If you invented, developed and built an apparatus, today, that produced clean energy, how would you go about publicizing it? Would you give it away for free, would you hold pompous press-conferences, how much would you charge for your device? Would you select a few trusted persons to hold your information in a safe place, or would you keep it all in your head? Would you go the way of patenting your invention, and would you be candid and open in the patent, or would you leave certain details unmentioned in the patent, thus keeping your cards close to yourself? Bottom line: Would you wait for the golden handshake from a large company to come and then move to a cozy apartment and be “set for life”?


The purpose of this article is to inform you of the various ways that people have taken to try and publicize their groundbreaking inventions and achievements. In our opinion, all of them have “gone wrong”. However, what is the definition of “gone right”? Well, if an inventor, a company or a product had actually “gone right”, there would be no need for this page! We would all already “have it”,be it open-sourced technology disclosures so we can get our soldering irons out, or mass-manufactured devices that power our houses, planes, cars and boats. Instead, as we both know, no such alternative energy device is currently for sale. (August 2008)


So, how did these individuals and companies go about it? What happened to them? 


Since there are many types of developmental prototypes, there are also multiple ways of approaching the problem of getting public recognition, funding and finally reaching mass-production.


First, you must explain your device to the general public. Herein lie many, many problems. The mainstream scientific faculties are, to put it in a nutshell, leery of anything that sounds or even smells like a perpetual motion (scam), coming from a non-academic hobbyist tinkerer, straight from the garage. I mean, what does he know anyway? 


He has had to take his studies of theoretical knowledge, and mangle it through the results of his experiments. Something has been missing, so he has had to develop his own jargon even to be able to discuss it or write about the device. Hobbyist jargon can easily be shouted down by authentic, mainstream, theoretical textbook knowledge. After all, that is what everybody learns, and it has worked for decades, even sometimes centuries. 


So, here then is the crux of it. You have a device that you cannot fully explain according to the textbooks. It doesn't agree with your knowledge of electrical engineering, it might even go as far as utilizing the very quirks and “useless” features that are culled out of electrical circuits to keep them from burning down. However, you have invented it, and you are very proud of it. Do you go out and spend decades convincing the academics of the veracity of your claims? 


Do you go the public route, and show the general public a device the functioning of which the un-academic public cannot explain or comprehend? Who will they turn to for an explanation? It would be logical that a “scientific matter” will then be looked at, by professional scientists – after all, they are the ones who are supposed to know and tell truth from lie. Can you convince a financier to fund your project without running across their technical advisors? 


Note to the reader: We do NOT claim that the advice provided by a professional technical analyst, who is well-versed in electrical, and mechanical engineering, should be ignored or not sought for. This page and this web-site is not another one of those websites which has made a belief-system of being hostile towards “academics” and “electrical engineers”.


 In fact, some of our best friends are electrical engineers! Suffice it to say that new inventions that do not agree with universally acquired textbook knowledge are generally looked at with a very critical, even dismissive eye. 


Some claim that the non-thermal energy field all around us and inside us can be effectively tapped for the production of useful work. Mainstream physicists claim that the field cannot be utilized for anything because it is random. One of the people claiming the opposite of this widely accepted scientific fact was Nikola Tesla. 


The electrical engineer Nikola Tesla referred to this field as "ether” or “Aether", as did many others before him. Nikola Tesla is regarded as one of the most well-known inventors building devices which tapped this field as an energy source.


The existence of this field has, since Tesla’s time, been verified with modern scientific experiments. Nowadays devices which use or tap this field for energy are accepted as patent applications. The applied-for patents oftentimes refer to this field as the “Zero point energy field”.


For a device to tap this field, it has to be built as an “open system”, or, a “conduit” or a “receiver”, in layman’s terms. The device then receives this energy and thus the output of the device is higher than the required input energy to activate the device as an open-system conduit.  


This form of functioning represents several problems. First of all, as an “open system” device, the usage of “closed loop system” laws does not apply to the device. This means that anyone who utilizes closed-system laws and theories will not see anything but a useless machine, which must have been measured wrongly, either by intent or by accident. 


In a closed-loop system, there is no way for 1 amount of input energy to become 2 amount of output energy. We accept this, but point to the fact that when you tap an outside source of energy, such as the ambient medium, by the creation of a conduit in the device, this conduit-type functioning  allows for outside energy to pass into the inside of the device and then come out, allowing for 1 amount of input energy, to create an interaction with the outside medium, pulling in more energy from the outside of the device, then resulting in more than 1 amount of energy coming out of the device. This means that if something which is considered to be non-existing, i.e. the ether, actually does exist, and an open-system design is tapping it, you are in the dark TWICE (!) when trying to apply closed-system theories and laws into an open system design – at the same time denying the existence of an external medium which the device is tapping to receive the excess energy!  


The only solution is to call it a measurement error, and try and build the circuit in normal Electrical Engineering fashion, using textbook theory and textbook knowledge. There are a few things that are discarded as useless/unusable forces in EE, more on this later.


So, to repeat, an open-system design can have a higher Co-Efficiency of Performance (COP) than one (1). The existence of this Zero Point Field or Ether, enables a device to be configured as an "open system" to receive this energy and to produce a Co-Efficiency of Performance of more then one (COP+1).


A COP is typically used to describe any machinery that has an additional energy input from the environment. This environmental energy, coming from outside the device, is added to the user’s input, to equal the total output. Environmental energy can be acquired from a solar panel, heat-pumps or, the not so well-known, Etheric / Zero Point Energy Field.


Thus, the energy output can be greater, in an open-system, than the energy input that the USER provided. A COP can be greater than one, unlike the efficiency of a system. These devices, most of which are in prototype phase, are defined as “open systems”. 


They obey the Laws of Thermodynamics. They do not break the laws of Conservation of Energy. The excess energy is collected from, and through, the environment. 



Oftentimes, unfortunately, these “zero point energy” devices are misunderstood to be “free energy” devices, or “over unity” devices, that create energy from nothing and nowhere, and thus break the Laws of Thermodynamics, and the Law of Conservation of Energy (CoE). This means that any such device which produces excess energy by tapping an outside field, is considered a hoax and impossible by the mainstream curriculum, regular engineers and scientists and the general public. But they are not considered impossible by the energy cartels.


There is a small page on the Panacea Website which contains further background information on these types of devices, and the “Zero Point Energy Field”, here.


Since the 1800s, since the time of Nikola Tesla, the public has generally had difficulties in accessing information on these particular energy transformation/acquisition devices which produce a COP of +1.


There are various problems and issues that people developing these devices run into. For instance, the inventor might be a very skilled engineer and thinker, but might not have any business competence whatsoever (Certain people would mention examples such as Stanley Meyer and Joseph Papp). Another issue would be the inability of the inventor, or his friends, to get the science validated by mainstream faculties, i.e., for the mainstream scientific faculties to take the inventor and his device seriously. 


The unwillingness of the faculties to investigate and their ignorance of the existence of the ether medium does not help either (Certain people would mention examples such as the companies Steorn and Lutec). Then there is the much ignored suggestion of suppression via energy cartels. (Certain people would note that there is never a full list of suppressed inventors, and even a partial list would be far too long to be listed here) Then, as always, there is the little issue of having enough money to conduct detailed and well-thought-out research.


