Reports to Panacea-BOCAF state that Paul Zigouras invited the oil companies to buy out his hydroxy gas electrolyzer system, and they have done just that, paying him the equivalent of 20 years worth of sales profits if he had continued manufacturing and selling his units.

His claimed results were up to 40,000 litres of gas per minute at a power input not exceeding 190 amps at 13.8 volts. The 
Water Fuel cell forum is currently being used to coordinate replication attempts.

Recently in 2008 two auctions by Paul Zigouras appeared on EBAY. One for three of his old cells and this main one for a complete unit.

A source informed Panacea that Paul was paid US $6,000,000 for the rights to his electronics and for him to shut up about it, it is remarkable that he is making this offer. Even if he has redesigned the electronics, one would reason that if they had paid him $6M to shut up, that he would in danger his life. 

Further the source goes on to describe that he sold one electronics unit for his original system (able to get 200 HP) for $5,000 on eBay and the $6M purchasers bought it back from the buyeer for $20,000.

Paul's company is Zigouras Racing which makes marine engines. It is located in the US.

Photo of the unit for sale appearing on Ebay

Quote-This is a large, experimental electrolysis device that converts large volumes of water to HHO gas (hydrogen + oxygen) using only direct current electricity. This unit is only about 13 x 13 x 15 inches, but is very heavy (weighs almost 50 pounds). The container houses three banks of electrolysis cells, and the wiring is completely self-contained. The unit is explosion-resistant, although it is not 100% explosion proof. Three sides are clear so you can monitor the process. All six panels are between [approx] 3/4-inch to 1.5-inch thick, so this unit can be pressurized to boost the efficiency of the process. 


The unit is clean, because we only used distilled water to test it. It produces enough gas to run most internal combustion engines, and other devices that require hydrogen and oxygen as a fuel. 


We recommend using only clean, metal-free tap water or distilled water in this unit, because any metal in the water will oxidise and clog your unit. Terminal lugs are included up top for easy connection to most DC power sources. We recommend limiting power to 12.4 VDC.

Includes high pressure fill valve (comes with standard garden hose connection), high pressure gas output valve, and large wastegate valve for flushing and draining. Because of the experimental nature of this device, we are selling it as-is, with no performance warranty. You are free to test it in our lab before purchasing it. A 350 cubic inch internal combustion engine will also be available in the lab for use.-End quote


Another press release has been found containing details of this suppression.

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