By Joe Mackem

Without permission from Galactic Publishing Group (no particulars available).There has been a revived energy revolution movement going on around the world the past 20 years that has not been covered or reported by mainstream press, establishment scientific journals or university research publications.

Most of the discoveries have been made by curious, ingenious minds, who on many occasions have observed experimental results in cold fusionsuperconductivity, and magnetic motors which appear to violate present laws of physics, chemistry and electrodynamics. A term has been used to describe such phenomena, is called over-unity energy or free energy, which in many cases means getting more energy out of a system or reaction (magnetic motor or cold fusion reaction) than appears to be put into it. A better explanation is that excess energy is being accessed from as yet not completely explained source. (Note: An atom bomb is an over-unity device which gets a tremendous amount of dirty energy out, in the form of harmful radiation, than is needed to trigger the reaction.)

The first question that usually pops into a skeptic's mind is that if the technology is for real and discoveries have been made, such as Pons & Flieschman's cold fusion cell or Rory Johnson's fusion magnetic motor, why has it not been reported or mass produced for use by our energy-hungry world? The answer is suppression. What do we mean by suppression? Suppression can be an active type -- where a corporation or oil company or OPEC, who does not want the invention marketed, will blow up or destroy the lab and the invention and threaten to kill the inventor if he again attempts to market the revolutionary device. The other type of suppression is the passive type where a competing company, who has big bucks, such as some of the major oil companies, will come in and buy out a patent with no intention of bringing it to market until the demand for oil greatly exceeds the supply and gas prices soar, then they will start marketing a 100 mpg carburetor fir ICE (Internal Combustion Engines).

Other types of passive suppression include universities which are receiving big funding from oil or nuclear establishment sources, refusing to do research, or muzzling bright professors (by withholding tenure) from publishing theories and results as to the what, how's, and whys of these over-unity motors and cold fusion reactions. Or the example where a Patent office refuses to grant patents in revolutionary technology, claiming perpetual motion machines, s they see them, aren't patentable, or if they are patentable, that they can place a secrecy order or gag order on the patent, which prohibits the inventor from disclosing any information to anyone for such disclosure might be detrimental to national security. See Appendix 2

The following suppression stories you are about to read are true, to the best of our knowledge, but the names and places have been changed to protect the innocent. This information will hopefully give you some reasons why this over-unity technology has not reached worldwide attention or use. Perhaps perpetrators of this much-needed new energy technology suppression will consider reversing their policy and incorporate this technology into their business structure for a future profitable enterprise. Such technology can restore Mother Earth, which seems to be in great agony right now, with hot fusion, (nuclear power plants), blowing up, and/or radiation byproducts seeping into water tables in the Russian Arctic or at Hanford, Washington, where radioactive waste seems to be seeping into the Columbia River.

In the case of oil spills such as the Exxon Valdez tanker spill, or the U.K. oil tanker spill, these major environmental accidents have destroyed pristine fish and wildlife breeding founds. What is good for the multinational oil companies, OPEC, and nuclear power plants may not necessarily be good for Mother Earth, the nation's human and animal health, or emerging countries whose energy resources are being exploited and their environment, such as the Russian Arctic tundra and South American jungles, destroyed for our short-term, consume-consume energy fling.

For these reasons, the development of energy technology has really gotten the attention of the ingenious, non-conformist inventors. Pioneers they have admired include Nicola Tesla, John Keeley, T. Henry Moray, and others. Two primary areas of R&D have been targeted: 1) clean cold fusion as opposed to dirty hot fusion (nuclear energy), and 2) zero point magnetic energy. Again, these technologies have been actively and passively suppressed. The following documented stories will, hopefully, give you some specifics of suppression.

1. In the late 70's a brilliant inventor, Rory Johnson of Elgin Illinois, invented a cold fusion, laser activated, magnetic motor that produced 525 HP, weighed 475 lbs, and would propel a large truck or bus 100,000 miles on about 2 lbs of deuterium and gallium. This was years before Pons $\& Flieschman or Dr. James Patterson entered the scene with their cold fusion technology. Rory Johnson was in the process of negotiation with the Greyhound Bus Company to install this revolutionary motor into a few buses to demonstrate the fuel savings, maintenance reduction, and hence a more profitable balance sheet for Greyhound.