All of these conditions contribute to the consumer not demanding, or being aware, of these energy systems. The technologies in question use energy transformation principles which are not yet established through particular validation.


Thus the public does not demand these devices, are not aware of them, and it is then convenient for the mainstream faculties to disregard these devices and their inventors. No funding is allocated to them, thus making it easy for the energy cartels to buy the device and the inventor out. If this buy-out option is not taken by the inventor, he gets threatened until he either gives up the work altogether, or is killed as the end result.


Even so, there exist a considerable number of engineers, who have managed to construct pilot-scaled devices, available for public dissemination. These engineers have the capacity to produce commercial units. If these engineers had an independent, third-party, accredited faculty VALIDATE these energy transformation principles and devices, and prove that they exist and are REAL, then the whole world would start, not only paying attention, but DEMANDING for these devices to be made public and sold in every store. Consumer awareness and consumer demand would thwart any suggested, real or imagined, suppression.


Consumer demand would attract sponsorship, and amongst other things, would create the required momentum. We could finally get a move on with these exotic and alternative devices, instead of posting videos on YouTube only to have hardcore skeptics attack them, using every trick known to them (character slander, defamation, wild rumors, negative association by “similarity” (“This uses coils! I saw this other scam that also uses coils! This is a scam too!”-type comments)


With respect to the inventors and engineers, the technology you have developed is bigger than you. None of you have managed to manufacture your devices, to capacity, in 2008. What we propose is a neutral validation zone to advance education. This requires third-party validation, not people asking for X amount of money in order to, eventually, show the world what is possible. A physical location is required, which will reside in the eye of the public and will test systems that can first be validated and then disclosed, non-profit, open-source, to the world. Only disclosures will raise consumer awareness, resulting in effective demand.


Even if the education provided at the faculty becomes advanced and sponsors are allowed to support it, the main reason is that it will be impossible to suppress the faculty and thus stop millions of people all over the world from demanding a functioning device – once third-party independent validation and replication has been achieved.


This solution is already planned here at Panacea-BOCAF, which will result in social reformation, but requires grants in order to be pursued. As much of the solution as currently exists is presented in the page called Panacea's proposed granted research and development center. 


Our non-profit organization is also involved in the research and development of device which are able to produce a COP of more than one – and our intention is to open-source these devices, via public demos to faculties, press and potential sponsors – mainly, however, to the public. Once these devices are independently validated and replicated via open-source plans, social reform and dissemination of the instructions must follow.


Any inventor working with Panacea can participate in this development – whilst still protecting their intellectual property – even with an accredited third-party faculty publishing an independent validation.Without this proposed methodology, despite the accumulated coverage on our web-pages of an alarming list of inventors - who have developed various alternative-energy technologies - as of 2008, no consumer products are available.


We here at Panacea-BOCAF have shown that this is due to the serious business-wise incompetence of the inventors, their strategy of public dissemination through the mainstream scientific faculties, and also, due to overt and covert suppression. Is it therefore possible for an inventor with an alternative energy technology to bring their product to the market in this current cartel-influenced climate?


Who would stand to loose now, in the present, from the public usage of the technologies invented and pursued, in the past, by inventors such as Stanley Meyer, Yull Brown, Andrija Puharich and Eugene Mallove – to name a few? All of these individuals have died under suspicious circumstances – to add to the list of many, many others.


People are still being removed

Here is a very good reason for this individual to be removed. In June of 2002, U.S. Patent 6,404,089 for the "Electrodynamic Field Generator" was issued to Mark Tomion, president of Archer Enterprises. To the best of our knowledge, this Patent is the first in the world for a truly all-electric power plant.


Mark Tomion


AESI is confident that our prototype 24kW air-cooled StarDrive Generator† will during certified testing exhibit a net input COP approaching 200 [or, a 200:1 ratio of net output to net input], and we can now show where the corresponding "net output COP" (the ratio of net output to gross input) is reasonably projected at ~24kW / 0.216kW or 111:1. Such a successful demonstration may soon open up incredible new opportunities for both private and commercial concerns in applications which could never be cost-effectively (or profitably) developed to date.



AESI's 24kW EDF Generator


Perhaps the greatest advantage the EDF Generator may have over almost any other over-unity device now known or proposed is that it is fundamentally linearly-scalable — including the liquid sodium coolant system! We have designed large "Thermal Unit" plants that will produce electrical power continuously at 60 to 720 MW output levels, without requiring normal 'fuel' of any kind, and their permanent magnet banks will never need to be remagnetized! The only operator input energy these unparalleled free energy devices will require during their entire in-service lifetime is that initially needed to bring the rotor up to speed (and the thermoelectric elements up to operating temperature)


The Electrodynamic Field (EDF) Generator is a patented high-voltage DC motor-generator, the most remarkable feature of which is that it produces in operation a high-energy electrodynamic field [or quasi-coherent DC corona or arc discharge] which completely encloses the machine's conductive housing.


AESI's 24kW EDF Generator


MARK R. TOMION FERGUSON CORNERS- Mark R. Tomion, 51, died unexpectedly Friday, June 19, 2009 at his home. A memorial service will be held Tuesday June 23 at 7 p.m. at the Kenneth J. Perkins Funeral Home in Gorham. Burial will be in Shuman Cemetery.Memorial contributions may be made to the Yates County ARC, 235 North Ave, Penn Yan, NY 14527. Reference. Here is the last remaining mirror of his old site. His web site is now gone and so have his research papers.


One more for the record. Free-Energy Battery Inventor Killed at Airport? Official statement cites "natural causes" but others familiar with the disruptive potential of the inventor's technology to the existing power structure consider it a probable assassination.


"… On Nov. 11 2007, inventor of a revolutionary, affordable, clean energy technology, M. DeGeus was found slumped in his car, totally unresponsive, in the long-term parking lot of the Charlotte Douglass International Airport in North Carolina. …" He was apparently on his way to Europe where he was to secure major funding for the development and commercialization of his technology, which could make oil obsolete. …""DeGeus was the inventor of a thin wafer-like material/device that somehow specially aligned the atoms or electron currents ongoing in that material, so that the wafer produced a constant amperage at a small voltage – continuous real power, or in other words a strange kind of "self-powering battery"Reference


It would be high time to switch to clean energy production methods, instead of oil and related industries. The ICE (internal combustion engine) is also a leftover from times of ecological non-awareness. The polar icecaps are melting – and people are proposing global warming. Needless, endless heat and pollution spewing forth from our automobiles and other technologies (heat is a waste byproduct – wasted energy), should be immediately addressed – first by energy savings, that can be fitted to the exsiting technology such as the Retro kit, SPAD, Encopra, GEET - and Hydroxy. Whilst in the mean time we work towards the change over to COP+1 devices.


There are no other low cost modifications which can be fitted to existing technology and cut the carbon foot print as significant as the above mentioned technologies. However do you think if we showed the Google Ten challenge and the Virgin challenge they would endorse them?


Both COP+1 and the energy saver devices mentioned above (mean time) can be developed right now, but unfortunately, the media has informed the public that they should just buy carbon offsets and CFL bulbs, and remember to close their electrical appliances when they are out the door. This is not all that we as crew of spaceship earth can do.  


