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Members of the New Energy Congress are taking a serious effort to a make a difference in Energy Development. Information is the most important ingredient with respect to gathering data on known energy alternatives other than BIG OIL. With prices of fuel oil and gasoline climbing into the stratosphere and literally draining the financial reserves of most Americans, people are beginning to wonder why BIG GOVERNMENT has remained 'intransigent' with respect to alternative sources of motive power. 

State, local and Federal taxes ARE a significant 'cost' of purchasing fuel for our vehicles. But these agencies have done absolutely NOTHING to provide for alternative energy 'methodologies.' We wonder where their 'vested' interest truly lies? Are they a government of the people, for the people, by the people or do they really represent SPECIAL INTERESTS hidden from the public perspective?

Both Presidential candidates came from the same 'secret society,' The Russell Trust Association, and according to them, it was so secret, that they could not reveal anything about it publicly. In short, the election was already rigged to guaranty that the RTA would come to 'power,' short circuiting the electoral process within the United States of America. Secret Societies should be INVESTIGATED thoroughly by the people. Do they have a hidden agenda? Let's take a good look at what they have accomplished since coming to power.

Since a member of their 'secret' organisation has come to power, we have been forced to send our sons and daughters into a foreign war, where they are literally being slaughtered by our own WMD known as depleted uranium. Allegedly, we are fighting an enemy, who brought down the Twin towers in NYC, but this is already suspect by many Americans who are directly involved. We are considered pariahs not liberators by the people of Iraq, who despise us. This is strange, but not unusual if we are following an agenda based upon a lie. 

Several American Generals have openly complained about our involvement and about Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld. This is very interesting, considering the military usually present an open front of support.

Homeland Security [a police state: read the text of the law] has been stealthily foisted upon the American people. We are supposed to be the 'inherent holders of the political power,' but we are literally being merged into a 'one world socialistic government,' unless you put a stop to it. Have the law repealed. Exercise your power as one of the 'inherent holders of the political power.'

Electronic voting machines are being installed to co-opt the American voter by stealth. Our agricultural industry is being 'terminated' by terminator seeds that grow only one time, necessitating a continuous purchase from a 'monopoly' supplier. Think about it! A 'seed' that does not enable itself to be replicated, or reproduce after its own kind. [Monsanto].

We have a Federal Reserve System [our central bank] that is literally squandering the last vestige of its 'monetary' powers. They are so brazen, that they have decided to hide their actions by not posting M3 'fluctuations.' Could it be that they have decided to deluge the planet with 'worthless' paper? The dollar used to be backed up by gold, then oil, our technologies, and finally our military.

What on Earth is going on? Are they crazy? Hardly, they are right on schedule to create the New Word Order. Unless of course you wake up and decide to take the bull by the horns and not go silently and gently into the abyss that awaits us all. Every American should take stock in what is taking place right now in our country.

They should remain calm and understand that they need to participate in their own awareness of what is really taking place. The media is controlled by the controllers, so you will not get any significant information from it. You will need to think for yourselves, and make decisions on your own based upon circumstances within your own life.

The methodology that the RTA uses is the Hegelian Dialectic, they are the originators of 'managed and controlled conflict.' In essence they create 'wars and revolutions.' [Look at the evidence]. They believe in total and absolute control. [Again look at the evidence]. They are preparing the planet for a very interesting future [unless you stop them from accomplishing their agenda].

Let us take a look back in time. William Boyce Thompson was a copper magnate, who became a Class B director of the Federal Reserve System [around 1917] he used his position and power to sustain and approve of the Russian Revolution by giving aid and comfort to Lenin and Trotsky. He helped fund it! When he 'retired' he 'endowed' a genetic research facility to study plant life. [Look at the evidence]. Nothing that the Federal Reserve has done, has benefited your life. They are secretly conspiring to enslave you.

They control your food, poison your water [chlorine] and dull your senses [fluoridation]. Wake up and study the evidence. And then do something about it constructively, lawfully, and properly. 

Remember you are one of the 'inherent holders of the political power.' You can do something about it right now. If you are an inventor having a significant invention [free energy, overunity systems] or if you have deep pockets and are able to finance a new emerging technology that can provide an alternative solution to our existing difficulties, now is the time to become involved. Communicate with us at the NEW Energy Congress.

We are interested in YOU!

Do a Google search of my statements: copy and paste into Google: and see what you find.Send this email message around the world, by copying it to other groups far and near....our futre depends upon its dissemination.

All the Best,
Leslie R. Pastor
New Energy Congress

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