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Feel free to copy this website, use it in any way you want that will pass this information along to others. This site began as a place to share my experiments with the public. If you research anything along the line of free energy you will run across inventors who are harassed and/or murdered. I have known about this since I was a child in the 1970's.


My curiosity got the best of me and I had to find out

who is killing the inventors. Not being a big fan of reading, google video has a library of documentaries that makes it quick and easy to obtain information I found out who, the organization is huge and powerful.

The trail leads back to the Large Private Bank owners


who control our money and oil Bilderberger group,

the Freemasons, Rockefeller, Rothschild etc and a statement from Rockefeller was that who ever controlled the money controlled the world. This sounds like it is right out of a spy novel but just exactly where do you suppose the writers get the ideas and information to write the books or the ideas from movies. It's real and it is sinister.


If you click on the conspiracy button on the left you will learn more than you can imagine that will change how you  your entire existence in "free" society What it boils down to is there are two powers that "look out for the interests of America". A very nice way to say we will kill anybody who interferes with the flow of oil into this country. The ones that actually create global situations are the Banking elite. CIA was created in the 1960's to protect America's interests CIA will kill you if your invention interrupts the flow of oil as you are interfering with America's interests.


The only inventions that are allowed is something that the elite has invested in and if hydrogen it will not be designed so that you can fill it up from the tap, it will be in the form of fallible tanks that can only be filled at stations so that they have full control over the prices.


I hope this enlightens inventors who are so naive to actually think that their free or really cheap energy device will actually be allowed to market. The free masons have infiltrated all aspects of Government and large business world wide and they will do anything to prevent your invention from making it to market if it threatens the present infrastructure which is why I tell inventors not to take the traditional route but to make it, sell it and the plans to others in the EV conversion business then encourage them all over the world to do exactly the same and get that invention in as many hands as possible.


You have then created an underground distribution that by you have no control over, so if you are ever threatened and told to stop and you do stop then you have a nation of of other builders who are distributing it and getting others to build, it will be spidered into society in such a manner that it may be un-stoppable.

Then when it is un-stoppable you simply go in and claim patent rights. The U.S. Patent Office has a nine-member committee which screens patents for national security implications, and that a hidden purpose of this committee is to lock up energy-related patents which could threaten the fossil-fuel monopolies and the power grid (nuclear, coal, etc.). When an inventor has his or her energy patent classified, the inventor faces 20 years in prison for working on or publicizing the invention.


If it threatens National Security then it is buried but with an in depth study of CIA past to present including their falsified documents indicating that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, in order to start a war for the profit of corporations it is the Private Bankers with their private groups along with the CIA that are a threat to National Security of America not the massive stock pile of clean Cheap or free energy devices. 

And the very ones using the CIA as their personal hit men are the Large bank owners, All Government corruption leaks down from people like Rockefeller as he himself stated that whoever controls the money controls the world and he does, down through corporations, politicians, CIA, FBI, Military leaders, congress, Judges, voter fraud, presidents, the economy, technology, the patent office... and you.

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Energy Invention Suppression Case Statistics

Number of Energy Invention Suppression Incidents - 53 Number of Dead, Missing, or Injured Energy Inventors, Activists, and Associates - 13 Number of Energy Inventors Threatened with Death - 16 Number of Energy Researchers and Associates Imprisoned - 7 Number of Incidents Involving the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) - 4 Number of Incidents Involving the US Government - 27 Number of Inventions Classified Secret by US Patent Office - Approximately 4000 Number of Incidents Involving Oil Companies - 9 Names of Oil Companies and Banks Involved - Standard, Atlantic Richfield, Shell Oil Company, World Bank, Wells Fargo Bank Possibly Most Impressive Energy Invention - Philippines Inventor has Converted More than 100 Cars to Run Only on Plain Water!


It is the Federal Reserve Private Banks who have vested interests in the corrupt the Oil industry. Kill the Federal Reserve Act and you put these Mafia Bakers out of business placing the control of our money back in the hands of the government





Free energy inventor from Russia killed in 1992 after speaking to Hal Putoff and demonstrating his ability to transform pure dieletric field energy into any sized KW output




Stanley Meyer poisoned by Belgiums Posing as investors




Inventor imprisoned with no trial by The State of California



German Inventor of Top Secret oiless compressor

Jailed by Secret Police. Movie Maker killed for making a movie about this Device




Water Fuel Experimenters Ken Rasmussen & Team 

in CA Threatened with Death by Hired Goons.