As of 2009, there are no positive or constructive media coverage has been given to up-and-coming alternative energy technology developments. Or even towards replacing the polluting industry with 50,000 HEMP products some thing which can also create more jobs and development not to mention renewable products.


Despite these figures and discoveries, the energy cartels continue to interfere with the release of alternative energy technologies. Although the internet affords us public visibility – it does not keep proprietary inventors and their knowledge safe – they are still as vulnerable as always. The only way to keep an invention or an inventor from being suppressed is if he publishes open-source information about how to replicate his device, and gets independent replication done, of the device,by third party engineers.


Proprietary inventors can – as they should be allowed to - protect their intellectual property by allowing for independent, third-party validations. Public disclosures give the engineers who belong to the present internet communities a chance to study and replicate the technology – and keep it public knowledge. Panacea has, to-date, over 400 registered research and development engineers ready to replicate devices, when adequate information is provided. Many of the devices in existence to-day are listed on our R and D principles page 


Despite these Records


Despite all of this and the multitude of inventors and devices using advanced and alternative technologies – there is still no resourceful support or even majority public awareness of this technology at the faculty levels. No social reformation or regulation at the federal level is committing grants and providing security towards the manufacturing of these suppressed alternative energy technologies.


There are no laws in place, preventing corporate cartels from influencing the progress of alternative technologies – or making it difficult economically or politically to come-out with environmentally sound technologies. The only possible reason this would be to protect their own profits.


In 1712, Johann Bessler built a machine that he claimed was self-moving. By 1717, he had convinced thousands of people, from the ordinary to the eminent, that he had indeed discovered the secret of a self-sustaining mechanism. The machine underwent numerous tests and passed rigorous inspections. It was made to do heavy work for long periods, and in an official test it ran continuously for 54 days.The internal design of the machine was always closely guarded by its inventor.




Plagued by paranoia and a nasty temper, and with no patent laws to protect him, Bessler never arranged payment terms for the wheel. A bitter man, he took his secret to the grave and drifted into obscurity.Bessler wanted to sell his machine for the sum of £20,000, a fortune in those days, equivalent to well over a million Pounds today. Despite the apparent stupidity of asking such a large sum of money, it was not unique and in fact Bessler based the sum on the one offered by the British Board of Longitude, which, at the same time, was offering £20,000 to the first person to discover a means of locating the exact position of a ship at sea, longitudinally. John Harrison eventually won the money although it took him and his son many years to get all of it from a reluctant British government.


Bessler's Wheel- Reference


Whilst various institutions, including the Royal Society, were debating whether to raise funds to purchase , William 's Gravesande examined the axle of the wheel, concluding that he could see no way in which the wheel could be a fake. Bessler smashed the wheel, believing 's-Gravesande was hoping to discover the secret of the wheel without paying for it, and declared that the curiosity of the professor had provoked him. Do we still see a pattern here?


Recently in 2009 where we saw in the "Energy from the Vacuum Pt. 14" Science Series John Bedini describing the history of the Lockridge Device, a reported self-powering home electrical generator from Nazi Germany that was secreted back into the United States by two returning GIs at the end of WW II. This was privatley placed into production and sold to the public.


John Bedini showing a repelication of the device that is in pieces. It is still not understood how it functioned. Another Free energy device lost.


However the story ended in the typical fashion that every other FREE energy deivces does, the knowledge was lost and there was no security.


Nikola Tesla, lost technology from the early 1900's- His goal was Free wireless power to the world. Royal Rife, lost technology, an inexpensive electronic treatment of cancer developed in the 1930's.


Raymond Rife invented incredibly a simple, electronic approach to curing literally every disease on the planet caused by viruses and bacteria


Philo T. Farnsworth lost his technology from the 1950's - This technology was safe low cost electronic fusion.


Joseph Papp invented and demonstrated a pulsed plasma discharge automotive style piston engine that ran on sealed charges of noble gas mixtures in the cylinders. The electric arc ignition triggers far greater output than input. In short it was a FREE energy motor. Joseph Papp, a Hungarian native, emigrated to Canada in 1957 around the time of the Hungarian Revolution. Joseph was a pilot in the Hungarian military and was also a microfiche technician.


Image Source


Three US patents were issued to Papp, two specifically for engine designs. The most noteworthy is 4,428,193. Papp claimed the gas mixture must be treated, or polarized as he said. An elaborate treatment process is described in the stated patent. The engine could run smoothly down to 100 rpm and developed hundreds of horsepower at only 1000 rpm.


Papp was a paranoid person, concerned that others would steal his ideas. Roser wanted the engine to be displayed to the public, but Papp did not. Papp eventually agreed reluctantly. Papp and Roser had a few heated disagreements and Papp decided to thwart Roser and one result was Papp's uncooperativeness to take the engine to commercial success. You Tube - Papp engine


Papp had his investment money; why should he help his partner he despised? Like some inventors, Papp was his own worst enemy, so it seemed. This mistrust ran through all his business dealings and complicates the incredible story.-Refernce.


Let us move on to some modern examples. The late Walter L. Rosenthal spent most of his working life employed by several defense contractors at Vandenberg AFB as a member of many different missile launch crews, spanning over 35 years. He has tested at numerous locations an extensive number energy machines, using a collection of test equipment manufactured by Yokogawa, Tektronix and Hewlett Packard.


The Late Walter Rosenthal -Source


Walter has also designed and built special purpose electronic circuits for inventors who lacked this expertise.Walter Rosenthal stated 'I have personally seen Floyd Sweet's machine operating. It was running those small motors you saw in the video. It was jump-started with a nine-volt battery. There was no other electrical input required.There was no connection to the power line whatsoever." And, no, there were no moving parts.


Walter spoke in the Energy from the Vacuum Science Series PART 15 about Floyd Sweet's machine. This is another FREE energy device lost in the same typical pattern. knowledge lost, no security and secrets kept


Steve Marks Toroid Generator


The Steve Marks Toroidal coil based solid state design appears to put out tremendous energy for its size. Very convincing videos produced. At least one professional entity says that there is nothing in the videos that couldn't be faked..One of the videos shows a small (6" diam x 2" high x 1" thick toroid) solid-state prototype powering a 100W bulb directly, and through an inverter: a 3-amp drill, a television, a vacuum. Larger unit that puts out 7 amps; is said to be able to power an electric vehicle.The power output is said to rise to meet the load.


Toridal coil unit is seen in black on the left left hand side


The technology supposedly harnesses the power of the electromagnetic field of the Earth, via an unconventional toroidal wire configuration, with no moving parts. The device's operation is accompanied by a slight gyroscopic mechanical force, and slight noise.


Free energy Demonstration (Steve Marks)


There has been no development of this technology and the reclusive Mr Mark is unable to be contacted. See a pattern here?


In late 2005, Bios Fuel and Steve Ryan came to the public, with a water-powered motorcycle. A segment was devoted to this, and aired on the “60 minutes” show in New Zealand. Andrew Gardiner, one of the researchers here at Panacea-BOCAF, immediately arranged for correspondence with Bios Fuel. 


