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There used to be a site called Herman's Insight, it disappeared shortly after Herman's passing. He died of old age.


(1918-2004) -Herman P. Anderson


Herman has consulted with Nasa and the US Airforce on some of our country's most important Top Secret Projects including the first US satellite in space, the SR-71 Blackbird, the Stealth Fighter/Bomber and Starwars. Herman worked closely with Dr. Wernher von Braun testing hydrogen powered rocket engines, and he also worked with engineers at the now famous Skunk Works, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, JPL, and Cal Tech. While in the Air Force during WWII, Herman served as a fighter pilot, a flight instructor and bombardier trainer. He was certified in and flew 23 different airplanes during this period.


Herman believed in a Hydrogen Future and FREE fuel!        


Herman and his water powered Chevy Cavalier.


Herman's 1971 Ford LTD converted to run on hydrogen or gasoline, on display in the Water Fuel Museum in Lexington, KY. In a video interview with the inventor, he explains that ambient air is mixed with hydrogen (not oxygen) and a micron-sized fog of water mist (to mimic gasoline's burn), introduced in the same way propane gas is on a propane conversion. In fact, the LP regulator and LP aircleaner assembly are the same as on a propane vehicle. The butterfly in the carb, as in an LP system, now serves as the intake air control. The rest of the function of the gasoline carb is not used. He claimed greater power than gasoline, and 38 miles per gallon of water. 


As far as quantity of hydrogen produced, he produced enough gas from his electrolytic chamber to need a cut-off switch connected to a pressure gauge to stop gas production when it was no longer needed while driving. In other words, instead of producing more or less gas on demand, as some systems do, it appears his system always produced the same amount, but was turned on and off as needed. He emphasized that deuterium (heavy water) was essential to his approach, doubling the density of the hydrogen, making it twice as powerful. 


He also used high voltage, 70,000 volts to be exact, from two custom-made coils, to effect rapid separation of the component gases, a process which he calls 'radiolysis.' The 70,000 volts constitute what he calls a 'soft' x-ray, not radioactive but in need of shielding, in-between a microwave oven and a 'hard' x-ray. He was authorized by the state of Tennessee to drive his car as they recognized that he knew what he was doing with such technology. 


Herman's special patented sparkplugs,

similar to Stan Meyer's plugs. 


I view his prototype LTD as good proof of a watercar for those who doubt that the technology is even possible, but not necessarily the best approach for you and me to pursue. He accomplished his invention along the lines of his expertise, the field of ionics; others have approached it differently with less controversial technology and have been equally successful. by James Allen


Thoughts about Herman


Herman's 1978 Fort LTD came to be known as The Green Machine. Using a modified propane carburetor, Herman converted the LTD to run on hydrogen in 1980. Due to the low mass energy density of hydrogen, Herman was only able to get a little more than half power from the engine with this traditional induction system.


Because Herman only used a single cell, I believe you need to do the 3 cells hooked up in series like Archie Blue, Dingel's and Peter's design. Use - 3 - 4"dia. SS tubes , 8" long (cells) welded together. Put your series of SS plates inside each cell. gas lines coming out the top through a check value to the bottom of the next cell. Use rubber caps ends with hose clamps so if it ever blows it just blows the caps off and the water is drained and your mild explosion is over with.


You need more molecules of hydrogen clustered together as they pass thru 3 cells then into the IMPCO propane fuel injection carburetor. In gasoline SAE words a higher octane of hydrogen (ortho hydrogen) before it enters the fuel injection chamber. first H2 and O, then H4 and O2 then H8 and O4?? Who is the mathematician here? I'm not him. Peter can tell you.


There is para-hydrogen and ortho-hydrogen molecules. Ortho-hydrogen molecules will cluster and stick together, as they pass through 3 cells or more they cluster together more and more, their proton travels in the same direction, when finally sent to the combustion chamber they have 2-1/2 times the explosive power than gasoline!


Para-hydrogen are hydrogen molecules that will run together but have repelling protons to each other, therefore the clustering does not happen, they are less combustive than ortho-hydrogen. If you produce ortho hydrogen, then this also creates deuterium in which is what you want. deuterium build up on the cylinder walls, values helps oxidation from happening.


Now Stan used one tall wide cell with 3 tubes inside one large tube. 12" diva. and about 24" tall. Go look at his files.


To increase the power of the hydrogen, he irradiated it making deuterium. The extra proton was more than enough to allow the engine to achieve full power. It is good to get Deuterium built up in your piston walls, from the hydrogen so the water exhaust will not rust out the motor. They say AMSCO synthetic oil helps deal with the water in the oil better, helps it vaporize the water molecules.


Unfortunately, state officials decided the radioactive source under the hood would not be safe for widespread use. They did however allow Herman to continue driving the car and he put nearly 30, 000 miles on the car running on hydrogen. Realizing the technology could be improved, Herman went back to the drawing board.


It is kinda of ironic in that is exactly what a Ballard fuel cell is also doing, when in use in the new Hybrid Cars. The Ballard Fuel Cell is radioactively produce hydrogen to burn mixed with the air and the gasoline. The new hybrid cars are just as safe, except they use 1/2 gas and 1/2 electric. The Hybrids also contain radioactive batteries. The only difference was Herman's Wonderful car ran for FREE and with the new hybrid cars, you still have to PURCHASE the GASOLINE.


Yes the Mean Green Dancing Herman Machine was in the heart of every reader passing by with a BRAIN. Addicted to oil you drive to work, paying the largest corp. the largest profit in American history ever! Last quarter of 2004's profit from Exxon/Mobil exceeded the record for the largest quarter profit of 8 billion dollars. We are all guilty, unless you walk to work ride a bike, or enjoy an electric train.


The Green Machine also employed onboard electrolysis, meaning that to fill the gas tank, Herman would pour in distilled water. and a little se cert Electrolyte KOH (1-5% solution to water, is all) .Yes there is a car that "runs on water." The car is now parked in the research facilities at MTSU.


Just like the TESLA statue at Niagara Falls, NY, it is way off to the side. And Edison's bust is real big in the middle with lights shinning on him. and he didn't even invent AC electricity, he was angry with Tesla's invention of AC, because it made his DC look non efficient. Today in all our households, we use AC electricity. It could have also been FREE wireless electricity. J.P. Morgan quit funding Tesla's FREE electricity Tower, because he could not find where to put the meter.