Norm and Joel's MRA suppression has been covered already, how ever this is an interesting experience relating I found whilst researching the MRA on the Rex Research page.

Quote-Our Own Experience In "Obtaining" Proper Ferroelectric Capacitors ~ Here's an interesting little tidbit, for what it's worth. We here at CTEC had included a specific use of ferroelectric capacitors (FECs) in one of our own patent applications. We attempted to obtain an FEC on the open market, one with the publicized nearly- square S-curve of hysteresis. No capacitor manufacturer we contacted had one for sale! I went all the way to a Swedish company, was assured they made just what I needed, and purchased several from them to be shipped by airmail. In due time they arrived. 

They did not have the square S-curve at all, but were carefully layered to eliminate that S-curve, into a rather straight slanting curve. That kind of curve is absolutely useless for overunity applications. Now why would anyone wish to purchase a supposedly nonlinear capacitor for its very nonlinearity, and instead purchase one that has been altered to behave just as linearly as possible? Why would a company advertise such a nonlinear capacitor, then sell you one that is highly linearized? And considering the rather substantial literature on nonlinear capacitors with square S-curves, why do not the capacitor companies sell such?

We eventually found there is indeed a U.S. manufacturer of ferroelectric capacitors with precisely that S-curve hysteresis loop. There was just one little problem. They had an agreement with the U.S. Navy for all their production of those capacitors, and in that agreement they were not to sell any to private persons or companies. Now why would the U.S. Navy wish to restrict a perfectly unclassified, open component from being sold on the open commercial market? Zounds! If one were a conspiracy buff, one might even try to connect this with the U.S. Navy's long suppression of the Kron negative resistor.


Do you suppose there could actually be some kind of connection between the two? Why of course not! Paranoia and all that, you know. And still one wonders... The literature continues to publish tests of just such ferroelectric capacitors, etc. Contacting several of the researchers who author those papers, we found that they (at least the ones contacted) were all making their own ferroelectric capacitors if they wished one with that square S-curve! No one seemed to know where we could just purchase one off the shelf. Maybe all that is just coincidence. And maybe not. -End quote