Image taken from the News report


Here is a screenshot from “60 minutes” in New Zealand, late 2005. The inventor Steve Ryan is demonstrating a water-powered motorcycle, where the atomic structure of the water is modified to release its hydrogen atoms inside the combustion chamber – which then expand in the chamber and move the pistons. (No further details of this technique have been disclosed by Steve Ryan and BiosFuel – they are keeping the exact details as proprietary. This non-disclosure, and the negative market interest basically results in suppression of the invention)


Andrew Gardiner further reports receiving an email back, “claiming that in the near future they were going to sell the motorcycles with a water conversion in them – and to keep watch of their website. A few months pass with no web-updates, I email them again, asking about the motorcycles. There is no response for roughly eight months. Recently, I received an email from them stating that:


"Due to political and economical reasons, we are unable to sell the motorcycles, however we have a device available for motorcycles and cars that will save 5% off the fuel consumption".


5% is a lousy savings in fuel in my opinion! Home made hydrogen boosters do far better than that! Despite Bios Fuel having a 100% running on water engine, now they are trying to sell a 50% mix, a desperate move and a distortion of their original product - which can eliminate fossil fuels altogether.”


Taken from the Video -Steven Ryan showing his emulsification of water with various waste oils to produce a 50% water/ fuel mix.


Videos:Bios fuel selling a 50% water mix now.

Original 60 minutes story featuring the motor bike running on 100% water.


Is this change in due to them doing a deal with the oil-companies? The facts are that there are many U.S. Patents granted in the last few years to “over-unity” or Zero Point Technology devices – which in turn enable green free energy alternatives to fossil fuels. However, there is still no faculty in existence, - the main role of which would be providing support, maintaining security, supplying education and increasing public awareness and access to these technologies. The only public awareness and access to these technologies are provided via the works of open-source engineers. No third party validations or participation in information disclosures are allowed by the proprietary inventors.


This results in both the open-source engineers and proprietary inventors repeatedly subjected to suppression from cartels and they also have to endure additional philosophical theoretical prejudice from the mainstream academia. As stated earlier, this ridicule stems from their ignorance of the ZPE medium and lack of experience in the ZPE field.


Because the public are not aware of these devices and developers, the engineers are weighed down with another, noticeable, burden – they have to fund their research with their own financial resources, in order to disclose the technology and provide for essential education of the public.


This example of Bios Fuel illustrates that even though people such as Stanley Meyer and many other water-car inventors have attempted to go the commercial route to secure this technology – the cartels still have the capacity to prevent the surfacing of these technologies. They can accomplish this on a confidential basis, anonymously, or with financially connected patrons. The Bios Fuel quote states “We are unable to bring the water technology to the market due to the current economic and political situation”. Who is in charge of creating these conditions? Who is employed to address this form of industrial espionage?


You, the free energy inventor, cannot bring your product to the market in a conventional manner. The cartels impose political and economic conditions on the technology. In the lives of proprietary inventors’, fear and paranoid play large parts. Recently, a non-open-source alternative energy engineer got in touch with Panacea-BOCAF about the following:


Quote: I have a friend in Alaska with a proprietary method of making hydrogen. It uses approx. 25 watts of power to fuel a big V8 truck. Of course such a technology is worth billions. Look how Russia is holding its ex-satellite countries hostage to high oil & gas prices. It affects everything from their economies to peoples' abilities to heat their homes in winter. So here's a question I put out to anyone who thinks they have the answer: How can my friend receive the monetary worth of his invention without being murdered or bought out by every commercial interest that perceives him as a golden goose or a threat? -End Quote


One of the representatives of Panacea-BOCAF replied, “the answer is simple, he can license and release his technology publicly – and teach it at a faculty. To do this and further, get it distributed and manufactured safely, can happen in only one way.


The Research and Development Centre of a Non-Profit Organization must provide faculty teaching facilities in the eye of the public – and must be erected for security, awareness and prevention of the effects of the social, economical and political conditions.Once validated, verified working, replicable devices are taken to the media with the right presentation (objectives of the R&D Centre, etc) and once the suppression script is put into the public eye, justification for grants will become established and will be provided by the public, foundations and philanthropic groups – all of whom exist to ease hardship.


This proposed, granted, Panacea Research and Development Centre will create social reform, as the public will know WHY the centre exists, and WHAT goes on in there. The centre exists to study, test and manufacture technologies which have been suppressed for far too long – and to also provide advanced education for those who are willing to move from armchair theorizing to the workshop.

Therefore, any interference levied against the centre will incriminate the persons and organizations in charge of the attacks


Even in 2010 when a functioning device that is a new discovery and one that is not yet covered in the text books is presented to the establishment, it yeilds the following reaction.


Rosemary Ainslie’s technology has been certified to produce a COP of 17 by BP and Fluke Instruments. The most authoritative accredited tester of this technology is ABB Research in North Carolina. The list also includes Sasol (SA) Spescom (SA) BP (SA) and others. TWO open source FREE energy engineers have published their replication results, one of them with irrefutable data from and an expensive Tektronic scope under sponsorship These results are published on our on line university document.



Aaron's Replication of the COP 17 heater technology.


However when this research:Paper Title: "Counter Electromotive Force Enables Overunity Results In Electric Systems" was presented to the establishment here was the response.


We regret to advise you that the Reviewing Committee is unable to accept the subject paper for publication as a PES Transactions paper even with possible revisions.Enclosed please find the comments of the reviewers that should serve to explain the recommendation of the reviewing committee.I hope you will find the explanations satisfactory. Although we could not accept this paper, we hope that you will consider Transactions on Power Delivery for other papers in the future. We thank you for your continued interest in the Power Engineering Society. Yours sincerely,Dr. Reza Iravani Editor in Chief Transactions on Power Delivery.


And Just for the record. Rosemary has recently reported that they now got the distinction of a second rejection this time from an IEEE journal; It seems that mainstream will not consider this argument under any circumstances whatsever.This is suppression in an in direct sense.


Recently Panacea (the open source FREE energy movement) teamed up to help produce


OpEdNews - Article: The Strange Case of the Rosemary Ainslie Circuit


As mentioned before, we here at the Panacea-BOCAF organization have plans to take open-sourced, functioning devices, to the media + gather signed petitions to address the situation of these technologies at the federal level. We will now present more cases to show all proprietary alternative energy inventors that the only public security to study and manufacture these technologies come from the conditions created by this proposed granted public non-profit Research and Development Centre.


The Panacea-BOCAF website will also collect all of this data and signatures and address these current prevailing conditions at the federal level. It is the duty of the patent office to not create the sort of conditions which prevent the releasing of green sustainable technologies that ensure the future of our children. Please, sign the petition here!


The numerous recorded cases of suppression of alternative energy technologies are all over the internet, providing us with the insight that the cartels do not lack the knowledge or the required coordination to derail any attempts to bring these advanced energy technologies to the public – or hindering their studies at the faculty levels.


Evidence of these technologies being influenced by cartels at the faculty levels can be glimpsed from the results of Focus Fusion Technology, where the replication of it at the university resulted in the inventor and members of the university being threatened. Please refer to our media script in the Energy Suppression page for further details.


These influences go beyond the control of the parliament, and are responsible for the suppression of these technologies, something which has already been publicly proven and disclosed by the Disclosure Project since 2001.


