An open source engineer (which we do not wish to name at this time) has reported to us that the following experience occured after he disclosed on the internet that he had completed a 'window motor replication'.Below is a direct quote given to us.


When I first had a sef running window motor, I had a black as black Suburban, even the front windows were black, It would sit down the road from me about 4 blocks. (I live in the country, small town, Have not seen this truck before).


When I started to walk in the deriction of it, they took off. Two nights later, every semi-conductor and Radio every did not work, garage only. I own did not work. Even new in box, did not work. I think they hit me with some sort of EMP but who knows. I was ill for a few days, so was my wife but not our son. I then moved my work to the basment and saw nothing until I started the Roto Verter.


The engineer's Window motor dismantled!


After I hit the 10kw in the Alt side I saw not one but three of the same trucks watching me. Bumper to bumper. again, they left when I walk towards them. I no longer use the big motors for alt and keep thinks below 5kw and have seen nothing since. 

I think the key is the window motor as well. This (window motor) came from a ww2 generator the Germans had, Mr. Bedini saw it. Pull on a rip cord, motor-gen ran on its own and gave out over 300watts. They threw them off the boats when Bedini was in the military, bottom of the sea they went. Anyone who had one working over here in the sates is long since passed away. Hold on to this tid bit of info. No one talks about it.