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HIMAC is a research-based publishing company situated in Niagara Falls, Ontario. started by J. Bruce McBurney, HIMAC has established a mandate to raise public awareness on an important scientific finding that has been suppressed by hypocritical governments and greedy oil companies and automobile manufacturers: the supression of a super-high mileage fuel conversion carburetor system


Our engines could increase efficiency 4-5 times by using a system that can change the gasoline or diesel into natural gas and methanol. Sounds unbelievable ? We have a book that sells money back if not convinced and with now at 1,500 sold only 2 refunds, $19.95. 


The text you will find here and also others similar inventions that will help you understand the truth about this important invention and how little pollution there could be. All we ask is that all help to share this out that it makes it to our market now. 


When more than half the world knows the truth then they can supress it no longer. It Is your planet and air too. We win when we share truth for right. 

To all the people that address this 100 or 200 miles per gallon as a myth, they always skirt around this issue of cracking the fuel into natural gas and methanol. They are right you can not get the dynamic energy out of one gallon of gasoline it has been proven. 


However my science is that gasoline can be converted into natural gas and methanol and these new fuels have the dynamic energy to obtain these amazing mileage gains. This understanding that the catalyitc cracking fuel reproccesor is the answer whether it has been missed or suppressed before matters nothing compared to that it gets out to our world now. It is more than just a few dollars in the fuel tank. Check out the following info . I did not start this and can only help to finish it with some help from all who read this! 

The Air Pollution Solution is the Answer to Cancer and more. 

The Super-Electronic Fuel Conversion System is the answer to many problems. Also known as a "Supercarburetor". 

Early cancer research proved that less oxygen causes cancer. Everything that causes cancer falls into two categories: an oxidizer (something uses the oxygen) or something that prevents the transfer of oxygen into our system. Examples are tars, asbestos and silica. When the body has less oxygen it goes into an acidic state, and cancer only grows in acids. High oxygen changes the body to alkaline may put cancer into remission. Alternate cancer treatments are : Hyperbaric oxygen chamber, Ozone treatments, Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and many other minerals and herbs that help Oxygen transfer. In 1850, cancer was 1 in 50 people, in 1900 1 in 35, now it's 1 in 3, forecasts are 75% will get cancer by the end of this century. 

Some internal combustion engines can use hundreds of times more oxygen than a person breathes. Furthermore, the person only uses a portion of the oxygen and expels most back into the air. Everyone talks about high levels of carbon dioxides, carbon monoxides, nitrogen oxides and ozone. These are all compounds of OXYGEN. When is the last time anyone said anything about low oxygen levels in our air? If all these pollution levels are up, and all are oxides, the oxygen has to be down, right? OXYGEN is what we can not live 8 minutes without, and lower levels affect our health and energy. This "life giving gas" will be too low for survival, far before the planet's oil supply runs out. All these problems could have been prevented if we only had the technology available from it's beginnings in the 1920's. 

In the early 1900's it was extremely rare for someone to die of a heart attack; apparently there were less than a handful a year, even though almost all food was preserved using salt.They had no refrigeration.

Nowadays, what does the doctor tell a person not to consume if they have a heart condition? SALT! So why were people not dying by the thousands like now? They had no oxygen in bottles, no deflibulators, resuscitators, IV Drip or all the latest heart drugs.


They didn't even have aspirins in the early 1900's. But there was a higher percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere! It would not be an exaggeration to say that the suppression of one technology, has had the most dramatic impact on the world compared to anything before. In the long term, probably more people die or suffer poorer lives because of this suppression than any other short-term catastrophe or War before. 

Consider this: most wars have been fought over OIL! AIR POLLUTION is tied to most of the problems facing mankind: global warming--no, wait, call it "global wildening", and city air pollution, stress, asthma, bronchitis and allergies. Ever wonder why more people in cites suffer with allergies than people in the country (where the pollen count is much higher)? But humans aren't the only ones suffering. The entire food chain is being affected in one way or another. 


We are a society that cannot give up transportation--and why would we? Our daily life is interconnected to fuels and energy that happen to affect our air, water and lands. Most foods and goods are reflected in energy and transportation costs. Super-EFI technology is possibly the only chance our polluted world has for recovery.


It will open the doors to many other new, suppressed inventions that would never be able to surface in this controlled world. Think of it! Not just cars and trucks getting 5 times the mileage with practically no pollution but aircraft, marine applications, generators and all other combustion engines could be retrofitted. Right now there are many researchers and inventors trying to get this technology on the market. If we can all work together through the Internet, through sharing information, we WILL make this technology available for EVERYONE! 

Since 1996, the website has become an exposure and contact point for many. Many more inventors and researchers have surfaced than ever before, making an overwhelming body of evidence that the claims are chemically and mechanically possible. But it is not profitable enough for those with political power, if vehicles are only using 1/5th of the fuel they do it? Would YOU want to shoot your grand children? 


That is precisely the same affect the suppression of Super-EFI Technology has, What we ask is that you share this info with those you know so the suppression may someday end. If we all do our small part to get this information out, success will be assured! The technology WILL be exposed and properly developed! 


This is politically complex technology, where successful inventors are coerced into "selling out" or hiding for fear of disappearance. There are THOUSANDS of patents that have been filed, but no product on the market. 

I did not start this--I just pursued it to the point where it has cost me my marriage and put me in debt. But what good is anything, knowing the future of all life is in jeopardy because of stupid greed? Ask yourself that question. PLEASE help share this knowledge! 


There is an amazing amount can be read for FREE at this site. If you want we have paper books available. Your purchase helps in many ways to fund this cause. We also have an excellent plan for those who could help by reselling these books. See books section in the link buttons to the top left of this page. 

Our Latest publication is to much for a book it is on a CD/ROM "The APOD Fuel system" By Anthony P. O' Donnell from Australia. This is a CD jammed packed with his development of a device to triple your fuel mileage it comes with interactive Auto cad 2000 drawings and complete collection of notes testimonials pictures and text to help you build your own system. Also he has an article from 1927 with an fellow Australian inventor getting 85 -92 M.P.G. with a 1926 Chrysler over 400 pages as well as 140 auto cad drawings $39.95 see books section button upper left hand corner. -End


Now days, oil people putting some impurities into our gasoline to be less combustible just to prevent fuel cracking. Car engines need gasoline fume/vapor to burn. Liquid gasoline is thrown into the combustion chamber to cool down engine. Stupid isn't it, but that is the fact.