Wolfhart Willimczik's technology has been supppressed for years. However this suppression does not need to continue. Both grants and public awareness can secure and disseminate Wolfharts technology. Panacea has created a page for Wolfharts technology in order to aquire grants ,ressurect his technology and stop the suppression. This is located in the registered technology section.

The following will detail facts and evidence concerning the suppression of wolfharts technology.Invented in the eighties in Germany by physicist Wolfhart Willimczik this revolutionary machine was banned.

The water jacking system made it to the most powerful oil-free compressor so far, but sabotaged by the SSD/STASI/KGB and BLKA (the secret police from Bavaria) The following videos show that such a compressor existed. You will never see a picture or hear a single word about it in the media. The KGB has won -- even in the USA.

Inventor Jailed - advanced oil-free compressor

YouTube - Inventions for you and all mankind - part 1

YouTube - Inventions for you and all mankind - part 2

Wolfhart Willimczik's Home page