Despite an overwhelming list of principles and technologies - as profiled by Panacea-BOCAF – there has been no action from the government or other organizations. Not a single company exists whose energy product has reached the public – and stayed there. Surely you can appreciate the logic behind our proposed approach?


Why would the public need to keep paying electrical and heating bills for all perpetuity, when these devices, when developed, can both reduce the cost of electricity and heating to a minimum – and also replace our need to build more power-plants, be they coal, nuclear or other? The public as a whole are more powerful than certain people in places of power, when organized properly. 


A Panacea-BOCAF Research and development center would assist heavily in this. The Public, signing petitions, and the functioning of the center can fend off the various energy-related cartels from derailing this research, now in the eye of the public. They can no longer have any influence at the federal or the faculty levels. PLEASE HELP PANACEA AND DONATE TO HELP US HELP YOU!


Panacea-BOCAF, realistically, has over 100+ alternative and suppressed energy principles in the database we have compiled for our research and development faculty projects, which are ready to be put into final research and development upon receiving of grants. One example of the contents of this database are the initial findings of one Dave Lawton, who set out to replicate the Water Fuel Cell of Stanley Meyer


Dave Lawton – open-source

non-proprietary engineer


Dave is one such rare engineer who is completely open-source, and has nothing to do with any proprietary claims or with-held information. Dave Lawton, working independently, proved that the Stanley Meyer Water Fuel Cell 1) worked 2) could be reproduced from the information available on the internet – left after Meyer’s murder. Luckily for us all, the Stanley Meyer WFC patents have expired and are now in the public domain – as we know, Stanley Meyer died in the 1990s.


Daves WFC replication.


One would suppose that in the 90s, the suppressors assumed that by getting rid of water car technology inventors such as Yull Brown that Brown’s Gas would disappear as a technical concept. Or maybe the WFC would be forgotten if Stanley Meyer was taken out of the picture. Andrija Puharich also died in suspicious circumstances, he being another who patented a hydrogen electrolyzer. Perhaps the thinking was that if all three are taken out of the picture, the water fuel cell issue would become forgotten and the incomes of these companies would not be adversely affected.


However, with the on-set of a worldwide research effort by open-source engineers on the internet, without financial support from governments, this technology has been preserved. Today the access to information on Stanley Meyer’s invention is far more widespread than it could have been in 1998.


But what is next?


Our future center could easily assist proprietary inventors such as Bios Fuel in replicating their findings and making the knowledge public. Open-sourced free energy technologies could be manufactured at the center. By licensing and securing the safety of these technologies, they can finally come out and be used by the general public. There are multiple inventors out there who are not yet aware of the usefulness of open-source operation, or that their field-knowledge could be added to the center’s database via faculty roles of lecturing and building devices at a workshop – to teach future engineers and researchers how to build these currently-in-development technologies.

The Panacea-BOCAF faculty membership results in us being capable of organizing people into specific projects - depending on their area of expertise and their willingness to contribute to the Panacea University Course efforts - and to generally brainstorm in “think tank” mode towards the cohesive development of these scientific practices.


We here at Panacea-BOCAF wish to emphasize that the point where all have gone wrong is trying to simply market the device, thus being at the beck and call of both political and economical influences. Even though suppression is a reality, this is not the only hindering factor. The stupidity, incompetence, greed, ego and paranoia on the part of the inventors have accounted for the other 50% required to keep the technologies from being accessed by the public.

Much like BiosFuel, today’s inventors still think that they have a chance at marketing a device that causes waves in the current energy market climate. Another example of a failure at marketing a water fuel technology is Xogen.


It has been widely reported that the Xogen Corporation, who had a functioning water fuel cell, failed at publicizing it properly due to corruption, incompetence and subversion provided by an unscrupulous investor. Xogen seemed not to pass the third party technical evaluation that their system was subjected to, in addition to this, they were too paranoid to have the evaluation countered by a second independent investigation.


Black Light Power (BLP) – the facts provided by the insider Paul LaViolette show that external forces do not need to do much to bring their suppression tactics into fruition.


Quote- DR Paul Laviolette states


Scene taken form the open source energy network Video


“In the case of Black Light Power Company the cartels have had a long vendetta for the inventor of this process who was able to get plain energy out of plain water, by the Black Light process. With this process, the company was able to demonstrate that a glass of water could produce more energy than would be the case of the same glass filled with gasoline.


Black Light filed a few patents on this process. However, just as one of the patents was about to be issued and announced in the patent gazette, to be formally issued within a week or two, one Robert Park started poking fun at it on his website.


 There must have been a form of an email campaign, or contact, at the patent office, which embarrassed the patent office enough to pull the patent (which is actually illegal – to withdraw a patent application which had already been approved to be issued – according to patent law, an invention can be patented if it demonstrably works. Even if it is something new, yet functional, breaking the laws of physics and physicists know it – it still has a right to be patented.)” – End of Paraphrased Quote


This is repeated far and wide throughout history. It could be called a right mess, sometimes even a bloody mess. Stanley Meyer, Edwin V. Gray – and, more recently, Paul Pantone – all have been charged with fraud for their efforts, even though the technology itself was not a fraud. Suing for fraud is the best way to get everyone involved to abandon posts and run away.


Most of these devices HAVE worked, but the inventors then went and sold dealerships, printed stock and gave out licenses, switching from people-run companies to private companies that only they owned, in a paranoid effort to “keep control” of their inventions. Selling dealerships – when you don’t have a product yet or any means of manufacturing it on a consumer scale – is considered fraud, as is selling interests in the same body, or intellectual property to multiple investors at the same time.


To have the fate of these technologies laid directly into corporate hands enables a select group of businessmen to decide who gets the ‘power’ and who doesn’t. This oftentimes leads to the public being left out. This could be called being in a psychotic state – where the corporate world have lost contact with the external reality, simply acting out of self-interest, as if a corporation is more important than the well-being of the whole of humanity. There are humane ways of treating this form of self-obsessive psychosis. In the beginning of the 1900s, Walter Russell called for morals and ethics in business principles. His stance was that business practice should be ethical, not “buyer beware”. He lectured for 12 years at IBM to its executives and employees on exploring the usage of unchanging, universal principles of balanced thinking and action. 


He spoke of the unifying power of the global business industry for the creation of universal peace and prosperity on Earth. He believed that every organization or corporation can function as a character-building organization, and for the organization to work for the betterment of all life on Earth. We would recommend you read THINK: Walter Russell IBM Lecture Series to see how far our current corporations still have to go before they reach the pinnacle of achievement. 


Out of balance, comes success. Any snubbing out of inventions or research into alternative FREE energy technologies is causing an immense amount of imbalance on this planet, something which is then forced on us, the unknowing public, to re-balance. The businesses in operation right now have no right whatsoever to discourage intuitive energy research, when the continued existence and health of all of us on Earth is under question. 


Even if an inventor has the intention to benefit all of humanity by ‘free energy’ technology, he/she still has the societal framework structure in his/her head to make a bit of money at first. During this desperate effort to get some of your Research&Development money back, there is no governmental assistance or security provided by law to the inventor. So, not only is he short on funds but also vulnerable to attacks from spurious corporate cartels. These technologies would put the elite families at risk – if allowed into public use.


