Two of our affiliated open source engineers have been targeted; Chad Underwood is an open source engineer from LA who is currently working on the Roto-Verter technology. Chad reported to us that he has experienced interference, the good news is that he is okay and one of the organizations affiliated engineers is helping to keep watch on him.


Chad Underwood


Chad reported to us that he had successfully looped the Roto-verter. The organization also received a report from a third party confirming that this was in fact the case. Two of the Trustee’s of Panacea being Ashtweth Palise and Andrew Gardiner personally witnessed the set up through a skype connect camera.


One of Chad's RV set ups


Chad was in the process of trying to acquire finances to develop the open source Roto-verter technology. The organization had offers there waiting to help him, but we were not quick enough, Chad reported the following to one of our helping engineers:

I have no resources and am in danger of losing everything. I believe that “they" got to my money people and I now need a job so I can eat. I don’t know exactly what happened but some rich people got their bank accounts fooled with so I'm S.O.L. they won't even return or answer my calls.-End


Chad has since lost his work place, house and research funds. He also may have lost all his equipment. Chad is now almost homeless. Who else is there to police this? Who else besides your nonprofit organization is there to help report and stop this? Your role is vital in helping this Please help and subscribe to our newsletter.


Previously another open source Panacea affiliated engineer Brian Prater from the US successfully looped the RV. Brian experienced similar interference and threats. Brian like Chad is now currently in a financial crisis and lost everything.


Brian's Looped Roto-Verter


Above is a photo Brian’s RV looped set up. After reporting this on the internet, Brian was threatened. Both Chad and Brian remain bankrupt. The organization is now undergoing a replication attempt of their research locally. Upon completion Panacea WILL create security by a public disclosure/demonstration of this technology, and further help Chad and Brian. If you can help Chad/Brian in ANY way PLEASE consider a small donation.

Please put in the subject line that it is intended for them.