The mistake Rory Johnson made (little did he know that OPEC was keeping close track of any future competition to their oil business and that he was number one on the hit list) was to actively publicise his advanced fusion-magnetic motor in many magazines, telling of his plans to manufacture and distribute this revolutionary motor nationwide. (I have even talked to a few people who had signed up for a distributorship). Coincidentally, after agents of Greyhound tried to get in touch with Rory Johnson after a year of no contact, they were notified that Rory had passed away unexpectedly. A man of robust health in his early fifties dying?! It was later learned that for some threatening reason, Rory moved out of his laboratory unexpectedly in the middle of the night with all his motors and technology and moved to California before he died.

Another astounding development that surfaced was a restraining order, or gag order, by the U.S. Energy Department had been placed on Rory's Company, Magnatron, Inc., prohibiting him from producing the Magnatron engine. See Appendix 1 - a letter from Minnesota State Senator Marion Manning to U.S. Senator from Minnesota Dave Donenberger inquiring as to why our government would place such a gag order on Mr. Johnson. Isn't this the land of the free market economy? Apparently not. Something seems a little strange about this whole incident. Are the oil cartels dictating energy policy to the U.S. Government? Read on.

Remember Ruby Ridge, recently adapted to a TV movie where over zealous U.S. agents killed Randy Weaver's wife and son? Well at the same time of this FBI siege, another inventor, at that very time, happened to be living and working on an advanced zero point energy device in Northern Idaho.As the story goes, (told first hand to me by the investor), the investor was coming to visit the inventor who had just made a breakthrough in a free energy device, but made the mistake of publicizing his breakthrough on a local TV station.

 The day before the investor arrived, two government agents broke into the inventor's home, surmising that both the inventor and his wife were away. It just happened the wife was still at home and was very familiar with the use of a hefty handgun. At point blank range, she held the agents at bay inside her house while she debunked their excuse that they were cable TV repairmen checking out their cables lines. If it wasn't for the siege of Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge, who knows what else would have happened that day. Some comments from this inventor will appear near the end of this article.

By the way, whose side is our government on? It appears that the big money interests, oil cartels, nuclear power companies have control of it. These big powerful corporations don't want any competition. They hoard most of the research funds on not necessarily new or revolutionary technology. It appears it isn't what's in the interest of National Security or Balance of Power in the Middle East, but what is in the best economic interest of the multinational corporations. A classic example is the government-funded hot fusion reactor at Princeton's Plasma Physics Lab. The "powers that be" know there are cleaner, safer and cheaper ways of producing nuclear energy, like bombarding lithium with protons -- known since 1932, but has been kept secret and kept out of college textbooks. Read "The Fifty Year Nuclear War" by David Sereda in the Jan/Feb 1996 issue of Perceptions (310_ 313-5185 for more eye-opening details. This is a classic example of passive suppression of new, clean, economical alternate cold fusion energy.

Now for some real active suppression! About 10 years ago, some very clever backyard inventors took a magnetic generating fly wheel off a Model T Ford, placed stationary magnets in a spiral arrangement to the outside, and developed a self-generating motor-generator. The motor-generator (using the pulsed varying distance magnetic spiral principle), continually produced 1600 watts of power with no outside power input. They demonstrated the generator at UCLA, which confounded the professors, students, and other onlookers. Evidently there were some heavy-handed corporate types in the audience, because the inventors never made it home from the demonstration. 

The two demonstrator-inventors were found dead along the highway, and the trailer with the generator inside was missing. Now the Japanese apparently have the technology which is referred to as the "Magnetic Wankel" motor

Magnetic Wankel Motor

Yasunori Takahashi, a famous Japanese inventor who developed the beta video tap, has retrofitted his newly developed super powerful YT magnets into a 15 HP Magnetic Wankel motor scooter and claims he can get 15 HP from a few amperes of electricity input. Now when the Japanese start to import these scooters -- into the U.S. -- (if our U.S. Government will allow it), there goes our further balance of payments deficit to Japan. Incidentally, rumor has it that Mazda tried to import the Magnetic Wankel motor in a Mazda several years ago but was refused entry by the U.S. Government, just as was a super-high-mileage, gas-powered Honda was kept from entry into the U.S. a few years ago by our government. Let's hope U.S. Government policy changes, before it becomes more bankrupt due to the increasing balance of payments deficits with Japanese manufacturers and foreign oil companies due to the wasteful, gas-guzzling technologies we have come to embrace as the American Way.