Recently, the Steorn Company have stated that they have a free energy device. This, as we know, violates the currently accepted physical laws, or, should we say, updates them? Steorn’s device is one other device that could halt the death-grip that oil-companies have on our lives. A representative of Steorn confirmed in an interview that the same conditions are present as mentioned by Bios Fuel earlier on.


A member of Steorn stating that they have to fight public 

opinion, faculties and the corporate world in order

 to disclose their technology to the public.


Steorn: Sky News: Race On To Prove Free Energy


On this Sky News report a member of Steorn stated "We get daily emails stating that someone is going to come around and beat us up, certain people involved in the project were told to watch their back".


Due to these conditions, Steorn are currently attempting to release their technology in a heretofore unheard-of way.In our opinion, this is not as effective as the release of the technology could be. The technology should be disclosed whilst mentioning the suppression element associated with it. Otherwise no social structural reformation will follow


The Steorn company has decided to offer development kits to 50 individuals in the hopes that this way their technology cannot be suppressed and forgotten about. Nothing has, to date, come of this (August 2008). Steorn have also been forced to apply for patents piece-by-piece, on the elements that make up their whole system, just like Stanley Meyer had to. This splitting up of a device into separate parts is one of the only ways of acquiring patents in the current patent climate.


Steorn intend to license their technology to organizations within the energy sectors. Steorn will allow the use of their technology to be royalty-free for certain purposes, including water and rural electricity projects in third world countries.


Various patent offices could also be extremely skeptical when encountering the patents filed by Steorn. As we know already, patent offices do not grant patents for “perpetual motion machines”. This is why Steorn have not patented their core technology, rather opting for sequences of patents describing various aspects of the technology, but not its overall effects. One such patent suggests an arrangement of magnets and a magnetic shield on a linear slide to act as a low-energy actuator switch, turning the magnetic fields on and off.


This approach has been pursued in the hopes of preventing their claims being rejected on the grounds of “perpetual motion”, because the US patent offices automatically reject any such patent claims. This patent office policy does not allow for devices that are able to produce a form of motion which could be termed continuous or perpetual. Who benefits from this convenient limitation?


Why is it that the policy in the patent office does not read “if the case of ‘perpetual motion’ is stated on the patent, this must be tangibly demonstrated to the patent examiner. Upon a vigorous examination, the patent office will then accept such a claim to be real.”


Sign this petition here to voice your agreement that these conditions at the patent office should be subject to regulation.


There is an old saying 'follow the money'. If you check out the website of Steorn, you will see that they apparently want everyone to reproduce their device themselves (=replication), and for these people who have replicated Steorn’s effect to also sell the functioning devices in whatever way that the person who has replicated the effect wants to. 


Steorn WANT other people to spend time researching and developing the Steorn effect, and for them to come up with innovations as to the improved utilization of this effect Using the Steorn effect in ways that Steorn did not think of is one other form of development that Steorn encourage.


However, to date, this has not come to pass. Steorn were proposing a full public disclosure at their launch date on April 2007. Steorn-Update -Article


“Irish company Steorn made headlines around the world when it took out a full page advert in The Economist claiming to have developed a device that produced "free energy". Throughout early July, the company planned to display the device to the public for the first time.”-Source


The public demo in July 2007 was disastrous and the device did not function due to the conditions provided at the museum picked as the demonstration facility. Thus, again, Steorn skeptics jeered and believers of Steorn whispered “better luck next time”.


The above report validates what we have been saying all along. If Panacea-BOCAF were given the disclosing strategy, this situation could have been avoided by the organization of the following. Panacea-BOCAF can arrange for appointments to present these alternative energy devices to the Minister of Energy in Australia. We here at Panacea further offered, in an e-mail to Steorn, our participation. Steorn turned us down. We at Panacea would have announced with a press-release, publicly, that we intend to give a demonstration to the Minister for Energy.


Steorn have had individuals sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s) to confirm their scientific find. Panacea, under a signed NDA would let one of our 200+ registered engineers or one of the others who signed their NDA to produce a replication for the Media. We here at Panacea would have encouraged Steorn to allow for a non-commercial license, and to donate a working application to a third world country. 


Nothing says proof like a working application.


Once the proposed granted Panacea center is established, these conditions could be objectively addressed. A single device disclosure will of course focus on the single device and will not detail the extent of the bigger picture. What about the other R&D principles mentioned on the Panacea R and D principles page? 


Although Steorn may theorize that their approach is the only useful stance to meet the current economic and political conditions imposed upon them, as their technology has not reached the public yet, the American military (via the patent office facilities) can still put a hold on Steorn’s public disclosures. There is already evidence of this very thing happening right now, as reported in the case of Jack Hildenbrand. 


The corporate sponsored and controlled American military still declare their “national security act” upon inventors, which basically states, if you tell anyone about your invention, we will legally be able to put you in jail.


Jack has publicly stated via the internet that:

My patents were supposed to be completed no later than late December of last year. I have been told that two areas of the US military have been looking at my patent forms. And I have been told that they may become classified material. If that happens, I am out of business. That is why I have been releasing more and more of the materials I have at this site.


Later, in frustration, Jack stated: Well I am just about to go public on everything I have. The only thing that I cannot understand is that I have put over 25 years into this project, almost day and night. If I go public with it how in the world will I ever get a single cent out of it. I do not want to be famous, I would just like to get back something in return.


By the way I have invested over $42,000.00 in patent cost at this point. My patent attorney has since sent me a bill for another $12,000.00 for arguing it against some very stupid drawings that had nothing to do with my project. How do I at least get this money back if I go public.


At this point it seems like I cannot win with this project. If I go public, how can I expect people to give me anything at all in return for all the knowledge I have put into this thing. I also have a working gravity machine. The one I have is only about 24In. in dia. and puts out enough power to light several tail light bulbs from a car. This gravity machine could be scaled up to easily power a house.


I have never gotten a patent on this thing. It also could be turned loose to the public. I have invested about $6000.00 in this project, how do I get that back if I go public. My patent attorney has told me if the US puts a hold on the project they at least have to pay me my investment in the project.


Yes, I would like for the entire world to have the ability to build these things. My grand children would be happy with me also for providing them with power.

I currently have over $135,500.00 invested in this project from investors over the last 25 years, how do I pay them back.


By the way I have written Al Gore and other very wealthy people about my project, trying to get help. I really think they just think that I am just another crazy old man and never will return comments. There are alot of very rich people out there working on how to stop global warming but how do you get to them. If any one can help me with this huge problem, I would be very grateful.-Later -Jack W Hildenbrand


Despite his expressed emotions, Jack has not yet released details of his technology to the public.There is another saying, “those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.” We here at Panacea feel the need to draw attention to the full scope of this situation. Common obstacles must be scaled and overcome if we are to bring the benefits of free-energy to the public.


There are enough examples of cases throughout history to the present to show that you are not dealing with conventional practice in ANYWAY. Precautionary measures (such as the medium of the proposed granted Panacea research and development center) need to be put in place. Despite these cases, people are still not learning from past mistakes


In the following case file the air engine turbine produced a a motive device which utilizes Vortex Mechanics based on the Tornado Implosion – Vortex principle. The unique design of the engine creates a tornado within the engine chamber and the natural force of nature sustains and powers the rotation.




