Inventor Daniel Dingel lives in the Philippines, and since 1969 has converted more than 100 gasoline cars to be powered by hydrogen derived ON DEMAND from plain water. Aluminum is used in the tank to suppress a possible explosion. The Philippines President is not interested because of an agreement with the World Bank. For a link to a water car movie, see Section 12-G of Byron wine. 


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Original posted by Steve Roby.


Dingel said that his government was not interested as the Reserve Bank threatened to suspend all loans if they tried to market the water car. It is a matter of governments with the courage to go it alone against this corrupt organization. 


I don 't think it will ever happen until the third world country is pushed into a corner and squeezed so hard that they will consider manufacture of the water car. Maybe the coming limited nuclear warfare will be that push??? 

How can we get the world to wake up to all the free energies that actually work? It may very well be a catastrophic event, one that was dreamed up in the United Nations Security Council No. 200 with Kissinger at the controls: depopulate the earth to 2 billion, force one world control, rule from a dictatorship government structure. 

If we can just get this done before the s**t hits the fan??? The Western Illuminati and Bush family is one of the members is planning on purchasing entire large corporations (and you notice that this Administration is allowing mergers like crazy) at only cents on the dollar. After 9/11/2001, the Bush family purchased US Air for 4 cents on the dollar. I could go on! 

The inventors have chosen to go public with their findings because they can not compete with the billions and billions available to this corrupt, vicious, lying and morally bankrupt group. Some will be frauds I am sure. There are proven examples out there already where the inventor has been bought out and his invention shelved. The inventor has been bankrupted because of false allegations and court battles that ensued. Then, the families or the inventor has been beaten, hospitalized, and killed to shut him up. 

Say all you want that Ford will jump at a chance to have this unit. They would be nuked, just like the twin towers, if they ever produced one water Ford!!!

Sorry to bring this up again; but, people just don't believe this. Try to manufacture a free energy device in this country. I guarantee your factory will be nuked, bombed, burned to the ground, whatever and you will no longer be alive.