Now for another story on suppression which includes a black helicopter incident.

2. Someone presented a video tape of an advanced tachyon generator which accessed tachyon waves (extremely short waves - like cosmic waves). It not only produced excess energy, but it also exhibited time-warping characteristics. This presentation was made at an annual Tesla conference in 1993, without the inventor's permission. The video tape was shown on a Friday afternoon, at a location 3,000 miles away from the inventor's home. The very next day, U.S. Government agents were knocking at the inventor's door wanting to see the device. He kindly told them no thanks, and the very next day a black helicopter was hovering overhead taking pictures of the inside of his house. The black helicopters and possibly even satellites apparently now have the capability of photographing every item inside a building.

A similar situation occurred with another inventor. He was experimenting with an advanced form of plasma discharge energy. The very next day, while he was at work his neighbors told him later there was a black helicopter hovering over his house for several hours, evidently taking pictures of this technology in his basement.

Another story: In 1995, a man named Volcheck of Grand Coulee, Washington, mode a trip across the United States and back in a car powered by a special gas he developed that had unusual expansion properties. He claimed to have obtained the formula from some unpublished notes of Leonardo Da Vinci.

He says the gas expands enormously at about 395 degrees Fahrenheit to 450 pounds pressure. In other words, from approximately 390 to 395 degrees Fahrenheit, the gas expands from a volume of one unit to a volume of 10,000 units. He used this gas in a modified Franklin aircraft engine which behaved more like a steam engine. He never refueled during the trip, consuming $10 worth of this special gas.

Soon after his return, some congressmen invited him back to Washington, D.C. for a special hearing and congratulatory meeting. While he was gone, Federal Marshalls or a S.W.A.T. team forced entry into his shop, confiscated or destroyed his record-setting car, plans, components, special gas containers. They subsequently told him to forget any more projects like this.

Read on. An inventor and a Ph.D. Electrical Engineer from one of our prestigious universities had made a breakthrough on an over-unity motor and hired a hall in a mid-sized town in the U.S. to show off their new discovery. It was an impressive demonstration. What happened next was also (suppressive) impressive. A black van, with windows that you couldn't see into, staked out their lab. Three weeks later, a S.W.A.T. team of six kicked down the lab door, and with axes, destroyed half a million dollar's worth of equipment in one-half hour. They forced the inventors onto the concrete floor, face down, and held their heads against the concrete, until bleeding occurred and the equipment was destroyed. They said they were looking for the nuclear source. They had no warrants, just "S.W.A.T. TEAM" printed on the backs of their brownish uniforms. The inventors were told to cease all further development, and the apartments one of the inventors owned were condemned. The tenants were ordered to leave and the Ph.D. Electrical Engineer is still being harassed by the IRS.

The late Floyd Sweet developed the vacuum trade amplifier, an advanced solid-state, magnetic over-unity device. In the late 1980s, a man claiming to represent a conglomerate, met up with Sweet and told him he did not want the VTA to come onto the market at that time and said, "It is not beyond possibilities to take you out of the way," (quoted from Pate 78 of The coming Energy Revolution, by Jeans Manning, 1996, Avery Publishing Group. There are many other suppression incidents in her very informative new energy book, ISBN 0-895290713-2 ($12.95)


by a Free-Energy Inventor (anonymous)

"The Powers that be made me angry! I do not like my telephone tapped, tracers put on my automobiles, round-the-clock surveillance, and my mail messed with. I do not like the `little' things that `happen' around me."

"The only reprieve l got last summer was when the agents watching me were pulled off to join the siege of Randy Weaver." Can you imagine 400 men surrounding a man's cabin, killing his wife and only son, because he wanted to be left alone? It's a long story, but that's what it amounts to.

"I have gone so far as to set up a `dead man' procedure, so if l become unable to profit from my inventive thinking, complete copies of my notes will be sent to selected individuals."

"I don't really see where it is such a big deal. The Powers That Be can simply invest in my technology, or other's like it and make as much money as before. Suppressing these technologies benefits on one. Unlimited energy would potentially make this planet a prosperous paradise."

"The United States patent office has a policy prohibiting a patent on a perpetual motion machine. This policy is a case in point of what happens when you have too much government. Why make a policy against something that you believe impossible? A second irony to the situation is that the patent office already allows patents on devices that don't work! So why would they care if a perpetual motion or an over-unity machine works or not? Their real function is simply to record the patent as the inventor applies it. If it works or not really isn't their job. They exist to have records on file so that the inventor can point to a specific place and time and say, "See, I invented it before you?" and therefore have the manufacturing and sales rights for a given amount of time! That's all! That's it."

