More detail on Bruce Depalma's N machine is contained in the R and D principles page. 

You tube - Bruce speaking about suppression

De Palma's death in New Zealand in October 1997 put an end to his most ambitious free energy project, and occurred only weeks prior to the official testing of a device constructed over the course of 6 months in an Auckland workshop. The test was attended by, among others, the project's financial backer, Bruce Bornholdt, a prominent Wellington barrister, as well as the pioneering developer of the Adams motor, Dr Robert Adams (now deceased), who observed the operation of, and measured electrical output from, the N-machine. 

The following is a transcript taken from 'free energy another inconvenient truth' and involve his own words involving his energy suppression.

One of the pivotal people I encountered early in my carreer was Edgar Mitchel the astronaut, Edgar J Mitchel an Appolo mission astranaut founded the Norectics institute in southern California, the institutes charter was supposedly to develop alternative energies inventors by attracting inventors from all over the country. Michel became extremely interested in DePalma's N machine. 

He made an offer to buy out the machine, which DePalma refused. DePalma states 'he said to me if I ever tried any thing on my own in California I would get my head blown off'. So I was scared to death, the CIA operates through various fronts to find out people are thinking and what they are inventing. Now what's more innocent then the Benign institute founded on transcendental principles to help new age inventors bring free energy technology into the world.