not only reduce emissions and prolong engine life and SAVE FUEL ALSO.


The Xtreme fuel treatment additive could be included like the Austin case in fuel stations and INSTANTLY reduce the countries pollution to a new standard in public health. Yet it is not currently added to the fuel at your station.The annual tax payer’s fuel bill can now be substantially reduced. Reducing pollution is a principle theme in the United Nations council at this time; yet none of their current programs could reduce the pollution in comparison to using these solutions. They do not even know about them.


It is not common knowledge however the reality is that there are over 900 patents since 1920 to do with improving fuel economy and reducing pollution which have never made it to the end user. These patents are owned by oil companies,governments and others. We have the technology- Just not the infrastructure to police its implementation. Hence we have an educational crisis.


It is for this reason that the non-profit organization has produced our own educational reosurces, testing and program to help implement these retofitting modifications. Panacea provides free training to mechanics to help erect retrofitting us.The merit for improving public health is enough for us however these fuel saving modifications will eventually return their initial investment. However you are really investing in public health.


Panacea's "SPAD" Installation - We were able to save up to 30% in

the diesel consumption of this tractor using this Open source modification.


We have done our part for open source research check the following production to find out how to save fuel in tractors



All of these modifications will have varied fuels savings depending on driving habits and the size of the engine. However all can reduce pollution and save fuel, That is the bottom line.The following Panacea Video and PDF presents data to help train mechanics and create retrofitting garages. We also detail how to help create government subsidies to encourage and educate the retrofitting of these technologies.The public are needed to help forward this information to their members of parliament in order to help create endorsements, tax breaks and subsidies for the retrofitting of these fuel saving and pollution reduction modifications.The Panacea university has produced the following PDF to help this task.


Panacea's fuel saving Vehicle modifications document


Inside you will find a whole mannor of modifications which can improve public health and reduce your fuel bill. There is no doubt that if manufactures adopt this technology they will perform the essential "corrective surgery" to the inefficient and polluting internal combustion engine. However the public will need to write into their elected officials and request that they help implement them into subsides to encourage the retrofitting of them in real time and to capacity.The following hydrogen on demand gas splitting system was donated to Panacea for independent testing.


HH2 system -Hydrogen Gas splitting unit.


This system produces hydrogen to help clean out carbon deposits and extract more of the available energy out of your fuel whilst reducing emissions.Our successful results are featured in our video production.The following is a preview of our results.


Panacea's HH2 Testing


These emissions standards are possible today but are not being enforced. There is no logical reason to wait until “2016” or any other proposed future fuel standard in cars to improve public health. Governments are aware that emissions from vehicles are the primary contributor to photochemical smog, in Australia this contributes $1.5 billion in public health expenditures. To combat this the Australian government proposed new exhaust emission controls to be implemented onto factory cars.


Car pollution crackdown will save lives but comes at a cost. The Government said the measures, expected to be announced today, will save more than $1.5 billion in public health expenditure over the next 20 years by reducing illnesses linked to smog.- Source However these do not come into effect until around 2018. It would then take ten+ years to change over the all the existing infrastructure to newer cars.


Panacea has tested 2 proven low cost fuel saving and pollution reduction modifications that can achieve the bottom line. Put money back in your pockets at the fill up and not in the oil companies. Plus improve our public health. We achieved a $20K+ a year fuel saving on 5 cement trucks and significantly reduced their pollution. Governments have tried to reduce emissions by the introduction of the "Adblue" additive to lower emissions, and in Austin Texas they added in an additive to the fill up stations in an attempt to lower pollution.


Both these additives imposed by government do not match the pollution reduction results of the Xtreme Fuel Treatment or Z5 and are not as universally adaptable as them.Their additives also do not save fuel like the XFT and Z5. The emissions reductions of the Z5 and the Xtreme Fuel Treatment are well proven and documented.



Our results prove that reducing illnesses linked to smog can be done before this target, a real time reduction in emissions can be achieved using the pollution reduction technology we have today on all vehicles. Yet subsidizing this real time pollution reduction technology is non existent in their pollution reduction plan.


The university tested "Z5" and EPA approved "Xtreme fuel treatment" can achieve an instant real time pollution reduction result, these retrofitting modifications can go on almost all cars TODAY. They are estimated to reduce hydrocarbon emissions by up to 50 per cent, plus oxides of nitrogen by up to 50 per cent." These results have already been acheived and can be implemented effectively world wide by governments endorsing and subsiding these pollution reduction solutions for real time health benefits.


There is another up and coming practical aftermarket car conversion kit to lower pollution and reduce fuel - REVOLO – Ready To Fit Hybrid Technology Solution By KPIT Cummins & Bharat Forge However the Z5 and xtreme fuel treatment are currently still the lowest cost solutions for the best results.



Western countries are now more then ever in critical need of a simple low cost modification like the Z5. It has recently been found that Australia has worse emissions then what was previously thought.



The following DATA is extracted from a test conducted in Estonia using the Z5 modification. The Z5 was retrofitted to a locomotive operating a 1200 HP diesel engine. THIS IS A BIG ENGINE WITH A LOT OF POLLUTION. A 8.9% drop in fuel consumption was acheived plus the pollution was reduced. By not fitting the Z5 to all big diesel engines we will continue to neglect real time health benefits.




This information needs your help to spread effectively through blogs, friends, community groups and the media. Panacea has specifically produced a video production to help spread this education. Please help forward this PDF/Video to your government members and to as many as possible.


We are all needed to work together, that is the very essence of the Panacea spirit. Only as a community can we create security. There is no university, faculty or garage teaching these methods at this time, if you can help this effort or wish to receive training please contact us