"In my opinion, the U.S. Patent Office way oversteps their function by discrimination of many patents. But then, their attitude has been strange for a long time. Charles H. Duell, director of the U. S. Patent Office in 1889 states, `...everything that can be invented... has been invented.' I always get a chuckle when l think of that."

"In reality, in our so called `free enterprise' system, the marketplace will determine the value of a patent. A patent that doesn't work or is impractical when applied as a device simply won't sell. A device that is superior has a chance to take over from the existing technologies. How many people really care what happens when they flick on the light switch? Most people simply want the light to come on! And if they can get the same light for a fraction of the cost, then they would care about he saving without worrying about the `new' technology that made it possible. Practical devices will sell, and it shouldn't be up to the patent office to determine the practicality of a device."

"You can believe it or not, but we live in a police state. The united States and Canada have only the illusion of `freedom'. I'd very much like you (or anyone) to prove this statement wrong for two reasons. First, l really want to be free and have the rights granted me by the original Constitution.

Second, if you look into the subject hard enough to prove me wrong, you'll find that I'm right and you'll be educated, which is my intention. I still retain the hope that we can, if enough people get together, turn our countries back into the dream held by our ancestors."

Incidentally, suppression occurs in other countries as well. 

Johan Grander of Austria developed a revolutionary magnetic motor, but was turned down by the Austrian patent office with the excuse: "inventions which are detrimental to products in existence may not be granted a patent." There are at least 20 cold fusion patents on hold here in the U.S. another form of passive suppression.

(Also from: The Coming Energy Revolution by Jeans Manning)



1. The strong oil lobby has throughout recent history suppressed high mileage carburetors through violent threats or rigid mandates. Their tremendous investments in oil fields, refineries and distribution systems wields a big stick against free energy, over-unity systems. (They have to be informed, and it will take tens of years to implement this technology.) They can be a major player in this revolution.

2. Some have said the world is on the "brink of financial collapse." And work of revolutionary breakthroughs in the energy production or distribution system could cause economic upheavals in our economic system which is based on finite sources of money and energy. The powers that be can control the masses by controlling the energy supply. They don't want to lose that control

3. As Einstein stated, "Great ideas often receive violent opposition from mediocre minds." Egos of competing companies, or establishment views that this technology is a hoax or preposterous can also create these violent oppositions.

4. The unenviable tasks of adding to or changing some of the laws of classical physics and chemistry will take vast amounts of research time before verification of these new discoveries can be made by the ivory-tower university types.

5. People in power (academic, political, technological, or business) do not like revolutionary changes which might threaten their position or standing.

6. Ignorance and indifference by the masses in this materialistic uninformed age about the state of the earth's delicate ecosystem and the effects of pollutants on human, plant and animal life.

 7. National Security: This technology used in a war would be a decided advantage. The major could war is over. Let's help financial independence of the masses and save Mother Earth.

8. Galactic Security: Over-unity magnetic technology is related to anti-gravity, space, time warping (unified field theory), and Area 51 Top Secret technology. The Galactic Cold War has begun. 

In summary, I am writing this article for three main reasons.

1. To inform the public that this new energy revolution is for real, or why would the competing establishment corporations OPEC, etc., and government agencies be carrying on such suppressive endeavors? Write your legislators and inform them as to what is going on. Tell them we need this new revolutionary technology to be developed worldwide, including in the U. S., to restore Mother Earth, whose once pristine environment is in a world of hurt at present. Is it almost a foregone conclusion that the extreme weather events we are experiencing are a result of mankind's careless exploitation of the earth's resources.

2. To inform the inventors not to make sensational claims on their local TV stations or newspapers about recent breakthrough. Keep it quiet if you want yourselves or your technology to survive! Don't antagonize the oil or nuclear cartels by making statements that this technology will put them out of business. It is going to take a long time to get the technology to the mainstream and replace oil imports or nuclear power: By that time these technologies can be an economic part of the multinational oil and nuclear corporations.

3. To raise one question as to why the swat teams, or the men in black, are so brash in their operations of suppression? With no warning or explanation to the inventors, they act. These actions seem irrational in a country that was founded on freedom of expression. It seems prudent for the level of government controlling these black helicopters' and swat teams to give warning and reasons for their actions before they act. Please raise this question with your congressman.