On their web site they have an introduction video which clearly states that they were not aware of past inventors who were pioneers of this field, this is due to these past engineers becoming victims to political and economic conditions. The technology they are still trying to disseminate today had been already achieved by one particular individual by the name if Viktor schauberger. Viktor had become victim to the suppression, yet despite the air engine turbine engineers being aware of this the proceeded to do "business as usual".


This is what happened: Quote -"As with any technology that promises huge gains, security is an issue. There have been several security breaches over the course of development. Thankfully, they were discovered early enough to thwart them. One lengthy breach occurred in the summer of 2007 when 2 individuals (referred to as "vultures") attempted to "take-over the technology". They began contacting Haskell, eventually coercing him to denounce Mr. Rockwell and promising him quick profit. They also contacted Ron's chief machinist and met with him several times to engage him in assisting them to develop the engine without Ron. Despite knowing that they were being videotaped, they continued their discussion with Cliff to bring him on board and away from RSR and the engine project. These individuals are under criminal investigation. The result of this breach caused a serious delay in the completion of the engine. Security is now tighter than ever.


A number of individuals came forward claiming to be investors, venture capitalists and personally wealthy. Many of these individuals were not investors but brokers, agents or individuals that knew someone who wanted to invest and really had nothing to offer. This was also a source of lost time. " -End quote - The air enigne turbine


Further- Quote:During the course of development and manufacture we have experienced our share of set-backs, delays and successes. You asked for more details on the security breach. Here it is. This has been on-going for some time now.


This 10 minute excerpt presents one reason for the delays with the AATE. This has been going on for some time. These individuals knew that they were entering a dwelling with video camera's rolling yet this did not deter them from openly discussing their plot. End Quote Source


Not only does their discovery validate Viktors past technology, but it is also ANOTHER RECENT reminder to the free energy inventor of what sort of conditions to expect, (The most successful have ended in DEATH).


Recently in 2009 an engineer named Thane Heins disclosed numerous proven tests demonstrating his " Perepiteia" generator. This employs high voltage coils to counteract the effects associated with Lenzs Law and the Law of conservation of energy. Whereas a conventional generator high current coil design causes the prime mover to decelerate under load the "Perepiteia" high voltage coil design causes the prime mover to accelerate.


Thane's Motor generator


Despite Thane doing an Ottawa University test showing how high voltage coils negate Lenz's Law, do you think this new discovery would be embraced by the mainstream curricula and others?


"Electric motor polarizes opinion" Ottawa inventor Thane Heins is steadily winning supporters for his electrical motor, which he claims can produce more energy than it consumes. While many are skeptical of the theory, no one has been able to disprove it. (Feb. 12, 2009)Fierce debate rages around entrepreneur Thane Heins' dogged pursuit of green engine


Thane Heins, tired and a little grumpy after a long flight from California, walks onto the stage of an Ottawa conference room and begins a sales pitch that usually raises more eyebrows than money.One of three entrepreneurs chosen earlier this month to present at a “Pitch The Dragons” contest, a spin on the CBC show Dragons’ Den, Heins has invented a technology that he says will put out more energy than it consumes. His invention, he boldly claims, offers a way to make electric cars that can travel hundreds of kilometres from the energy in a small, inexpensive battery.


It’s a tough crowd. One of the contest judges is TV-show judge Robert Herjavec, a multimillionaire who just minutes earlier shared with the audience his own story of success and the life it now funds - the fancy gas-guzzling cars, the mansion, the luxurious yacht.The two men are oil and water. Heins, who wants to help the world kick its fossil-fuel addiction, immediately gets his back up. Herjavec is dismissive from the get-go.

“It turned into a shouting match in front of 300 people,” Heins says later that day. “I didn’t mind him kicking sand in my face, but the thing that really got me is when he said I don’t get it. He pushed me a little too far and I fought back.


Even technology which is not built on suppressed science that threatens the oil monopoly will still end up with no progress. This is due to their being no regulation against a company from buying the patents and shelving them, but also a governments ability to sue a local mandate enforcing an emission standard.


Recent proof of both these cases of no regulation on the energy cartels from preventing alternatives to oil and the federal government suing a local emissions standard mandate can be found in the example of the EV1 electric car and the Toyota RAV4 EV.


Inventors must disclose and/or work with independent parties (such as the Panacea Center), parties who can provide security for the knowledge, parties who are interested in replicating the devices – thus affording them with credibility, followed by a full disclosure of construction details.


Thus far, only the open-source engineers have been able to provide and ENSURE information disclosures. Plus in a recent case it was shown that a person who open sourced a hydroxy booster (although is what is considered to be an inferior design) STILL MADE UP TO 3 MILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR IN BOOK SALES OF THE DEVICE. iT IS A MYTH THAT OPEN SOURCE CANNOT MAKE THE ENGINEER ANY RENUMERATION OR MONEY.


Even if you are not a "believer" in the suppressions, could it hurt to take precautions?. Considering that no inventors have successfully gotten their F-E devices to market yet (even T. Henry Moray couldn't, and he had a long track record of many conventional inventions). Are you confident that you are so much smarter and "better" that you won't fail where all the rest have?


Every threat, buy-off, or especially murder leaves a trail. And "loose ends". The more people involved, the more loose ends. The more loose ends, the easier it is to expose the crimes. Exposure is more dangerous to them than seeing F-E devices on the market: They may then lose profits, but if exposed as criminals they could personally go to jail or face other serious repercussions (..like having their corporations boycotted and investigated until their stock loses all value and they go bankrupt). When hundreds of people all over the world become involved(the aim of Panacea), it is way too dangerous for them to try any "hyjinks"


Open Source is the method to defeat the military industrial complex or corporations from having the device "secretized" under obscure rules for "national security". According to Thomas Valone PhD, this has happened to over 3,000 patents submitted to the U.S. Patent Office (he is both a free energy advocate and a long-time Patent Office employee). The way to keep it from happening is to share the information on the device internationally and widely before they have a chance to get a gag order from the courts. According to Stan Meyer, this is the only thing that kept his hydroxy-related patents from being "secretized".


If you try to announce and go public alone without the help of the Open Source community, you INVITE DEFEAT.They use derision and denial to just ignore it. But with 100 or more successful replications around the world to point to, it becomes nearly impossible to deny or deride. And too "dangerous" to suppress.


If you allow open source FREE energy engineers to replicate it, not only could they improve on it (free R&D), but their findings act as independent verifications. Every replicated device can be shown to local news outlets (less controlled than national news and more likely to feature it). If there are dozens of separate local news stories on these devices.


It can not longer be ignored "safely". The millions of people who see or read these news reports will start writing letters to their government asking about it.You must stay away from investors who come to you with money for specific returns. This is one of their best tricks: Giving money with promises of returns by a certain date. So that when the device meets the impossible barriers that they throw at you when it is attempted to be marketed, then the shill investor gets to sue you or claim criminal fraud.. And you are suddenly thrown in jail, or the lawyers take everything.


It is their last try when the threats, secretization, and/or buy-out methods fail. And it worked against Daniel Dingel and Paul Pantone. You can't give them any reasons to come at you legally.


Don't let fear or legal threats of "Patent Infringement" stop you. No corporation in its right mind would allow a public legal trial where they had to admit that they were just sitting on an important invention that could have saved us from pollution and oil dependence!!


