The following information has been supplied by Gary Porter. Gary is a long time alternative and suppressed energy engineer. Gay's contributions are currently listed on the Panacea univeristy site.

Back round on Eric Dollard can be found on this page.The following is quoted from Gary's message originally posted on the EVGRAY yahoo energy group Date

Thu Jan 25, 2001

Hi everyone: I got a call sunday from Eric Dollard. He told me that all of his equipment has been distroyed. Some of it was even bulldozed by a swat team. He's living out of his car. No phone no po box no

address. the only way to contact him is to leave a message at the grocery store in Bolinas Ca. He said he has the transmitter almost done in design and he is also writting another book. He said that all his work with Tesla stuff has been distroyed. What a waste.

I will be leaving this group and all others on the internet. I suggest that you read page 304 and the section on resonance pg 340 from Teslas book "The Inventions,Researches,and Writings of Nikola


Also you should understand that Ed Grays design was very finely tuned both in timing of the cap charging pulses and dischargeing pulses. The discharging sequence must occurr when the pulse charging the cap

is at its low, Pg 304 describes why in great detail.

After reviewing all his patents I feel that the circuit is a Tesla Transformer not a Tesla Transmitter. The copper grids were a portion of the secondary. The 1/4 wavelength, frequency, and motor design

all end at the capacitor plate. The capacitor then converts the cold electricity back to the 90 to 120 Amps to the battery.

Bye and good luck to all of you and most of all watch your back side... we don't need anymore Dollards, we need inventors to save

our world.

Capt. Gary Porter