Some have said that black helicopters are part of the Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, and Tobacco which operates under the US Treasure Department, which in turn operates with the Federal Reserve, which is a private corporation, which operates with the World Bank, over which the US government apparently has no jurisdiction. Thus, they can do what they damn well please. At this time. 

Mr. President, Congressmen, and US Department of Justice.Take Note! A movie released this summer (August 2, 1996), Chain Reaction, has the theme of active suppression! REAL ACTIVE!!! Andrew Davis, director of The Fugitive, is producing this action-packed thriller movie Chain Reaction, in which visionary research scientists have discovered the key to cheap, pollution-free energy. When the team's leader is assassinated, and the laboratory is destroyed in a cataclysmic explosion, the machinist and two fellow physicists are framed for the murder.

 With the help of the lab's investor, the framed group goes on the run with half a dozen federal agencies pursuing them across country. They find themselves trapped in an underworld of technological espionage where neither they, nor their discovery, are meant to survive. Three time Academy Award nominee, Morgan Freeman, plays Shannon, the mysterious head of a foundation that is backing the energy research project. This will be a big-time movie with executive producer Richard Zanuck, who has produced Academy Award pictures -- Driving Miss Daisy, The Sting, and Jaws. Don't miss this blockbuster!

The Cold war is over, but the cold war on the lowly but enlightened inventor is still on by the Fascist corporations who want complete control of the world's energy distribution system, regardless of the effect on the masses' health, particularly on the large cities worldwide, or the effect on Mother Earth and its delicate water-air-envelope.

Work continues on this technology and at a faster pace than in the past. Many inventors have left this country to work in other countries where a more futuristic environment exists, and where there is less government and corporate fascism. Mot of the inventions I have mentioned there in his article have gone underground, waiting for the time and place where this technology will be a necessity for a free market, modern, environmentally sensitive society.


Marion(Mike) Menning

Senator 26 th District

Engerman, Minnesota 56126


Room 2K State Capitol ___SENATE____

St. Paul Minnesota 55155 State of Minnesota

(612) 296-4171

July 2, 1979

Senator Dave Durenberger

353 Russell Senate Office Bldg.

Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator Durenberger:

Several months ago, a new type of machine was developed by Mr Johnson of Magnatron, Inc. At Elgin, Illinois, to see the engine and they know the engine works. It is not just some wild idea that somebody has.

The reason I am writing you a letter is that a restraining order has been placed on Mr. Johnson, the Chairman of Magnatron, Inc. Prohibiting him from producing the engine. I have been trying to find out the reason why. Mr. Johnson does not know why either. Would you please send a letter or make a telephone call to the Illinois Attorney General's office and ask what's going on and why they are trying to stop production of this engine? The attorney general's phone number is (313) 793-3444. Mr Overhand is in charge of the case. I would appreciate your cooperation in this matter.


Marion Manning

State Senator



Adam Trombly knows about the Secrecy Act, In the early 1980's Trombly and another young scientist, Joseph Kahn, Ph.D., naively believed that the "experts" would welcome their space-energy invention. (See part ll. for more information on space energy.) However, hen Trombly and Kahn applied for a patent, the United States Patent Office notified the Department of Defense. Instead of congratulations, Trombly and Kahn received a secrecy order. They were ordered not to talk about their invention to anybody, not to write about it, and even to stop working on it. They certainly couldn't tell the media.

If you were an inventor trying to patent an important new-energy discovery. You might receive a secrecy order along the lines of the one reproduced here. According to information obtained under the Freedom of Information act by the Federation of American Scientists, the Pentagon placed 774 patent applications under secrecy orders in 1991 -- up from 290 in 1979 -- and 506 of these orders were imposed on inventions by private companies. The government has standing gag orders on several thousand inventions. The following order, issued in the 1980's, was obtained by inventor ken MacNeil of Georgia and revealed in 1983.


(Title 35, United States Code [1952], sections 181-188 NOTICE: To the applicant above named, his heirs, and any and all his assignees, attorneys and agents, hereinafter designated principals. You are hereby notified that your application as above identified has been found to contain subject matter, the unauthorized disclosure of which might be detrimental to the national security and you are ordered in nowise to publish or disclose the invention or any material information with respect thereto, including hitherto unpublished details of the subject matter of said application, in any way to any person not cognizant of the invention prior to the date of the order, including any employee of the principals, but to keep the same secret except by written consent first obtained of the Commissioner of Patents, under the penalties of 35 U.S.C. [1952] 182, 186.

