Abstract is taken from this site. More of David's evidence on another issue is included on the disclosure project's page in Activism section.

From 1979 to 2001, in part-time reforestation work, David Sereda has personally planted over 1 million trees in the forests of the Pacific Northwest of British Columbia, Canada, Alaska and some in California. He has worked with oil spill clean-up on several oil spills, in California and in the North West. In 1990-1992, he became Director of the L.A. based “Tesla Foundation” promoting “Scientific Discoveries For a Better Environment” where he promoted breakthroughs in non-radioactive nuclear energy, solar power and hydrogen fuel technologies.

 I In April of 1992, David was invited as an environmentalist (amongst many Nobel Prize and other Brilliant physicists) to speak in Congress in a debate between government funded radioactive nuclear fusion and privately funded non-radioactive nuclear fusion. After the debate, Congress, decided to continue funding radioactive nuclear fusion (Tokomak at Princeton) and refused to fund privately developed non-radioactive nuclear fusion efforts, despite support and pressure from a panel of Nobel Prize winning and other award winning physicists. 

As Director of “The Tesla Foundation” he also attended many protests against pollution of oceans and the environment. He also wrote and had published numerous articles, some of which are available upon request. From 1992-1995, David was President of The Green & Blue Corporation, a California based eco-venture capital company funded by a wealthy Saudi Investor. The company represented many of the top scientific corporations in the United States of America with technologies to revolutionize energy, fuels, and environmental clean-up to investors all over the world. 

After meeting with many of the world’s wealthiest individuals, corporations and investment banking firms, none of them decided to invest in the Green Technologies represented, which included Dr. Bogdan C. Maglich’s non-radioactive Deuterium-Helium-3, nuclear energy (supported by a panel of Nobel and other award winning physicists); the Stirling Solar Power Developments by Hydrogen Engineering Associates based at McDonald Douglas (currently at Boeing Aircraft); The Phoenix Project (Stirling Solar Power- Hydrogen Fuel plant Project) headed by Harry Braun and The American Hydrogen Association; Cogenesis Corporation, headed by L. Scott Tucker, the development of non-polluting waste and trash burning, electric power production facilities; Nel Nithium Corporation, developed and proven human waste purification, sewage treatment and energy production facility; and various oil spill clean-up technologies. The Green & Blue Corporation went out of business in 1995.