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5th March 2007



Our planet is in the death phase and soon we will be dieing with it— This is not a statement about the long term, in a century or so— This is not about the medium term that may happen to the next generation yet to be born— This is about the short term, affecting all living things.

The ironic reality is that we are the assassins. Our life styles—our centralized power and fuel systems— our economic motivators—all are responsible for the human impact that may bring about our short term demise.

If we are to survive, we can and we must overturn the basic pillars of our modern society!

1. Population growth must be reversed starting immediately!

2. Centralized distribution from carbon based fuels must be phased out now!

3. Carbon based transport fuels must be abandoned within ten years!

If we are to survive, we must adopt a new system of social and economic behaviour! This must come from the top down with subsidies to implement a new holistic system:

   1. Control world population for negative population growth until total population is reduced to three    billion persons and then to maintain zero growth. This lifeboat is overloaded and sinking fast, with sustenance to save only half the passengers .


   2. Decentralize power distribution and change from a carbon base system to a solar base system that is farmed from every roof in Australia, as well as the desert, and fed into the grid. Together with wind, hydro, wave and subterranean thermal power supplies, we will never again need to use carbon based power generation. This is real base power!


   3. Encourage and introduce legislation for the introduction of electric and hydrogen powered vehicles which are currently denied registration. Proven and new automotive technologies must have immediate and equal rights to travel on our roads subject to meeting international standards set down by the UNIDO or other world authority.

Economic Growth tied to Population Growth —a Failure

Our world population of seven billion is over double the sustainable limit of three billion humans. This is brought about by the false economic premise that economic growth is dependent on population growth and accelerated obsolescence.

The truth is that all commodities (whether primary, secondary, rural, marine, oceanic, atmospheric or globally renewable) are all scarce resources, with a limit to exploitation. For a few greedy corporations and corrupt governments to create and encourage a population explosion, just so they can profit from the artificially created scarcity and rape of the earth, is a crime of unparalleled evil proportions against all humanity.

Economic growth must return to the time of sustainable economics, and once again be based on durability, quality and serviceability, instead of programmed obsolescence and a throw-away society. To ignore this warning will result in all of human society being thrown away!

Decentralized Power Systems

Leave the coal in the ground for future generations. Sequestrate only the CH4, by the clean Kvaerner process and use the carbon black product to replace plastics . Sell liquid hydrogen to China instead of coal using existing LPG shipping systems. If we tap into our vast solar resources to provide power and clean water, we could be as rich as Saudi Arabia with an infrastructure that would pay for itself many times over.

Solar water heating on all homes would cut up to one third off all home power use (That’s an even bigger saving that the proposed nuclear power stations) By supplying subsidised three kilowatt solar cell banks to as many house and commercial roofs as possible, the grid could be fully energized by an integrated holistic system.

Centralized coal fired reticulated systems are the main cause of our present predicament. Governments must accept coal is dead or we are dead, and move on. Any excess power needed can be supplied by either the deep thermal resources in SA and Queensland, or by building inexpensive Phosphoric Acid or Molten carbonate Fuel Cell Power Plants that do not use precious metals.

Many such plants are already in full production worldwide: 11 Megawatt Plant in Goi Chiba and the 2 Megawatt Plant in Santa Clara California to name just two of the many now being built in Europe, Japan and the USA. Centralized power can easily be generated using the McAlister “Solar Sterling Motor System”.

Nuclear is not an option without solving the problem of decommissioning the radioactive waste and providing guaranteed fail-safe technology. One Chernobyl incident in this country would wipe most of us off the map for ever.

To clean up coal is to remove over 90% of the resource and leave behind just hydrogen. Worldwide 50 cubic Kilometres waste liquid CO2 per day (13 Km/day for Australia or 1.3 billion drums CO2/day) As Australian of the year (Tim Flannery) said “Dream on”. Really Mr. Howard—is this the best you can do!

The Transportation System for today—Not tomorrow

All transportation—Air—Sea—and Land based, if converted to Hydro/electric hybrid systems would lift humankind so far above the hydrocarbon dark ages, that we would curse the day that Henry Ford every made the model T.

Look around you and see what vested interests have done to our Earth. They have forced you to be enslaved by the evil black demon for over one hundred years. They have brought you perilously close to the precipice of extinction. All the time we had the technology to evolve and emerge into the light, but big oil and coal made certain it would never happen.

Erren created a huge business in Germany and England building hydrogen cars, trucks, submarines, and had a prototype plane ready to fly, then he was closed down and his assets confiscated. Just a year ago, Bush overturned California’s clean air laws, and as a result all the major car manufactures in Detroit confiscated and crushed thousands of electric vehicles that could have been mass produced to help save humanity.

Just last year, Australian authorities forced the owner of a commercially ready electric car to abandon his attempts to market it in Australia, by refusing to issue him with a permit to travel on our roads. This vehicle could be charged within seven minutes, had a range of 150 kilometres, a top speed of 120 kph and would be pollution free using solar cell technology.

Liquid hydrogen is so much more suitable for aviation use than avgas. The cost of flying could be considerably reduced and pollution totally eliminated if hydrogen replaced the carbon base fuel.

All of this and more is fully documented by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, by Scientific American in various issues and in a special issue (Sep 2006), and in many books written by eminent scientist such as Bockris (1962), Triner (1970), Appleby (1972), Marchetti (1972), Justi,

Veziroglue (to many to note), McAlister (2003) - the list is endless. How can ordinary people be blamed ? - when governments and corporations control our destiny. Will not history condemn our political leaders and power corporations for allowing greed to stand in the way of human salvation?

(Barry Hilton)