Another Alternative

Energy Inventor Killed?

By Benjamin Fulford



A man by the name of Stefan Nystrom invented a way to generate energy from ocean waves that he claims would cost 5% of what coal energy does.


He set up a proto-type in Ghana and, initially, claims to have found many potential investors. However, suddenly problems started to pop up. The investors, originally extremely enthusiastic, started to back off. He was offered bribes in order to quit. Finally, he began to be harassed by Ghanaian police and mercenaries.


He contacted me in hopes of getting protection. I told him to come to Japan. He told me he was not allowed to leave the country. He said they had taken parts from his prototype. I said I would see what I could do.

Before I could do anything, yesterday I received a disturbing set of phone calls from a very scared sounding Mr. Nystrom. "They tried to kill

me three times today," he screamed into the phone. Then I lost contact with him, and his phone has been switched off.


In his last call, he asked me to make his technology public. So, here below is a description of his technology. Would people please pass it on and would as many people, in a tribute to a man who has probably been killed by mercenaries hired by the oil industry, and make sure that prototypes are developed. -Benjamin Fulford




Panacea has a concise presentation showing case file after case file in order to show inventors a secure way to disseminate their free energy technology. This way can still can earn them remuneration. How they went Wrong


if Stefan and the others before him were registered with the non profit organization, we have over 700 subscribers(growing every day) that keep watch on the inventor's efforts and their technologis progress. All our subscribers are ready to report to the authorities, they all have the SPECIFIC information.


This is some thing we have never had before, a centralized hub in order to help people that have technology which threatens the status quo. Panacea's ultimate method to ensure the protection of this technology and help advance education is to create the Panacea proposed granted research and development center. This centralized hub is inteneded to be in the public eye specifically for the dissemination and security of free energy technology.


Mean time Panacea's subcribers are ready to watch as a deterrent and report any thing suspicious to the authorities. Ben has done well to get this out.


Below is a concept based on his ideas which has been done by Koneheadx.


Drawing by Koneheadx