They would be toast in no time if they did, and no jury would convict you. For F-E devices, patents are more of hindrance and a danger than a help.And despite Open Sourcing it, you are still the Inventor of Record. You will still get very rich Whats more, your name will go down in History and you will be beloved my millions, if not billions of people.


Alternatively the public and the inventor need to hold, in trust, the details of making a functional free-energy device.

The public and the inventor must avoid the opposition of existing vested interests such as the government, Big Oil and Big Pharma.


The public and the inventor need to get the device mass-produced and available for general consumers.

This is what history shows us has happened:


1. Literally hundreds of brilliant inventors have known how to create a suitable device, but not a single one has made it to the consumer market, because of problems 2 and 3.


2. Daniel Dingel is unable to manufacture his device in the Philippines because of the loan conditions dictated by the World Bank, and the government fuel tax revenues prevent it from being put to work. Manufacturing of free-energy devices runs into trouble due to the major financial and political influences by corporate interests in the USA, U.K., EU, Australia and New Zealand and their dependent territories.


Today this case is being paraded as a "fraud" on the technology due to the inventors business incompetence.


3. Getting any device manufactured and marketed requires major finance.  Most of the people with immense amounts of funds are under the thumb of the vested interests. Philanthropic foundations, however, are a 2 billion dollar a year industry. Others, such as Richard Branson and Bill Gates must know how to keep their major assets from being damaged and to keep their lives from being threatened. They would have some experience in how to not be intimidated and how to ignore threats. We need to convince the likes of Richard Branson, Bill Gates and others to support the works of alternative energy initiatives and inventors.


Panacea’s goal is to help the engineers and the inventors. Our study has shown that there are a number of things which the engineers and the public need to be aware of.


For instance, the government has contracts with the coal technology industry – those same contracts immediately set them against the inventor-engineer personally – as they see these new technologies threatening the present Status Quo (and possibly their jobs).


This is the reason why when you contact them about a device, you will not receive a single response back from them. All governments, by default, are opposed to free-energy in every possible form, because they are afraid of losing their present revenue coming from fossil fuel taxation.


So, while as politicians they have to talk as if they want environmentally friendly new sources of energy, in reality they will fight tooth and nail to prevent the introduction of anything which might reduce the tax income. The scientific community is no better – they are funded by the big oil companies and by big Pharma, and that situation puts them in a position where – for the sake of self-preservation and preservation of their funding – they are not interested in admitting that the burning of fossil fuels is unnecessary.


It is possible to get a free energy invention accepted by everybody, but it has to be presented incredibly carefully, with concise wording, avoiding any suggestion of “perpetual motion”. This is what Nikola Tesla did, and many others also know that free-energy is there for the taking, however, the public have been deceived by the people in power teaching and telling it that it is not possible, that it is an utopian pipe dream. This label “Perpetual Motion Machine” must therefore be avoided, and if possible, abandoned completely.


The main aim of our non-profit organization is to bring out solutions, such as the alternative and suppressed free energy devices out, in order to advance education, create social structural reform and help bring these devices to the marketplace to cut pollution and also to make the world a better place for our children.


Whether the inventor or engineers are genuine in their intentions to get their system out to the public, whether they want money or do not, here are some important facts which our research of four years has uncovered. These facts apply to them.


The scientific community will NOT accept your device if it is submitted as a “perpetual motion” or “over unity” device, because they would be risking their careers by stepping out-of-line with the accepted official theories (which are decades, sometimes centuries, out of date). Political conditions are levied against governments, forcing them to actively oppose devices which can replace our dependency on fossil fuels.


Whether we like it or not, the oil industry is a multi-trillion dollar business and we have very clear evidence that they oppose every single device or invention which might threaten the continuation of their profits. Every possible means to oppose new technologies is used, and we do mean EVERY possible mean, whether it is legal or not, it does not matter. We are here talking about companies and corporations who are locked in a battle-to-the-death to maintain their profits and to never give up. No life is worth billions of dollars, no invention must be allowed to topple their house of cards.


We are engaged in attracting grants from various philanthropic foundations, in order to erect a Research and Development center. Being off-the-grid and self-sustaining, the center is thus designed to be immune to the economic and political obstacles. Through this independent center, with full publicity, we will bring devices to the public at large.


There are many other open-source devices which have, as yet, received no mainstream scientific recognition and are not accessible to the public. This is because the public assumes that these devices will come to them through the scientific establishment, or become available in the marketplace.


At the present, this will simply not come to pass, but it is our aim to change this situation for the best. We are absolutely committed to the overcoming of all obstacles, and bringing free-energy and the truth to everybody. We already have an on-line web-based University which provides free access to information on these types of technologies, and replication details.


We would like very much to place further write-ups of any functional devices on the Panacea University webpage, so that everyone in the world can see, understand and replicate the invention. Our organization has over 800+ registered engineers who are qualified to replicate and test devices of this nature.


All of these 1000+ are non-profit, open-source people who aim to help all people everywhere. After a public disclosure with full plans of a functional device, there will be engineers worldwide searching for further replication details. Some will be non-profit and others will have a commercial agenda in mind. Many have tried to disseminate their device publicly through the media in order to build awareness and inform the public. Many would also rationally reason that it would be important to contact the government in order to attain momentum.


However, without an independent laboratory, such as the proposed granted research and development center which would assure credibility, there will always be faculty-based ignorance plus the before-mentioned political and economic conditions levied against such disclosures. Past and present cases attest to this.


Desperate men go for desperate means in order to gain power, control, or to suppress their competitors. The power/energy industries are controlled by a minority few (research Fortune500). They are capable of suppressing anything and everything which threatens their income. They will, however, have immense trouble suppressing internet open-source engineers operating under the umbrella of Panacea-BOCAF – and with the assistance of the granted Center. The center’s safety and the non-censorship of the internet are of critical importance and must be pursued at all cost. 


All devices will be manufactured and sold AT COST.

Therefore, to recap, the justification for you, the public, to grant the Panacea Research & Development Center into being – to build our children a future, is rationalized by these facts affecting the current oil companies:


1) Peak Oil, which hit last year, is going to cause immense trouble for all oil production companies – causing their downward slide into oblivion – making them redundant – and everybody knows it.


2) Global Geopolitics – the advent of radical Islam – has caused immense trouble for Big Oil to control governments here or abroad.


3) Runaway global warming presents an Extinction Level Event, which has not been assigned any priority in corporate or governmental planning for the rest of this century. Big Oil has vested interests in selling us oil for the next 50 years and also preventing peaceful conversion to clean energy sources.


Panacea's Free Energy Suppression production
A Video Transcript of this web page "How they went Wrong"


If you are an open-source engineer, please sign up to be eligible for grants and equipment in the future, once we have convinced philanthropic organizations and the public to support our projects by proving that the alternative energy devices we have built out of internet plans and replication instructions are both feasible and replicable by anyone skilled in creating electric and mechanical devices.


If you are a holder of proprietary technology information, please review the increasing benefits and added security provided through our licensing applications  and sign up!


If you are a government body, a member of a faculty, an individual, a member of a science foundation or a member of a philanthropic foundation capable of assisting us in helping the public and in financing and creating the proposed granted research and development center, please contact us.