There are many ways to interfere with the public dissemination of free energy technology besides death of the inventor.

It is advised to all inventors to be suspicious of ANY offeres and to make sure security and the integrity of the offer is in place before ANY proceedings.

We already have experiences and reports of standard techniques used by the opposition for locating and silencing competent inventors. The following is a typical case and the individual concerned changes his name on a regular basis to avoid his reputation catching up with him. 

The individual concerned was responsible for getting a photographer beaten up for photographing illegal activities. Dan Voss in the USA was caught by a scam presented and he has never again, or a said a word about running his car on water alone which he achieved with a modified Bob Boyce 81-plate cell. 

A Person To Watch For 

The photographs above are some seventeen years old. The gentleman shown in them is dedicated to disrupting the work of people in the free-energy world and allied fields. Although his name is shown as “Leonard Holihan”, he operates under various different names. It is believed that at the present time he has dispensed with the beard and the spectacles. 

Techniques used by him and his colleagues include: 

Posing as an investment company representative in order to persuade inventors to part with vital information on their inventions. The objective here is to benefit from the information as well as to identify competent inventors who need to be suppressed. Setting up alternative organisations in order to split movements which are not to the liking of his employers. This is the “divide and conquer” technique. 

As it is an objective to exclude the MIB and their informers from this conference, we are mentioning this gentleman and we suggest that you keep an eye open for him and his friends.