The folowing has been originally provided by Gary Kirkland

At some point, We must stop utilizing polluting Petroleum Fuel. However, that will be several Decades away. In the interim,I would advocate a far more efficient utilization of existing resources. Specifically,the safe vaporization of Gasoline to 100 parts of air to 1 part of Fuel. This has the proven potential to enable even the largest SUV to get 50 + M.P.G.,and emit a fraction of the polluting exhaust emissions of a conventional Fuel setup, which is 14.7 parts of air to 1 part of Fuel. 


This has been done in the past, with heated Fuel Vaporization, by such notable individuals like Charles Nelson Pogue.The proof of this invention is on File, and Patented at the U.S. Patent Office. Do a Google Search, and You will see what I mean. Such systems will no longer function. Additives in Gasoline for the last 20 Years are present to prevent heated Fuel Vaporizers from functioning.


Any attempt to do so will result in a clogged up Fuel system. And the Claim by the Petroleum 
Industry is that these Additives are Detergents,intended to foster clean Engine operation. Nothing could be further from the Truth! There is another way to vaporize Gasoline,safely,by using low pressure Air, and this will result in 100 /1.I know, because I've done it.


The Powers that be have solved that problem as well. All Gasoline powered vehicles in the U.S.A. from 1996 to the present are required to operate at 14.7 parts of air to 1 part of Fuel.This is the EPA-OBD II Vehicle Emissions Law. A Vehicle's on-board Oxygen (O2) Sensor(s) must register a proper amount of polluting exhaust Emissions that will indicate a Combustion of 14.7 to 1. Any deviation, even if Emissions are lowered,and Fuel Economy is improved, will result in a failed annual Vehicle Emissions Inspection. 


The Vehicle's Engine Control Module (E.C.M.Computer) will register a failure code, indicating one or more defective O2 Sensors. This failure code will then be registered on the O BD II Vehicle Inspection Analyzer, and the Vehicle will fail Inspection for not emitting enough polluting exhaust emissions! Exemptions are granted for NaturalGas, Propane, and Hydrogen powered Vehicles that are registered to operate on alternative energy. But, no such exemption exists for vaporized Gasoline. 


And this applies to all Vehicles 11 Years old, or newer! And since everyone in the World wants to sell their Vehicles in the U.S.A.,the vast majority are made to comply with the EPA-OBD II Emissions Laws. So, at this point, they have won, and there's nothing anyone can do about it! And this insane Law was passed in the mid 90's,supposedly to benefit the Environment! And guess what administration was in power when this "Brilliant bit of Legislation" was enacted ?


 I guess that would be An Inconvenient TruthIt does not matter how much Money You may have, they have more, and will do all they can to maintain their Power, and wealth.


For Hydrogen to become a viable alternative to Petroleum, an entire infrastructure must be created.And Ethanol takes so much Energy to grow,refine,and transport,that it consumes far more Energy than it saves. The same thing for Natural Gas, and Propane, which, in reality, are nothing more than vaporized Petroleum. It all comes from the same place. If You can go to my Yahoo 360 Page, you will see a Photo of my Gasoline Vaporizer,ignited to prove that it actually works. But,what's the point? Even if you don't believe me, the Fact remains that it's illegal to even attempt to vaporize Gasoline with any Vehicle 11 Years old, or newer.You would have to be extremely wealthy to go up against the Petroleum Industry, so, at this point, I
only have Questions. Do You have Answers ?