Panacea's FREE energy suppression Production (researchers edition).


The following material is has been created to help the media and researchers publish FREE energy supression information to the public. Over 5 years of research into this genre has enabled Panacea to collect over 10 hours of data to illustrate how bad the problem of FREE enegy suppression is- And to justify our proposed solution.


This production is intended to justify and attract grants for Panacea's non profit proposed granted research and development center to help the public address the problem of FREE energy suppression.


These devices must have better security by having a designated faculty to work on this genre of NEGLECTED engineering and to start the needed research effort to bring back this lost technology.


Despite FREE energy inventors not making it to the market with their device(s), it does not mean that their technology did not work. History shows us that they never had the successful METHOD to get their technology known and accepted publicly to capacity, (For example Steven Marks - There are MANY more).


We must remember what was said in the public disclosure project, if just ONE of the 500 Military/Norad/Nasa/government witness testimony reports are true, just ONE, then what does that mean?


If just one of the devices mentioned in Panacea's FREE energy suppression documentary (researchers edition) is tangible (many are) AND got suppressed.And as a result could of got humanity off fossil fuels.


Where is the RESEARCH CENTER to revive these lost devices and work on this new genre of engineering?. Faculties have always rejected these inventors findings. Where is the security and support? Is there any body teaching these FREE energy methods PUBLICLY to advance education? Is the KNOWLEDGE Secure? Does a sale of the FREE energy device alone erect any engineering faculty to address this NEGLECTED science?


Panacea has been working with Trevor James Constable, Trevor has had advanced weather modification technology for nearly 20 years.Yet the faculties just like in the case of alternative medicine and FREE energy technology have no grasp or research/course for covering it.


It has only been due to the engineers in the FREE energy community that this information has remained alive and not lost. These open source FREE energy engineers who work on NO budget are qualified and have the needed aptitude to resurrect, accept and advance these technologies to help humanity, not to mention have the capacity TEACH them.


This production is finally a resource tool in this FREE energy suppression genre to back up the majority of our claims - And that is also that this area is NEGLECTED and not SECURE.


The METHOD of PUBLIC delivery needs as much address. The historical record shows that it is critical that the public and inventors ADDRESS and express CONCERN when taking these FREE energy devices out there, but every one thinks they have the answers.


10 hours of footage contains others just like these engineers who thought they had the answer to deliver the technology conventionally too. If you look on the how they went wrong page one inventor this year has already gone just like another last November. We are sure that they both thought that they had the answers to to secure the technology also.


A number of suppressed FREE energy devices have also been replicated by the open source FREE energy community and are presented. If you are involved in a media program and have any interest to feature this script please contact Panacea


If you are an alternative energy engineer who deals in this genre and are not known to Panacea, - and feel that you could further contribute and aid towards the presentation of these devices/field please contact Panaceayou may remain anonymous if you wish.


The list of suppressed and alternative FREE energy devices is needed to be disclosed to the public. This is to educate and motivate them help achieve public social reform, safety, security, endorsement and build consumer awareness and demand of FREE energy technologies.


A full DVD with 10 hours of footage is available from Panacea for a donation of your choice - contact Panacea. The following complete version has been divided into 2 parts and uploaded to YouTube for FREE.


Part 1- Complete Play list of Part 1 - You Tube


Part 2 - Panacea's Free Energy Suppression production Part 2