It may be hard for some to grasp, but Daniel Dingel developed his first water powered car back in 1968For over 30 years he has been battling to get his invention due recognition, financial support, and public dissemination.


Daniel has recently been involved in an investment scandal, however it is important to note that this does not take away from his technology and mean it is NOT WORKING.


Daniel Dingel is a proud Philippino engineer and has for many years been driving around a car powered by water! He, like many others before him has devised a chamber that breaks apart the water molecule to produce combustible hydrogen.


Below is a certified test of the system.



As of reporting this in 2009, this device is still not being offered to the public. There have been many been many 100% water powered cars since 1968 surface. However none of them are in public hands at this time of 2009. 



The following news articles were published in the Philippine's newspapers as far back as the 1980s. Tony runs the official Daniel Dingel site and has provided the following research articles.


Cory tests water-run RP-made car



Article By Jo D. Garcia

Manila Bulletin

Saturday Morning, June 7, 1986


Car of the Future



Article by Car of the FutureSunday Revue - Bulletin Today Sunday, September 29, 1985



Dingel Reactor Demonstration

2002 Watercar Demo


Daniel has also encountered his fair share of suppression.Mr. Dingel claimed in a video interview that the IMF and World Bank have hindered his device from being marketed. Recenlty Daniel was featured for a short segment on Alternative Energy on ABS-CBN's tele-magazine program Umagang Kay Ganda (roughly translated as "A Beautiful Morning).



The water-powered car was filmed at an earlier date at Engr. Dingel's home, and the footage was aired alongside the live interview conducted by Winnie Cordero, an ABS-CBN broadcaster known for her energy on screen.


In answer to some of Winnie Cordero's questions on why up untill now the water fueled car has not seen commercial production, Engr. Dingel attributed its long delay to the Philippine government's fast-changing policies that seem to be ignoring his invention.


Daniel continues to struggle to get the right conditions which will allow him to educate and provide a proof of concept.


Video Biography


Tony is a very loyal web master of Danile's offical site, Daniel and Tony still need mainstream press documentation. They are seeking preliminary meetings with mainstream international press for a possible feature of Mr. Dingel and his car.


Such coverage can be discussed first at the preliminary meetings, and if terms are agreed upon, maybe Mr. Dingel's footage can be updated by professional journalists. 


Mr. Dingel doesn't have the financial capability to fund a viable marketing/information dissemination campaign. Daniel and others could benefit from is mainstream international media exposure that he indeed is running a car on water as fuel. 


The purpose of this would be to get the attention of the people that would matter if his car is to go further: reputable scientists willing to test his car with an open mind, for example. Also those in political circles in the Philippines and elsewhere.


Daniel, like many other inventors in history who hold technology which is critical to building our children a future, may not be aware that you can simply open source your design and ensure safety, security, public dissemination and still receive adequate remuneration by doing this.


A recent case has already proved that impressive remuneration is possible by giving your design away open source.Recently an individual open source what can be deemed in some opinion's as a below "average" hydroxy booster design compared to what is possilbe.


This individual in question stated that he makes million's  of dollars per year in book sales from selling an open source energy device design. Licensing the device is a proven effective method of both security, revenue raising and dissemination.


Despite Daniel Dingel having a working available device, his scientific find has no faculty recognition, and he is further unable to get faculties to present the water car findings. Daniel Dingel's contributions need a grant backed research and development environment to flourish and will be submitted into faculty study in Panacea's proposed granted research and development center. 


If you're a member of the public or a scientific group which can aid in grants for the center or help Daniel Dingel please contact Panacea. 




Daniel Dingel Water Powered Car

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Water Car Invented 30 years ago by Daniel Dingel Part 2

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