Any other application already filed or hereafter filed which contains any significant part of the subject matter of the above identified application falls within the scope of this order. If such other application does not stand under a secrecy order, it and the common subject matter should be brought to the attention of the Security Group, Licensing and Review, Patent Office.

If, prior to the issuance of the secrecy order, any significant part of the subject matter has been revealed to any person, the principals shall promptly inform such person of the secrecy order and the penalties of improper disclosure. However, if such part of the subject matter was disclosed to any person in a foreign country or foreign national in the U.S., the principals shall not inform such person of the secrecy order, but instead shall promptly furnish to the Commissioner of Patents the following information to the extent not already furnished: date of disclosure, name and address of the disclose, identification of such part: and any authorization by a U.S.

 Government agency to export such part. If the subject matter is included many foreign patent application for patent this should be identified. The principals shall comply with any related instructions to the Commissioner.

This order shall not be construed in any way to mean that the government has adopted or contemplates adoption of the alleged invention disclosed in this application, nor is it any indication of the value of the invention.

At the conference where he revealed the secrecy order, Macneill advised inventors of new-energy devices to go public? "Get the information or the device out there to enough people that they could not stop you."

* "Keeping Inventors Quiet" and "Secrecy Order" courtesy of the Corning Energy Revolution by Jeane Manning, Avery Publishing Group, P. 163-4 -End

The Suppression of a Book: As Easy as 'merger & acquisition' by Leslie R. Pastor

It's easy to suppress a book today, one simply organizes a 'merger/acquisition' of the 'offending' book company and then the book is pulled from further 'publication.' There is no fuss, not even a 'plausible deniability' is required. Simply 'merge' the offending 'book' company into another company and retire the 'publishing rights.' Done! 

How can this be accomplished within a 'free' society? Simple. The 'operating' system of every 'country' is its 'monetary' system. This 'monetary' system is controlled by 'private' central banks, who, in turn 'control' all of the 'corporations' within its sphere of 'influence.' There is no regulation from 'government' and thus the 'monetary' rules and procedures are completely administered by the 'private' central bank.

You've heard of the Plunge Protection Team [initiated by former President Ronald Reagan.] and how they effectively 'safeguard' the New York Stock Exchange.

Well the Federal Reserve is enabled to intervene in all 'markets' and thus 'safeguard' each and every market. Money is either generated by 'monetized' debt, which is essentially what the US Currency is, or it is 'washed' into a complex 'system' of 'exchange' rates encompassing the entire 'global' network of International 'central' Banks. Anyone other than the 'banking fraternity' attempting to do the same thing would immediately be arrested and prosecuted for violating the 'stringent' monetary laws of their respective country. In other words, 'monetary' policy is strictly a 'control' paradigm to regulate 'commerce' and thus 'trade' with respect to all 'goods and services' produced globally.

I mention all this to enable you to understand what I'm about to tell you. A recent book edited by Jonathan Eisen, was essentially 'retired' when the book company that published it, was 'merged' into another book company and then 'silently' removed from the 'radar' screen. You will begin to understand the possible 'ramification' of what transpired, when you recognize the nature of the book. Plausible deniability is an effective tool in most instances, when attempting to control 'information' and the 'ideas' associated with that information. When any 'subject-matter' that is 'uncomfortable' with the 'control' paradigm is allowed to 'progress' among the populace of 'free' societies, and if it is not checked and filtered, then it is 'suppressed' silently via a variety of 'methodologies' and 'influences.' Similarly the 'converse' is true as well, all 'books' deemed 'appropriate' and 'readable, 'such as 'textbooks,' 'technical' books, and 'science' books, are given 'carte blanche' treatment. No questions asked, because they fit within the 'criteria' established by the appropriate 'protocols' of the 'control' paradigm network.

Simply order a copy of the book: Suppressed Inventions & Other Discoveries by Jonathan Eisen, ISBN 0-89529-809-0, and you will understand, how the 'contents' of the book would become a 'subject-matter' conflict with the 'control' paradigm. The book is breathtaking in its openness regarding actual suppression of 'real-time' inventors and innovators. 

Leslie R. Pastor

New Energy Congress